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No matter what your business, there are some key foundation building blocks that are timeless and traverse the business world. If followed they will set the scene for a long-term and profitable adventure.SincerityBe sincere, "Be" who you really are. Don't try to be someone else - you won't be able to keep it up. Be you, and attract the people who are looking for you!Speak up for what you represent. Become a product of your product. Stand beside and behind what your business represents.Your busi
Thanks again to Kyle & Carson, who have surpassed themselves with their generous & fan-tab-u-lous Black Friday deals!Not only are they offering some great money saving deals for this year, including a tremendous reduction in the annual price of the new Premium+ membership, they really do honour the annual 'grandfathered-in' prices.I honestly don't know / haven't found a training platform that offers so much quality and quantity, for these extremely reasonable prices.Tip top value.So chu
Hello lovelies,I'm just doing some site health checks and I came across this message. Sorry, the screenshot came out rather small. Here's the copied text:A scheduled event has failed The scheduled event, wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files, failed to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.I haven't a clue what it means, never mind what to do about it!
Hi folks,What I find confusing is as to how to find a member's actual name that they preferred to be called... Often times the account name we've chosen might not be an accurate representation of our actual preferred name.For instance, my name is Lesley, yet I had to set my name up as LesleyAnnH - the nearest I could get to what I wanted.So, when I want to interact with another member, if they don't sign off a post with their name, or if they don't mention their preferred name in their bio, whe
Hi folks,Just wondering, which wordpress themes you tend to prefer...? I appreciate that we may have different businesses that we wish to promote and therefore this may influence your choice of theme. However I get a bit bogged down with working out which one would suit my aims best. My plan is to have an 'umbrella niche', under which there will be several more targeted niches, and sub-niches, which will all tie in nicely under the main niche subject, namely that of wellbeing and holistic lifes
Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!Does a new year fill you with joy and anticipation, or find you somewhat deflated? Often times we might approach the end of one year and be filled with hopes and aspirations for the new year on the horizon, though when that new year eventually arrives, we find ourselves deflated, demotivated and consequently demoralised. Now we have to make those changes that we've been promising ourselves, only to find that we can't muster up the enthusiasm or 'willpower'!In or
December 24, 2019
Good morning fellow WA community & friends!It's just past 7am on Christmas morning for me here in the UK and all is hush, so I write this wee note before the hustle & bustle of the day begins 😊I just want to take this quiet moment to send this wish - "Whatever this time of year represents to you, to each and everyone, may you experience peace, contentment, goodwill and cheer"Wishing you all the good things you wish for yourselves!Lesley
Having got part way through my training programmes, I realised that I'm still mulling over my possible niche(s). I have an overall idea for an overall theme, though haven't narrowed down the more particular niches under that yet.So I've decided to head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp and start from there. I'm thinking that once I've got a handle on that, then I can come back and refine my other niches.So I'm forming new neural pathways over at the Bootcamp now!
Hi folks, Just popping by to say hello, and to say that I really am back now!I've been on a bit of an excursion, dipping in and out of this, that and the other - letting myself get distracted by this shiny new offer, that luring new promise. Basically I've been going round in circles and, thank heavens, am now back where I started.And part of that is thanks to a couple of books I've read and re-read. One being The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and the other being The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
November 23, 2017
Hi guys and gals; I've been with WA for a month as of today; initially joined under the free membership, upgraded to Premium soon after and, today, have been able to appreciate the fabulous Black Friday deal and signed up for the annual membership. Really chuffed :)