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I feel fantastic but the challenge is actually keeping it with so many other helpful and experienced members here. Really, I just feel honored to be among this group of folks genuinely here to share what is working and give back. WA was and still is instrumental in my online successes. Not only all the training and services, but mostly the community is what keeps me here and after a solid 5 years it's still super fulfilling.I just wanted to share to give everyone an idea what a little time and
And it feels stupendous! I can't even list all the ways WA has changed my life for the better. Being a premium member has opened many doors that have led to financial freedom. With the knowledge gained here, it truly has allowed me to live the life I could've only dreamed. And I know it can get even better from here, which is just absolutely amazing! Take it from me (as well as thousands here), crazy success is possible if you believe and stick to the lessons taught here. Years ago in the begin
Today is my 4 year anniversary since joining WA! To be honest it's got me a little emotional right now. It's been such a rich and fullfilling journey thus far.I always felt very lucky and honored to be a part of this community. Fully inegrating WA into my lifestyle from the beginning has been instumental in changing my life. I always say that after WA, life will never really be the same. I was never really skeptical about spending time learning here and I think that has been key. We are so used
Are you trying to update or publish a post/page and you get sent to that horrible page that says: 400 Bad Request Error Maybe while trying to update you noticed that Wordpress is "saving draft" for what seems like forever and you can't even update. Well then this may fix it. By the way, I have read others say to deactivate your plugins to find the culprit or upgrade your Wordpress version. Or try a different browser or update your browser, etc. Well, what if you have done all this and still not