Yay! Just Made my First $50 Online!

Last Update: May 17, 2016

I wasn't sure where my first sniff of online money was going to come from.... my book isn't anywhere near finished yet, so it certainly wasn't going to from sales of products I've created.

I thought perhaps I'd FINALLY...

  • sign up a Wealthy Affiliate member
  • sell a book on Amazon, or
  • have an article accepted by a website that pays for articles

... but no, my first $50 is THANKS to LYNNE HUYSAMEN (LynneHuy).

Lynne and I "met" on Wealthy Affiliate, and became friends the instant we found out we lived 150kms from each other, and were both Moms. We're planning to meet up for a real live cup of coffee soon!

Lynne sent me a Private Message on Friday saying she does website testing part time and had just tested a South African website, and got paid $50 for 30 minutes. The company asked her if she knew of any more South Africans that will be able to take part too.

Yay! Finally, I was in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

I got a little befuddled with the test, and almost duffed it, so it landed up taking me 90 minutes instead of 30, but hey... on Monday I received my first $50 in my Paypal account! Woohooo! Quickest, easiest 50 Bucks I've ever made!

So... the lesson for today is:

Don't think for one minute that blogging and reading blogs on WA is a waste of your time. Business, online and offline, is all about making good contacts, and building friendships. (Look at how much business happens on the golf course!)


Be blessed,

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Tezsie Premium
Congratulations Lauren! And may you receive many more 50´s in your paypal account.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks so much Tessa!
KariLee Premium
Very exciting! Good job. You and Lynne would make quite the team...sounds like karma.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Kari!
kbalcker Premium
Congrats Lauren!! The first sale/commission is the very beginning of something incredible. You now know that make money online is possible and I'm sure you will have success on this! :)

Happy to see people at WA triumph!
laurenjean Premium Plus
So true, Thanks! Meant to say exactly that.
JudeP Premium
Yay well done Lauren and thank to the lovely Lynn for pointing you in the right direction :)
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Jude!
RobinHudson Premium
Lauren!!!!!!! Way cool my sister! Rejoicing with you for sure!
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing in my excitement Robin!