Yay! My first Tip on Fiverr

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Have you ever been tipped?

Once upon a time, I was a waitress and tips were the highlight of my day. In our country at that time, waitrons earned below minimum wage, so we lived for our tips and off our tips.

Fastforward a couple of years to when I was a Massage Therapist. I worked for myself so pay was way better. Still, it felt awesome when someone enjoyed their treatment so much that they left a tip.

Tips make you feel valued, don't they?

But it's been a long time since I've worked in a tipping environment.

So you can imagine my excitement when I received an email from Fiverr yesterday with the headline:

"You've just been Tipped!"

I knew the Tipping option existed on Fiverr because I've bought a few Gigs myself and left tips.

However, this is the first tip I've received.


It's especially surprising as this is the first order I've received on Fiverr in aaages.

I get a lot of enquiries on Fiverr but not many sales. This hasn't really bothered me because I think most people choose to buy directly from my site.

I also usually prefer selling directly off my site because I don't have to pay Fiverr 20% commission or wait 2 weeks for my payment to clear. And then yet another week for clearance in Paypal.

However, there are three really clear bonuses of selling on Fiverr.

Benefits of Selling on Fiverr

1. Payment is Guaranteed.

Buyers pay for their gig upfront and Fiverr holds the money until the order has been fulfilled and then for a couple of weeks afterwards to ensure their is no come-back.

When I deal with new clients, there's always a fear that they won't pay me. However, I've found that most buyers are honest and pay promptly, on the same day or within a day or two.

The longest I've ever waited is 3 weeks and I had to follow up with a number of emails requesting payment. So one slow payer so far. Zero non-payers.

2. Reviews are Encouraged.

I love getting 5 Star Reviews on Fiverr and because of their step-by-step system, it's very seldom that a client will complete an order without leaving a great review.

On the other hand, I struggle to get people to even place an order properly in my Woo Commerce shop (they prefer to just email me the order so they can pay once I've completed the work) and very few have left reviews.

3. You can receive Tips!

What a pleasure.

I charge $25 on both Fiverr and my shop for this particular service, but on Fiverr I'd only clear $20 (after the 20% deduction).

Receiving a $10 tip (again Fiverr took their 20%, leaving me with an $8 tip), meant I cleared $28 for this order.

So for once, I actually earned more on Fiverr for a gig than I would if I was selling direct. And payment was guaranteed. And I got another 5 Star Review.

Now I know what You're Thinking...

Why do you charge the same on Fiverr as you do on your site? Surely you could be earning the same for your Fiverr gigs if you simply upped your pricing on Fiverr?

YES. Sure. I thought so too. And I tried it.

But.... I never received any orders on Fiverr in that period.

Because the perceived value wasn't there.

The value of something is determined by what people are willing to pay for it.

And from the face of it, that gig is worth $25.

Plus, there's another very important business principle at play here...

Suppliers should never undercut their resellers...

I learned this lesson while I was Head of Network Marketing for a company selling Nutritional Supplements.

When I joined the company, we had a network of people selling products person-to-person. And we had a new Retail Division selling products into Pharmacies.

We have a huge discount pharmacy in the country that would drive our prices down through bulk discounts and early settlement discounts. On top of this, they would also sometimes advertise our most popular product as a loss leader.

Their price would drop to below the price the networkers were paying for the product.

Every time the Pharmacies would run a Special, the Networkers would be up in arms.

Our Retail Division and Networking Division were at war until we found a solution... selling different products to the network and Retail.

But I digress... this post was about TIPPING, wasn't it?

Enough with the lessons in business...

Over to YOU

Have you Received Tips on Fiverr?

Or any Tip for that matter?

How did it make you feel?

To Your Success

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Recent Comments


Congrats on your tip, Lauren! :)

Thanks Nick!

I love Fiverr, someone assisted me and designed a beautiful logo for my blog and I left a tip. It was a nice feeling knowing I made her day. She delivered on time and she deserved it.

Very good to know that.

Wonderful, Kele. Good on you! I'll check it out.

I am in the process of setting up a project on Fiverr. Didn't know there was a tip feature and will definitely make good use of this.

Thanks for sharing!

It comes at the very end after you have accepted everything and everything is ok. Then they send you a notification.
Honestly though, I though guy she received the whole tip, didn't know fiverr would take a percentage as well.
She did such an amazing job on my logo I had to tip.
It was worth way more then I paid.


Awesome Charles. I don't recall having to add it as a feature to my gigs. Fiverr added it automatically.

Thanks Lauren


Sure thing, Wayne.

Good feelings on the tips.
I haven't received a dime from Fiverr but paid 4-5 times for gigs.

Well now, over to SWAG. How are you progressing?

Aah, so you are also a buyer and a seller on Fiverr, Phomrong? Cool.

Planning to give a SWAG update on my next post. Hopefully still today.

A buyer first to see how I sell.


I have left tips on fiverr, they did my logos.
I'm actually thinking of having somebody on fiverr do signs for me to put on tee shirts.
I've already looked into a couple designers.
I love fiverr. She did an awesome logo for me. So I tipped her.


Excellent, Kenny!
Unfortunately, I had the opposite experience of logo design on Fiverr. The lady I bought a logo gig from offered 7 revisions and gave up working with me after 3 or 4. Perhaps I was a bit picky.
Enjoying making my own logos on Canva now. Well, I've done one. Still haven't created logos for my other 2 sites. Maybe I should buy a gig from your lady?

I put her in my save like list. I told her what I was looking for and she nailed it. I think she was from Egypt. I had unlimited revisions, but I didn't need any.
I can pm her link if you want. She really did an amazing job for me.
You can see my logo on my site, it's listed under my profile pic.


Thanks, Kenny. She definitely nailed it!! I would appreciate a PM with her details. If I buy a gig from her, I'll let her know you referred me.

Okay, give me some time, I'm working.


I don't know what Fiverr is:) I will research, then I'll know if I have ever received a tip on it:)

Seriously, congrats. Make that money.....

Hi Maurice, Fiverr is a freelancing platform, where you can sell your skills. Thanks for the Congrats.

I've never been a waitress, but I was a housekeeper for a large motel chain in Des Moines while I was in college many years ago. One of my clients gave me a $5.00 tip, and I was over the moon! Not very many people had the courtesy to tip the housekeepers back then, but since I know how good it feels to get one, I always tip them when I stay in a motel. Carol

Aah, wonderful that you're paying it forward, Carol. Such a great feeling. Both giving and receiving!

That's true. Hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right, Lauren. It does feel great! Have a wonderful week. Carol

Great news on your tip. I was a waitress many years ago. We did get minimum wage but with part-time hours, I needed the tips in order to survive. Thank goodness I'm not there anymore. Congrats on your Fiverr tip. I'm sure there will be many more for you.

Aw, Thanks for your lovely comment, Darlene.

Fiverr is awesome and so are tips. I was a waitress for years and boy did we all love our tips.

Awesome, Holly! Oh YEAH, didn't we just?

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