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April 07, 2014
Would you kind people check out my website? Tell me what it needs, in real honesty-no fluff. Try the sign-in. Leave a comment relevent to the comment within the website page. Open a topic on the forum. then tell me what you think. Make any comments and suggestions.Thank you.
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Community! This post is for every Starter and Premium member that was found value in Wealthy Affiliate. No matter how long you have been here or how far along you have progressed, you have greatness within you and a valuable experience that someone else can find inspiration from. Please leave your thoughts and comments below on the following fours questions 1. What brought you to Wealthy Affiliate? (Did you needed money for retirement, layoff, sickness,
February 24, 2014
In the past I have had a website URl: I also own the domain I have changed both domains over to WA. I Have a facebook page, a twitter page, and a google page associated with I want my site at WA to have the and still use the existing social media pages Is that possible and how do I do that?
I've had my bouts with Google. I've taken websites down because of the results of a new round of Panda and Penguin restrictions that dropped my rankings and traffic so low I could not stay on the web. Developers fear what may happen to the long hours and money spent on online businesses if they step outside of Googles good graces. To say the least I was stunned to see a web page claim Google has been breaking it's own SEO rules. I'm still looking for evidence that this article could be a hoax.
February 05, 2014
All of us have hopes and dreams in life. There is something that each of us want to achieve at certain times of life. No matter what your goal is, you can get there if you have commitment, motivation and focus. Before you proceed always have a clear picture of what your goal is. Make sure you have a detailed vision of your proposed achievement. Map out the path to achieving your goal with small attainable steps, noting each time you accomplish a step. A modest reward is always a nice motivator
February 03, 2014
A few hours ago I up graded to "Premium Member" at Wealthy Affiliate. This is not the first program that I have been a part. i have spent a lot of time working to build a successful online business. I wouldn't say that the time I spent was wasted, quite the opposite. All of the time and training that I have accumulated up to this point will drive my efforts to be a success with Wealthy Affiliate. There is one thing that attracted me to Wealth Affiliate and that is the the community structure th