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What a time we're living in!


Could you imagine if we had to stay at home with NO INTERNET? *gasp*

Or NO SMARTPHONES? *double gasp*

Where would we be?

No matter how dire our situation looks right now, we are all very fortunate to have the things we have today. I know I'm very grateful.

We could do a LOT at home today than people who had to go through pandemics without the luxuries we have so TAKE ADVANTAGE.

To me, personally, besides my house being crowded, my life hasn't changed that much because what I do is what the government wants me to do: stay at home.

I've been working online as a stay at home mom for years now and I feel so fortunate to be in this position today.

While millions of people are losing their jobs or risking their lives out there because they are essential, I get to make money working from home on my own online business:

I know people out there are desparate because I was able to get exactly 100 Starter referrals in the last 2 days alone.

These are challenging times but don't let this time go to waste at all!!

For those who are stuck at home, don't waste your time binging movies, TV, or the bad news that's on every channel and news article.

Instead, use this time to BUILD YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS!

The training here teaches you everything you need to build an affiliate marketing business, a business model that's so perfect for beginners since you don't need to create products and all you're doing is referring others to awesome products that are already selling online.

While also helping people solve problems with the products / services you recommend to them, this business is truly a win, win, win situation:

1st win - your visitor find a solution to their problem

2nd win - the company you are promoting gets a sale

3rd win - you earn a commission from this sale you generated

This is why I love affiliate marketing so much, everyone wins and companies don't need to fork out any money for advertising until a new sale happens.

But how do you get those visitors?

Where do they come from?

Do you have to bug my friends and family?

Heck no!

Another part of this business why I love it so much is because you DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO ANYONE if you don't want to. Lol

So, you have to bug no one.

In fact, the way WA teaches you this business, you are going to be ATTRACTING visitors with your online asset: your website!

You're going to learn how to build it out in a way that will get your website ranked on search engines so when people go searching for things, your website will show up and be found by 1000's of people.

That's how you can earn passively online because you'll have an online asset that's out there on the internet that can make you money over and over again from the work you've done a week ago, a year ago, or years ago, you can still make money from the work you've put into your online business long after it's done.

This one aspect, you'll never get with a job, and you'll always be trading time for money if you don't get serious with this online business and put some great effort into learning how to build it.

But, building this online business takes time, you won't see a paycheck tomorrow, next week or even next month.

This is an online business that needs to be created with time, learning, nurturing, and putting in the work effort that is required to start earning from your online business.

A lot of people, especially beginners, think they can turn to the internet and make money very fast, but it's a rude awakening when they realize that this takes work.

This takes learning ONLINE SKILLS, skills that you'll have with you for the rest of your life to build many other future online businesses.

ANYONE can learn this too if a little stay at home mom can do it! ;)

If you're just beginning here, I urge you to take the training here seriously as this is literally the best way to do affiliate marketing and I've seen a lot of ways in my time here.

Having your own website, driving its own traffic, and making its own money is the ultimate goal of WA's training.

If that sounds awesome to you, then take the training seriously and work on this every single week, if not every single day.

I recently heard someone say, read one hour a day on a topic you want to learn about. If you did that everyday, what do you think 365 hours of learning can do for you?

This is very true about your online business.

What will your business look like in a year if you were to spend one hour a day everyday on it?

What if you spent 2 hours a day on it, everyday?

What happens if you spend time on something everyday?

You'll start perfecting your skills, you'll start building something that looks like something real, and you'll start feeling confident that you're going to be able to do this!

Don't get discouraged or down because things around you may seem like they are falling apart and the world is ending.

The world is not ending, we will get through this together.

I hope this post helps you and encourages you to build this online business so you can too stay at home one day permanently to work on your online business full time.

Stay safe, and keep washing those hands,


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I have completely reviewed your requirements regarding your job and I have checked the reference links also. I am 200% sure , I can do this work effectively.

I am experience in wordpress and php. I am presenting this cover letter regarding the desired requirements .With a proven track record of successful achievements, I am pleased to present my workability as a Web Developer.

I am available to come in for an Up wok interview at any time. I hope that I am granted an opportunity to talk and perhaps meet with you in the very near future.

I will immensely thankful . If you will give an opportunity to work with you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Makhan Singh

Hi Makhan,

I don’t think you understand what and why you’re here.

You’re not here to apply for jobs.

You’re here to learn to build your own online business.

This is a training platform you’re on. The training is on the left menu under training.

Please refer to all the posts I sent you on your profile.


I must've missed this post (I haven't been checking WA because there's more "everyday life" posts than actual business-related posts).

Very much true, Grace! When I thought things would get worse in corona times, I actually happened to break a huge milestone for me this month! (More than double my previous highest record). And a huge thanks to me diversifying and focusing on digital products as well, besides Amazon.

Might create a post on this achievement!

So yeah... It might feel like everything else around us is falling apart, but the online marketing skills that we get will get us through the dark economy/crisis times!

P.S. Congrats on your achievements! Love reading your posts as usual :)

Hi Zarina,

Thanks for being on here!

Congratulations! That's great to hear and of course you should blog about it! Our community loves success posts so give it to them. :)

In any time, online marketing skills will always be an asset so keep learning and keep building your empire!


That's really impressive!

And that's a result of fully following and sticking with the Bootcamp training?

That's awesome. I'm following the Bootcamp training so I am excited!

I lack consistency when it comes down to writing content - but I am getting right on track!

Your success inspires me and makes me happy so keep on working hard and achieving great results!

Hi Dario, thank you very much, yes it's from Affiliate Bootcamp even though I've done both. :)

Consistency is the biggest reason for failure, so keep consistent, even when you're earning.

Glad you are here and being dedicated to your business, no one else will do that for you.

Best of luck to you!

I was posting everyday to get to Super Affiliate status. :)

OEC also gives you passive income, not just Affiliate Bootcamp, they are the same technically, but the latter just focuses on a specific niche.

thanks Grace, I am two days old in this community and I already feel at home, I am glad I am here with great minds like you and the rest of the community....I certainly take every word you say and branding it with hot iron to my memory for it has a lot of sense behind....thanks again...

Welcome Vika, glad you’re here too! You’ll learn lots here! I’m happy to what I can help you with this post. I wish you much success!


Excellent job Grace. Thanks for the motivation.

My biggest problem has been that I got comfortable just making a living with bug bounties.

It is exactly the same as a job in the sense that I am trading time for money.

As fun as they are to solve at the end of the day you are right I got to take my online business seriously.

Bug bounties only grant me a one time payment while an online business can provide much more than that.

I'm so happy to hear this Kevin and help you realize what you're missing out if you don't concentrate on your online business.

Having a thriving website, it's very forgiving when it comes to work. Yes, you do put in a lot of work to get it to that point but it's all so worth that work when you have tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people coming to your site making you money.

It's very powerful indeed this online business and when your site is producing like that, it's more forgiving in that you can relax your work schedule a bit. Not stop but your work can be slower to maintain that level of income.

Of course, by then, you'd want to keep pumping out more articles to earn even more! Lol

But also by then, you can do that by hiring writers to write for you. I know at least one of the Super Affiliates hasn't touched his site in a year when I saw him in Vegas this past Feb, cuz he's got writers doing it all for him.

So in his last year he was able to earn in more ways by building his own course, etc... so many other things he can do with that extra time.

I would love to get to that point as well and you can too. This is the potential of this business.

When you work for someone, you'll always just do that. There are benefits to that too because there's not as much pressure cuz you do the job and you get paid. While a business owner and have more to worry about, but also the potential rewards are much higher.

Anyway, I love this business and I continue to do it despite the ups and downs it comes with. It's all about changing and adapting to the environment around you. The rewards are too good to give up on and that's what keeps me going. :)

I'm glad you're going to work on yours now!

Best to you this year,

Thank you truly inspiring, with that being said I have some training to finish in the OEC.

If I want to see success with my online business I have to listen to what others have been telling my thick headed arse.

"Treat it like a business"

There are a couple of other things I need change and do but this has been my biggest problem.

Treating my websites like an online business, not a source of passive income I can sideline on and off.

That's great to hear Kevin, yeah, you need to take it seriously and work on it CONSISTENTLY. This is truly the key to this business. :)

Yup, there is no way around it. I got some work to do.

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