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Whatever happened? Where did our ability to ask questions go? Do we have to ask them in our blog, or did I miss something in the months I have been recuperating from heart problems and Covid?My question is Does anyone here use a merchants account to process credit cards here.? If so, what do you suggest works best?
March 27, 2021
I try to keep my brain active, but since having a heart attack last Novembe (2020), which left me with a leaky aorta valve that has to be fixed in the next month or two, my focus has been on just staying alive until my valve can be replaced. It was supposed to be fixed in February, but I got Covid. in February and that surgery has been put off till April. So for a few months, I have been unable to focus on anything except keeping my heart calm and not agitated.In this troubled world, just
November 28, 2020
.We had a lovely 2020 Thanksgiving weekend in spite of my condition keeping us apart from our children. The local grandkids came over with hors d'oeuvres. And we facetimed the festivities and then enjoyed the feast when our daughter brought dinner for us. It was as much excitement as my heart could handle for one day and was great!!Wealthy Affiliate offers us so much support and wisdom. Being a part of this unique group is a blessing in itself with so much positive thoughts expressed. I am e
What is a "chiwawa-sized elephant sitting on my chest"? What? Never heard of that before? Well, me neither! It wasn't big enough to be an elephant, but there was definitely some weight on my chest. Was this a heart attack? It was indeed - a "mild" heart attack.. My blood work ended up showing a heart enzyme which caused further investigation. I was rushed to the cath lab for an angiogram and 3 stents were put in one after another, to try and open a 90% occluded artery. The Doc said I d
Coming into my office each day (at home of course) to hear what has been happening, what new training has been developed, and just positive happenings is a great way to start my day. Very seldom do I hear anything negative, meant to hurt, and if I do I just ignore it. We all have a choice, and I choose not to be rilled up by someone who doesn't see eye to eye with most of us here. We can control the world we live in by not taking the bait. As we move closer to the doom time (Nov 3) ha ha, w
October 09, 2020
Sometimes we experience uncovering a cover up that our leader was involved in. The difference between truth and lies, can leave us red-faced. We believed in him/her, and absolutely refused to accept that they could have been involved. But yet they were. It was so bad that they resigned their position, which was the honorable thing to do. This was a tough pill to swallow for us little believers.You feel betrayed and vow to never be caught on the wrong side again. Yet these things happen ov
September 24, 2020
Most of us are here because we are trying to establish ourselves in a business on the internet whether for wealth or not.Clearly, this year has not been as productive a year for many of us as we anticipated in the beginning. Most certainly my eye has been taken from my goals that I initially established last December.I have written some of my best writings, however, and documented this year's coronavirus unfolding story throughout the year. Much has transpired throughout all this which took a
I have written about having created a website back in 2008-2012 and being sorry I hadn't kept it up because so much work went into building it. I thought because I had stopped paying hosting on it that it was lost forever. One day I was thinking "I wonder if my old site might still be on the internet, so I typed in the URL and guess what popped up? It was not totally there, because I remember it had over 120 pages, but 86 were still there. A lot of the links don't work anymore, and Adsense
July 27, 2020
I like to refer to a lot of things in musical terms. To me, being successful in online marketing will be like I'm "just playing the music." It often takes quite a while to be able to do that here as we build our businesses. This blog was sparked by a blog by Robert Kiuttu.Robert was explaining about the fact that it takes a lot of work to build an online business. But the good news is that after you put in the hard work, it becomes easier to continue with much less effort.To show an example
I have just started working with Elementor editor and really like what I can do with it. There are some things I don't understand. Actually that's an understatement, There are a LOT of things I don't understand. I just need to know if it's worth taking the time to learn them or not. I am curious as to your opinions about using Elementor editor I like the drag and drop idea, and using various theme kits to build a unique site. Would you please comment on your experiences with using it? Tha