5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules

Last Update: February 17, 2014

I've had my bouts with Google. I've taken websites down because of the results of a new round of Panda and Penguin restrictions that dropped my rankings and traffic so low I could not stay on the web. Developers fear what may happen to the long hours and money spent on online businesses if they step outside of Googles good graces.

To say the least I was stunned to see a web page claim Google has been breaking it's own SEO rules. I'm still looking for evidence that this article could be a hoax. Decide for yourself.


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norland Premium
Thank you.
Bill67 Premium
So many opinions -- Who to Believe? Google is so big so not to hard to believe.
nomda ploom Premium
an attack of fictitious morality syndrome. con job IMO
ahen205 Premium
Be careful, ok. Much success to you!