Just renewed premium membership again for the 5th time:

Last Update: December 07, 2017

And it feels stupendous! I can't even list all the ways WA has changed my life for the better. Being a premium member has opened many doors that have led to financial freedom. With the knowledge gained here, it truly has allowed me to live the life I could've only dreamed. And I know it can get even better from here, which is just absolutely amazing!

Take it from me (as well as thousands here), crazy success is possible if you believe and stick to the lessons taught here. Years ago in the beginning I was a skeptic at first, but now I'm living proof that WA does what it promises and more. I feel obligated to share my success and give back so that people believe that they too can reach levels of success they didn't think possible.

Most of all my goal this year is to promote and inspire while letting as many people know about WA and that such a tremendous opportunity exists! Like I say; if you can integrate WA into your lifestyle, it will change your life.

This year, like years past, I am most grateful that I'm still part of this world class community. We're in it to win it together. Let's keep it going!

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WildflowerG Premium
I am indeed inspired. Thanks.
botipton Premium
Yes it is a wonderful opportunity as you have proven. Thank you for the post speaking of what you have done here.
mlight56 Premium
Your right it is a world class community .... keep on keeping on .... cheers ... Michel
gjshawk Premium
Wow! I always smile when I read how successful someone is here at WA. Gives me something to look forward to. Thanks.
atxwill Premium
Inspiring words! I'm still a newbie, but I am following the path laid out by Kyle, Carson, all the successful WAers,and that means you!
Lev Premium
Stick with us and you'll go far Will:) People like you inspire me too, that's why I followed you. Glad to be connected. See ya around bud....