Which wordpress theme(s) do you prefer?

Last Update: Aug 5, 2020

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Hi folks,

Just wondering, which wordpress themes you tend to prefer...? I appreciate that we may have different businesses that we wish to promote and therefore this may influence your choice of theme. However I get a bit bogged down with working out which one would suit my aims best.

My plan is to have an 'umbrella niche', under which there will be several more targeted niches, and sub-niches, which will all tie in nicely under the main niche subject, namely that of wellbeing and holistic lifestyle.

I would like my website to have different sections, easily identifiable and easy to find on the site - something like the different sections appearing down the side of the home page.

I know what I'd like in my mind's eye, though can I find it? Not yet, and it seems to take me a while just sorting that bit out. I have the domain name and also have some articles ready to go, so I just want to get on with creating the site now.

Any advice greatly received. Thanks in advance :-)


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I use the generatepress theme, it is the most advised theme on WA, it has fast load speeds, and you can do a column as you mentioned on the right side of your screen using widgets. I believe Chrystopher, explains it a little better than me, WA members are a wonderful source for information, as you probably already know.


Thank you Joe.

And yes, I'm so grateful for the support of the WA community :)

I used to use babysitter lite theme, changed to oceanwaves, then another... in the end generate wordpress! its versatile, a good start as well thanks to Christopher suggesting this, I had to play around with themes by previewing it, before making up my mind. Hope you find your theme. X.

Thank you Farah. Seems like Generate press is winning the day!

I'm with Chigs, Generate Press was a suggestion from Jay and I ran with it. Get the premium themes if you can.

Thank you Eugenio.

Now I've just got to work out how to change the current theme - I managed to delete the site yesterday - big whoops! Fortunately no content on it at the time, and Site Support helped out as quick as a flash.

Reminder to self - read the instructions / training!

GeneratePress.. All The Waaaaaaaaaay!!!
Love it.

Ah thanks Chigs. Generate Press is winning hands down!

Sure is 😊👍🏼

I changed all my sites to Generate Press Lesley, on Kyle's suggestion as it is clean looking and faster. I liked it so much I went Pro. I liked that one payment covers all sites.

I am thinking change themes as well. How can I start with?

Go to themes on your website an type in Generate Press. Once its there click on activate. If that is the one you want.
You should back up your site first though, just in case.

Thank you Linda. Generate Press it is!

Then I need to learn what going 'Pro' means...


Oh, backup site first. Thanks.

Pro means you pay for the professional version. Best to see how you get on with it first then decide. The beauty of it is that you can then use the pro version on all your sites, when you get more.

Thank you Linda. I’m sure it will all begin to make sense once I start using it 🤞

It will. It just takes a bit of time to set it up how you want it. As with any theme.

Thanks Linda x

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