Focus On $33 Per Day

Last Update: September 28, 2018

$33 dollars per day does not sound like a lot does sit? But that's $990 per month. What would an extra $990 per month do for you?

A car payment? Help with your morgage or rent? Vacation money? Bill payments?

It does not take a lot to make a HUGE difference in your life.

Even $10 per day can make a big difference. To many people (members) are focused on making the big bucks every month, which is fine. But you have to start small before you get big.

Understand you have to make the small money before you make the big money. So don’t focus on making the big bucks, focus on the little stuff first.

When I first started online, way back in 2003 I focused on making $100 a month and then $200 and then $500, then a $1000, got that and then I focused on 4 figures per month, got that, then 5 figures per month, got that and then 6 figures per month, got that. Now I’m focused on 7 figures per month.

You have walk before you can run. Baby steps everyone, it will happen.

Like many people I have goals and I have my goals written down. I have my big goals and from those big goals I break things down to what I want to accomplish within a certain period of time.

I have yearly goals, then I have my 6-month goals, then my 3-month goals then my monthly goals then my daily goals.

And I don’t look past my daily goals because if I do my daily goals it will get me to my monthly goals, and my 6-month goals and my yearly goals.

And it works every time. And I'm on my way to 7 figures per month. It's going to take time but it will happen.

And all you have to do is do the work to accomplish your goals. And with that said if you’re not willing to do the work don’t bother making goals.

I believe in you

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Calvinator63 Premium
Very well said Leo,

We must learn to walk before we can run. One dollar earned today is just one less that we will need to earn tomorrow.

leoemery Premium
Spot on
AlonaSeymore Premium
Thank you for sharing! It's a great idea to write down your goals!
leoemery Premium
If you don't write them down then they have zero meaning
MKearns Premium
Success does indeed come in increments Leo!
leoemery Premium
Always baby steps
SeanPB Premium
This was great. Thanks for sharing this great perspective!
leoemery Premium
You're welcome
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Fantastic advice. Take the small(ish) victories, and they add up!
Thank You for this!
leoemery Premium
Yep, they do add for sure!