I really, really, really am back now!

Last Update: Aug 24, 2019

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Hi folks, Just popping by to say hello, and to say that I really am back now!

I've been on a bit of an excursion, dipping in and out of this, that and the other - letting myself get distracted by this shiny new offer, that luring new promise. Basically I've been going round in circles and, thank heavens, am now back where I started.

And part of that is thanks to a couple of books I've read and re-read. One being The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and the other being The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Their messages are simple, yet powerful. And they remind me that there's no fast get rich quick scheme, no bolt out of the blue lucky lightening strike. What often can appear as such most likely will have a series of unseen, unnoticed steps taken towards the 'noticeable thing' that shows up for us.

They remind me to make a conscious choice, day by day, moment by moment, to show up and practice the actions I need in order to make the path lead where I want it to. As they say, the steps themselves can be easy to do, though also easy not to do. And the results will show up in life later on down the path one way or another. I'm choosing the path to my success, my family's greater security, our greater freedom of lifestyle choices.

So, here I am, about to restart my training from the very beginning, work through it, apply it, and continue. New things to be learnt and applied each day, bit by bit, by bit, by bit.....

Happy to be back :)


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Yep... daily tasks
As in school

Wow Lesley, I love this post, thank you for sharing.

It is clear to me after reading this post that you have the right mindset for success.

Best wishes


Thank you Delroy

You're welcome Lesley

Hi Lesley. This time you're going to be successful. Jim

Thank you! This time, compass set and setting off in the right direction. About flippin time :)

Although I have not left, and I'm still here---I know how you feel.

I've been using Elegant's Divi Theme for almost 10 months and WOW!, what a learning curve! To quote you . . . "new things to be learned and applied each day, bit by bit, by bit, by bit....." And once in a while a wonderful break through.

I recently joined Amazon Associates and am continuing to build my site with Divi, WordPress, and WA.

Fortunately I have a next-door neighbor, a vet from Iraq with 1 arm, a wife, 2 young kids, 5 bee hives, 2 pygmy goats, 24 laying hens, a great chocolate Lab named Dixie, a garden, is head of an engineering firm, has a 2 and 1 half car garage filled with power wood-working equipment (no room for a bicycle, much less his 2 cars, a large truck, a travel trailer, a riding mower and a large tractor with a bush hog attachment and front-end loader).

. . . and on top of all that he has several web sites about trout fishing---he is a guide with 2 kayaks, one motor boat and designs and sells flies for trout fishing. AND, he uses the Divi Theme to build his web sites.

Guess what? He helps me when I can't figure out something on Divi !!! All on my keyboard, with his left hand---the only hand he has! And on top of that, he and his family are Christians and active in a nearby local church.

Hang in there---both of us will have some major break-throughs soon!


Thanks for sharing, Keith. Here's to our continuous journeys, continual learning, and many many happy breakthroughs! Onwards and upwards.

Best wishes,

Welcome home. Been wondering what happened? Glad everything is okay and you're back on track.

Thank you Joe.

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