Last Update: March 02, 2018

Wow! Really struggling with the creative writing. Many times I have been ready to throw in the towel, especially since I feel so outdated on my internet skill as well.

Being new to network marketing is quite overwhelming. The only thing that keeps me moving forward is reading everyone elses blogs, that are full optimism and positivity.

I just want to thank all of you for such great positive attitudes. I feel I can get through this creative writing and all the other obstacles that may come my way.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Without the struggle you would not have achieved nearly as much. Your content would not have been as good. You would be less likely to help others and you would be frustrated. You are doing a wonderful job. So my advice to you is to keep going and remember that when you struggle the community will help you.
linda956 Premium
Yes, the community helps a lot, so thankful they are here. Thank you!
buffetearns Premium
Your not less special than anyone else. Some people have more experience at researching the internet for ideas and are just more creative with what they find online. They adapt what they see.

It’s difficult to create new material all the time.

Try and do some digging around the Internet or find a book or magazine that generates some ideas and when you find something, write what you like about it, it’s usefulness, how we can benefit from etc

Like pitofly says below, seems like an excellent approach.

Nothing to stress about, it will come. I think your own style will come.

I’m not an expert Linda, just my ideas. Do a search on blog ideas and hobbies, interests etc? Things that you know a little about?

linda956 Premium
Thank you for ways to generate new ideas, I appreciate it.
Memorylaneuk Premium
The more you do the better you will get at it. That is true for all of us. I started out very un tech savvy and some things still confuse me. Do not be so hard on yourself.
I’m giving you a high five because you are trying and you will achieve Success. It’s just a matter of time and effort.
With Grace and Gratitude
linda956 Premium
Thank you for the high five! I will eventually get over the fear of writing.
HBoumerdassi Premium
Hello Linda we are same i did all things just writing but now I am doing like you reading all the post and each time I am reading new Idea come up i writ it, some post they give you website and some post they give you specially for whom they have problems writing just follow the post you will do it never give up that what i learn thank you, Hakim
linda956 Premium
Yes, reading others posts help a lot. I try to never give up, maybe take a day break, then back at it.
pitofly Premium
You go Linda! You are creative!
I bet if I sat down with you and asked you about your cell phone or laptop you would tell me all about it. How it helps you all day. How you can't live without it. How much you love it. All the features.

Let your writing juices flow! You can do it.

By the way, I need to do the same thing!

Wishing you a very creative day, every day!!!
linda956 Premium
I'm stilling learning new things on my phone and laptop, but it's all good and amazing. Best wishes on you writing, also.