"Track Backs" - Spam?

Last Update: October 25, 2020

Dear WAmily members,

I would be grateful for your advice,

Somebody left me a "

… [Trackback]

On my site word press comments today. When I tried to see their website, it would not open.

Is this simply spam or is it something more serious that I should be concerned about?

Best Regards,


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DCaribbeanQ Premium
Interesting. I'm going to read a bit more on this.

Candy Benn
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I learned from this, thank you very much for asking.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I learned something new here too, Trevor!

Joes946 Premium
Chrystopher gave you a great answer.
LatinNomad Premium
You know Chrystopher, your training is really good. Lovely and clear.

Interestingly, I had already unclicked the "click back" box and the notification to other websites box too, as I had already followed and implemented your training on my site, what was interesting this morning however, (despite having implemented your training before), was that I still received the following message: (see attached).

I don`t think it is malicious as I have been talking to another WA member and just set up backlinks between us on that exact page, but we did it a few days ago so why did it take so long to notify? However, having previously unclicked the boxes, should I still be receiving these notifications? Might it be malicious?

I only ask openly here so that all can learn from your answer.

Should I just hit the "spam" button on this occasion?

I repeat, I thought your training was excellent.

Thank you as always Chrys for your excellent training & if you wish I can also place this comment on the training thread to help increase WA member awareness of this issue.

Best Regards,

SylviaChrist Premium
Thank you so much Chrystopher. I am going to check this out.