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Last Update: November 08, 2012
I've been more or less inactive lately, dealing with various life issues. Unfortunately, some are distressing enough to have dampened my focus and abilities for a while. I will probably have to "suspend" my membership for a few months due to financial concerns. If I do have to do this, I will definitely be back. i don't want to give up, but just don't have the energy or inspiration right now to be writing articles or working much on my website or developing anything new. I haven't even been gardening lately which is a sure sign that my life has been adversely affected by health and financial problems. It feels a bit like drowning, but as with all challenges, if I just put one foot ahead of the other and take each next step, I will survive and be back renewed and able to continue. So if y'all don't hear from me for a few months, that's what's happening at this time. WA is the best and the community is absolutely awesome!
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lisawells Premium
Thank you all for your very kind comments!
Life does get in the way sometimes. Best of luck! See you soon!
veronica.l Premium
Sorry you are going through a rough time. Take care of yourself and come back soon,

mama2karsten Premium
Hope everything works out for you. Take care
BIS Premium
Oh Lisa
I am sorry to hear that you've been having such a bad time - healthwise and with your finances. That's so tough to be hit from all sides at once. Do take care of yourself and I shall look forward to seeing you again. I know you'll be back.

Best wishes