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November 14, 2012
I am saying goodbye for now as of today and will be back as soon as I can, probably in January or February, when hopefully my health and financial concerns will be more under control. I love the WA community and will miss everyone! See you soon......Lisa
November 08, 2012
I've been more or less inactive lately, dealing with various life issues. Unfortunately, some are distressing enough to have dampened my focus and abilities for a while. I will probably have to "suspend" my membership for a few months due to financial concerns. If I do have to do this, I will definitely be back. i don't want to give up, but just don't have the energy or inspiration right now to be writing articles or working much on my website or developing anything new. I haven
October 03, 2012
My title reminds me of a movie by that name which always makes me chuckle when I think of it - check it out on Netflix or wherever....I have been absent a little while because of a part-time job I tried out. Unfortunately, it is a small business that is not doing so well and the job fell through - the owner just can't afford an employee. I totally understand and, in a way, I was relieved about it and having to have a scheduled life again. It is nice to be back to my old life where I can d
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I am working full time for this week and next week and then the job will probably become a part time job. I think, as I suspected, it's a good influence on me - keeps me near the computer and will give me time to write articles concurrently. It is totally understood that I'll work on my own sites as well, so it's really a good situation. Yesterday I wrote an article and worked on my gardening website a bit.Here's something I need help with: I would like to put a box across th
I have been having to devote myself to getting some income lately (some of you know how collapsed my financial status has become), and so have not been as active or focused as I would wish. I actually have a job! for the first two weeks of September and have been doing some training for it in the past week or more - thus not much work on my main site or the two new sites I want to develop - or alas, article writing. It's a complex job with lots to learn and understand initially, and since
August 07, 2012
Just taking stock - I love this blog because it's mine and because I can use it to keep track of where I am and where I have been - it helps me understand whether I've progressed and, if not, what's been going on that I'm allowing to deter me.True, I haven't written an article for quite a while. I do think keeping on writing is super important and especially for an authority site - though I think articles and writing are a strong tool in all areas. The emotional reaction
July 30, 2012
I remember back in February or March of this year when I was first checking out what Internet Marketing entailed - I listened to a training on pay-per-click marketing and throughout the whole video I thought the presenter was saying "paper clip marketing". Don't laugh - or maybe DO laugh as I am - I actually Googled "Paper Clip Marketing". Just to remind myself I have come a long way from that point in these past months and I am sure others can remember similar humorous experiences! So
July 28, 2012
As a means to raise my spirits and inspire and motivate myself, I have been reading blogs on WA and getting to know our many members. I am seriously impressed by the multitude of talents, interests and skills represented here at WA. Such a variety of interests, and I have seen such skill in representing those interests in websites and blogs. It does truly inspire me and show me that it is possible if one follows true passions, does the work, and learns the skills that success in the world of
Today is my first day of being able to walk and sit again for any amount of time. That was really a long haul. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and support. I wasn't even able to read email and so have spent literally hours today sorting through everything and cleaning up my e-mails and all. During my down time, I decided which things to focus on and which to let go. WA is going to be my only focus - any projects I have been working on elsewhere I will either abandon or transfer to
July 09, 2012
Have been down with back pain for almost a week - can just barely sit for more than 15 mins at this point, but thought my e-mail would be huge by now, so wanted to clear it. Maybe I'll try my laptop lying down, but it's hard to focus past the pain. A few more days and perhaps I'll be able to sit and focus again, certainly hope so. Have been trying to jot down any ideas I get so I won't lose them. Did some article outlines but in no shape to write them. Enough for now, will t