Can Free Members Stay in Contact?

Last Update: Sep 9, 2015


I had a thought today, which is not a rare occurrence I can assure you :).

There are many members who are not able to upgrade to Premium for one reason or another, who still want to continue learning and building their online businesses and dreams.

As many of us know, it is not an easy feat when you have never done anything like this before and many will be struggling with just the first lesson. Everyone works at their own pace and some people will need more than a week to process the information that is being provided.

The Thought

How can we continue to support these members?

My thoughts are that we provide these people with our Social Media details so that they still have a connection to ask questions, seek help and advice.

Or an email address.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Subject?

Do you think that this could work?

Is there another way around this situation?

I am looking forward to hearing your ideas. :)

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There is no time limit on how long a person can stay here as a free member. So if they don't complete the first ten lessons within 7 days they can stay for as long as it takes to complete them before upgrading.

After the first 7 days they lose blogging privileges and Live Chat. They can still ask questions (I think there may be a limit) and read other people's posts and any community-based training which is not listed as Premium. Of course they can't progress in the Certification and Bootcamp Courses beyond the first levels. They get 20 free lessons in total.

I think that's a pretty good deal for free members. If we gave them more then perhaps they would never upgrade even if they could afford it.

Just my 2 cents Lis. Your heart is always in the right place :)

Agree with you.

Thank you, Marion. I know there is a fine line with what we can do. :).

I did not realise they could still read posts and community-based training. That is great. So they are not left out in the cold until they can upgrade!!

That is a big help.

Lis. :)

Great insight Marion. I guess you're right, even if we gives more, the free members would probably still never upgrade even if they can afford it. Make a lot of sense indeed.

I agree with Marion, and also, sometimes I find that if they have that desire to pursue building a successful website, they will come no matter what. :))

In fact, this "desire" will always be on their mind thinking "Yes, there is this wonderful community which provides great platform for building an online business from scratch", and somehow they will start searching for those WA emails that were sent to them. :))

WA is a unique community because it is largely free of SPAM. The rules that keep us SPAM free also make it difficult to make direct contact with people who might want to do a JVO.

Networking at WA is 180 degrees from what you get in most forums. Instead of us chasing prospects, the prospects chase us. How does that work?

By helping others members get to know and trust us. When a member is ready to know us better and possibly work with us they go to our profile to find out more about us and find a way to contact us.

I see a lot of people who neglect their profile. Yet, our profile is key to helping people contact us when they think we can help them. Make sure your website and social media links are in your profile.

In WA, the initiative is with the member. If you want to know what I do and how you might work with me, go to my profile and decide how you want to contact me. I hold a webinar to discuss personal and community resilience every Wednesday at noon. If you are interested, ask for the link.

Hi Bill, thank you. I have set up all my contact details on my profile and endeavour to keep it up to date.

It was just a thought that some new members may be at a loss how to contact people once their seven-day trial is over. Hopefully, all these great comments will help.


What John says, also many of us list our social links on our profile pages so people can add us if they wish. I've helped a few members outwith WA, mostly via FB and email. :)

Thank you, Kathy. I that is a great help. I will make sure that I use social media, myself, more often. :).


Thank you, Robert.

It is one of the better options if people are willing to divulge their email addresses. This is not easy to give to new starters as they cannot do PM's. Unless there is a way around this.

how about Facebook

Hi Robert, I agree. So far the consensus seems to be either email or social media. FB seems to be the best option.

Thank you.

99.8 % Good people. I would share my email.

Me too.

Lis, you have a big heart.
The reality is there are many ways people
can contact us if they choose too.

The Basic idea here is people can
build 2 free websites with lots of help
from this awesome community.

If they focus on the training and implement what
they learn during the 7 day Starter membership.
They can go on to build a fantastic business.

If on the other hand we guide them outside WA
why would they try to achieve successes on their own.

Just my thought. I love helping people but there
are only 24 hours in anyone's day.

I am a coach with many clients myself, they pay me
I pay my bills a necessary exchange of helping each other.

I am curious to see what other have to say on this subject.

Hi Ken, Thank you for your input. I understand what you are saying. I was just thinking of making contact a bit easier.

I understand why things are done the way they are at WA with new members receiving a taster. Then having to pay to learn more. WA is a business after all.

I was just thinking of a little bit of Q & A support without creating full training sessions. :).

Your Heart is in the right place Lis and I understand that.
I am the Relationship Marketer so my heart also goes
out to them. I learned many years ago unless you are
planning for failure. Keep your heart and your purse separate.

This is and should be treated as a business.
As John stated they still have limiter access.

Thank you, Ken. I will take your advice and keep my heart and my purse separate.

I fully agree with your assessment, ken. My experience in business has taught me plenty… One thing I know is you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink. If they don't have $19 for the first month of premium and no stake in their success, it is unlikely they will succeed. I have been here almost 4 years and have stopped to try to help many. They need to invest in themselves. It takes a lot of valuable time to teach those that are not willing to borrow, earn, or scrape together $19 for 30 more days after their 7 days free. They could learn a lot and gain valuable, marketable skills in the process. Success does not come easily or in a few days. Where else can they actually have the possibility of building and starting an actual business for $47 a month and have the incredible support of so many?

Im with you on this one

I totally agree with you, Julie. I know it can be difficult for some to even raise $19, which may not be a lot but still hard to find. It is a great investment into marketable skills which, is something that many people tend to overlook.

Thank you for reading this post and commenting. I hope things are also improving with your health :).


I agree with Marion that you have a very big heart. :)

Julie, I agree with, no stake in their success, it is
unlikely they will succeed. They have nothing to lose.
I too have extended my helping hand to guide others
who have gone on to do nothing. Give them something
to lose then it becomes a whole new dynamic.

Thank you, Julie :)

Thank you, Ken :)

My pleasure Lis.

You are very welcome Lis…. and thank you for the post :)

They never lose access to what they have now. No ability to PM, or access to all the bells and whistles. You can communicate on the profile pages and the threads of Level One of the courses

Thank you, John,

I was not aware of this as I was never in that position so it is a good thing to know.


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