2 Year Analysis: Update & Sneak Peek

Last Update: Sep 12, 2018

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Hi Guys,

I have not been able to work on the training as much as I thought I would after August was over because I had other pressing issues with my site I had to attend to and now catching up on the work I missed.

But I have planned an outline which seems to tell me I have A LOT to do for this training series so i hope you will be patient with me. I have done a couple of videos already but I'm hoping to get most of the rest of the recording done this coming weekend.

I have a sneak peek for you that just sums up how this online business works and what you guys all could look forward to if you're still in your first year:

Remember when I asked if I should sell my blog for $15,000 5 months ago?? Glad I didn't sell huh?

Well, I never did wanted to sell, the guy asked so I was curious to see what he was offering. I always knew the potential of my blog.

I actually did an estimate to see how much my blog is worth now with all its assets and it was valued at almost $90K!

But now that I have a new goal set for this site (5 figures), I won't be selling just yet. ;)

Seeing that image above could either really scare you or really make you happy but this image shows the nature of this business and how things can change very quickly.

Of course, my 2 year analysis will show you how this happened and what I did to lead up to it.

Earning only $483 in my first year, but guess what? That covers the annual membership.

I had gone Yearly 2 months into my membership here as it was an absolutely no brainer, especially with the Black Friday discount at $299 (hint, hint! It's Nov 23 this year)!

After paying down the Yearly membership, it was all about the work which is a huge relief guys than the $49/monthly.

As I always mention, this is just one case. A lot of other niches could earn much easier earlier on with fewer posts.

I'm in a very competitive niche so it takes more work and longer to earn.

But worth the wait and hard work?


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Awesome job Grace! What's funny is that I was also thinking about selling my site right before it took off. I guess that was the push it needed for both our businesses to get going...lol. Also, I started Sept16 as well, and it's great to see you finding success with everything. Keep it rolling!

Thank you Ralph! What a story you have too!! I love it! We are only 2 days apart, awe! Happy 2 years to you too. :)

Yes we never know when our site will kick into the snowball effect but when it does, woohooo!!

You keep up the great work too!

Thanks Grace! Enjoy Vegas and hope to see you there in 2020.

Thank you Ralph, I sure will and yes, 2020 too!

Your hard work has paid off. More luck for the next year. Happy 2nd year anniversary!


Thank you so much Marita! Yes hard word always pays off. :)

FANTASTIC blog post! ... wow-zaa! ...

...what a 'bar chart' to illustrate the big gain in miracle Year 2 of fun play at work!... :o (just a kidding-- recognize that it took a ton of work to get where you are today... lots of effort, can sure see that.... :)

-- yes, like you, went Premium earlier rather than later and yes, wished I knew about WA earlier, too! ...

... better late than never as they say ... :)

Keep up with the ongoing success & amazing 'scaling up!' ...

All the best to you as usual, our TOP GUN! ... cheerio... :)

Thank you so much Keisha! Sometimes showing an image like that could help blast someone's motivation to kick it up a notch! ;)

You're doing to do great things too, I can't wait to see!

...great tag teams we have here... you're it! ... enjoy! ... lol ... :o

Very encouraging. Thank you Grace!

You're so welcome, glad to help you!

Your posts are always so encouraging. Thanks a lot!

Thanks so much Holly!

Awesome, Grace.

Thank you Ted! :)

Little Mama,

I love your updates. The fact that you share figures is really great.

Did you happen to take my Poll? I was looking for some good earners to do so. It's anonymous. It's hard to display results of a poll unless people that are actually making money take it. :-) Again Great Progress and So happy you share.

- Glen B

Hi Glen, I had not seen your post, so I will check it out and offer my 2 cents. :)

Thanks for stopping by here!

Thanks Grace!!

You're welcome! :)

You always encourage me to push forward... glad you didn't sell that blog after all... looking forward to your training :)

You bet Brian, and thanks for your patience, I will get that training out one day. :)

All your hardwork is very inspiring. I don’t even know how many times I have been just searching something else and ran across your posts at the top of google.

You are a great example that hard work will truly pay off. Thanks :)

Thanks so much for letting me now Huy, that's so cool to hear. :)

I'm also in a competitive niche! Such an inspiration, Thank You :-)

Keep on blogging well then, you're doing awesome! :)

Thanks for your kind words!

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training