Task: Create a Blog Post Within WA

Last Update: April 23, 2014

Kyle: "Your first task is going to be to document your progress thus far. You are doing absolutely AWESOME".
Laura: "Really? Awesome? Not quite. But I admit, this is a very good encouragement. :)

The truth is that on the way to awesomeness I'm like at 20%. This is how I feel. My progress so far! ( I was wondering why people are writing about this, in the middle of training... it's just a task!) It has been a progress, of course, I've learned a lot, but there is no point in listing here every step I took, steps that everybody know and take. I can talk more easily about things that trouble me, that annoy me, that haunt me.

I am 90% satisfied with my site, http://healthywithhoney.com/, I like the topic, that's why I chose it, but I'm no expert in it, I'm learning along the way.
- the widgets in the left side are too crowded and I don't know how to delete the date, author and comment no. from there.
- I'm having difficult times with my editor, it just doesn't listen! :) obviously, not like Word!
- I don't exist for google. No matter what I type, google can't find me. :( incredibly depressing.
- I still don't know if I should put keywords in the All in One SEO empty spaces from there.
- I tend to be confused by the training here. Some people say something, and others come and say exactly the opposite. I decided to follow only Kyle and some other 2-3 members here that seem more reliable.
- I cannot work as much as I like too. Not enough time. But it is as it should be, so no complaining here, merely an excuse for me being only at lesson 10 course 2. Though nobody is judging here, or caring for that matter, as each person takes care of himself the best he can.

Now, I know I am anxious to see things rolling, to get palpable results, but I work with me as well, try to convince myself that by the end of the training I will know everything needed to have a successful site.
Here is a wonderful place to learn and get support!

Thanks to everyone who helped me thus far.


2 days later update: I'm a bit more smarter. ☺
Google does like me, but not my google. (This means the google search engine associated to my country.) When I do a search I am doing it from the redirected google here. And it doesn't show my site. When I searched my site on google.com/en - voila! here are the keywords, and my beautiful site.
This is probably due to the fact that the site is hosted in US, the jaaxy is searching on google.com and not on redirected variants and so is the keywords tool on WA site.
Actually this is good news, because I target that market, not the one in my country. So all things for the better, plus that now I know where to look.

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truered Premium
Laura you will have a successful site. I got all the way to lesson 8 course 2 and deleted my site because I was not satisfied. From what I read above it sounds like you know a lot, just keep going through the training and you will be 100%awesome before you know it!
thriver Premium
Good work Laura. It is a slow process.
GatorGal747 Premium
Hey, Laura....yup, I'm at the same place as you are.....I'm still at "I just don't know what I don't know yet"....lol We'll get there, tho....hang in there and it will all come together.

Can't wait to see what you're creating here! Glad to have met you here at WA....the best place for both of us!

necopam Premium
You will learn all on that there is no doubt
divadejunk Premium
You're right WA is the best place to learn and grow at your own pace. At times it's a slow process and there are ups and downs, but your website is yours and it's a great feeling knowing you created it. All the best to you.