Do you use Elementor editor?

Last Update: July 18, 2020

I have just started working with Elementor editor and really like what I can do with it. There are some things I don't understand. Actually that's an understatement, There are a LOT of things I don't understand. I just need to know if it's worth taking the time to learn them or not.

I am curious as to your opinions about using Elementor editor I like the drag and drop idea, and using various theme kits to build a unique site.

Would you please comment on your experiences with using it? Thanks so very much.



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ramr50 Premium Plus
Hi Linda, I use the Elementor editor quite a bit and think that it is totally worth the effort to learn it. I mainly use it for call to actions within a regular post or page, but have also used it for my home page on my blog. You can take a look at my site from my profile page to see how the home page looks. That one was totally created within the Elementor editor.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
HI, I have Elementor installed, but I have not started using it yet. I am just producing content with the default editor and using GeneratePress Pro´s functionality at the moment and will stay away from Elemenotr for a bit longer.

I have used a couple of other bloc editors on 2 websites I have which are not hosted at WA. These 2 bloc editors is very difficult to use, and it is difficult to position the different elements where you want it. I addition, the user manuals and guides to these 2 bloc editors is very poor, almost non-existent.

So, from that experience I am not sure if I want to start using Elementor or not. All that being said.

1Rudy1 Premium
Yes, I use elementor pro. There are many options to use, which can b daunting. They do have some hahands on training on their yo tube channel. I keep learning new ththings all of the time. I really enjoy using elementor. Currently, I combine elementor with generatepress pro. I've also used elementor with astra theme.
Kalle-Marie Premium
Hi Linda,

I am using elementor for my site (pro version), and I like it very much. As you describe , elementor has a lot of functionality, and easy to use. For person like me who doesn`t any clue about html, it is very helpfull.

I am still trying to find the best way to post from site content to mysite, and using elementor to edit or to re-design the lay out. At the moment the site content export to my site in single container, so you have to copy and paste if you want to re layout your content. I used to upload my content to site content to check the grammar, etc, but published directly from wordpress using elementor. Perhaps someone can give advice on how to published it more effectively.

All the best
zydegeaux Premium
There is a learning curved with Elementor. What you can do with it is some pretty amazing stuff. When I get the time I am going to learn it.