So I told myself at the end of Phase 5, Lesson 10 that my next goal was to create 100 videos in the next 3 months (90 days)...then I said out loud, "100 videos?! Are you NUTS?!"

Maybe...but when you think about it, it's not even that difficult of a goal to achieve.

Plan to Work and Work the Plan

In order for any site to get conversions and sales, you need traffic. The only way you're going to create a flow of continuous traffic IN to your site is to create a continuous flow of content OUT of your site!

Setting up a goal to produce at a certain level gives you something to aim at...setting up a plan to achieve that goal gets you moving in the proper direction and working with purpose and intent.

Without a Goal, there will be no Plan...without a Plan, there will be no Success.

Can I create 100 videos in, 90 days? Sure why not? I should be able to produce 300 videos in that amount of time, but why burn myself out? Pumping out 2 good quality videos a day will get me well beyond the goal I set for myself. And I won't even have to work weekends! (2/day x 5 days a week x 12 weeks = 120 videos)

Now my best strategy would be to not only make the videos, but to also create blog posts that contain readable content that go hand in hand with what my video is delivering. Whether that means writing a post, then summarizing with a video, or recording a video and then transcribing the message I want to deliver after-the-fact.

This is a simple, achievable plan. How it all comes together in the end, matters little.

What does matter is that I deliver VALUE to the marketplace, giving my all to reach the GOAL I set for myself, by putting the PLAN I devised into ACTION!

Don't allow yourself to get stuck in "learning mode"

You'll never know everything you THINK you should know before you can start moving! So get out there, show your face and what you're made of! Ramp It UP! It's so easy to get hooked by the "shiny object syndrome" and fall prey to the belief that you have to buy this or buy that in order to get this or get that. It's simply not true and you need to wash yourself of that belief.

Just getting through the Entrepreneur Certification training, puts you into the top 10% of marketers out there! Act like the BOSS you are!

Buying the next new gadget or system or software isn't going to bring you success. There are no magic buttons out there like you find on the Staples commercial. You have to take the first step toward success, by moving your best foot forward. If you don't want to gather'd better get rolling!

As the famous tennis shoe manufacturer Nike was able to convey so elegantly and with only 3 small words...

"Just DO IT!"

See you on the other side,

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OralC Premium
Thanks for the post Leland. I have set myself a goal too for this summer. I will be on leave In August for 4 weeks, and my plans include finishing the certificate course then. I am now at Level 4, Lesson 2 and with a busy work schedule, have not been able to do more. After the Certificate Course I will be heading to the Bootcamp.
JewelCarol Premium
Awesome goals, Leland, yes, you can do it!! ;))
anderscj Premium
Very motivational post. Thanks Leland.
geego Premium
This is motivation to get moving towards my goals Leland..thanks much
Larry_T Premium
Just Do It and you will have them up and running in less than 90 days. It will be a major project but you are definitely up to it.

Go 4 It, Leland.
Mark1957 Premium
Inspiration and quality content by the bucket load Leland...thanks very much and good luck on your quest of 100 vids in 90 days!
I'm sure you'll get it done.
Happygirl48 Premium
Hi Leland, Your Blog is inspiring, I agree we have to jump in with both feet! Yes! The training is very important, Kyle and Carson are great teachers. Their experience speaks volumes, but we have to take the lead at some point, hopefully as soon as we Publish our website. Entrepreneur's are Risk Takers, they have no fear and they are visionaries who will succeed. I like how you created your plan to make your videos just by doing the math, Cool:) I also agree with you that we don't have to buy all of these gadgets to make our websites stand out! With what's available and all of the tutorials and tools we have right here at WA, we can do it all ourselves. It Is great that we have all of this available to us and that we can also pay it forward to our network who are great advocates always willing to help and want to see us succeed too! You've got a Vision and your on a Quest and I wish the Best! If can be of service please let me know. Thanks again Good Job on your Blog! I'm HYPED!! Sharon:)
LelandBest Premium
I love it when I can inspire people to blurt out awesome comments like this one!

Stay pumped! You got this Sharon!
Happygirl48 Premium
Thanks Leland I do my best always:) Sharon Have a good avenging.
Dinh Premium
Answers to most of life's problems- Just Do It!