Birthday Butterfly

Last Update: November 10, 2020

Dear WA family and friends,


A butterfly landed on me this morning as I was drinking my coffee and reading my WA mails. Apparently it might mean; "if you see a butterfly landing on you, it could symbolize new beginnings & freedom". I hope so !

Grateful for so much

I certainly feel as if WA have given me that sense of freedom & your friendship and support has been fantastic. This is a wonderful platform and this community, to quote so many of you, is "awesome". I`m also grateful at the ripe old age of 60 today, that I feel and believe I look to be in great shape. I haven't felt as fit and strong as I have in many years, much thanks to the product I use and promote, but also the terrific support you have given me. I will shortly be heading off for my 8km (5 mile) walk.

Lockdown Eased Here

It may have been a challenging year with C19 but with the great news of an effective vaccine now likely, there is light at the end of the tunnel for many. We have much to be grateful for and in the meantime, so many of us have learnt a new skill during lockdown. Thank you WA. Where I am currently living its spring with summer fast approaching, and lockdown has been eased as numbers of cases have dropped.

Wishing you all a great day and thank you for being a part of the wonderful WA community.

Oh and to any ex US Marines or current Marines, HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!

Best Regards,

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DianeK59 Premium Plus
Happy Birthday, my friend!

I also find some good from the pandemic and the lockdowns. If nothing else, it has caused people to slow down and find new avenues to travel in life. Learning while at home is certainly an important one.

I hope those butterflies continue to land on you!

LatinNomad Premium
Thanks so much Diane! Indeed, I hope they do. Have a great day. Trevor
Johnpavich Premium
Mmm, may I ask what aftershave you were wearing ha ha !
I know bees are attracted to certain perfumes but in your case I think your giving off positive vibes and that butterfly picked up on it or he or she knew it was your birthday😜

Happy birthday Trevor!!!
LatinNomad Premium
Ha ha brilliant! I can honestly say. None! So maybe it was the vibes. Have a great day John & thank you for the comment on my site ! 😀
DaveBuckley Premium
Happy Birthday to you and at 58 and a vet, I feel exactly the same as you about this platform.
The WA community needs a separate paragraph for its own praise there is no better bar none.
Not sure about butterflies landing on you but I'm sure its a good sign.
Stand easy.
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks so much Dave. Have a great day. Trevor
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Trevor,

Here in Andalucia the partial lockdown is getting more severe. Everything closed after 18.00 hours.
I had to laugh when I read you consider yourself at a ripe old age at 60. Then I am over ripe but still going strong. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

LatinNomad Premium
Its all our healthy supplements Taetske! Glad I made you laugh. I actually feel fitter today than I was when I was 40 and overweight!
SylviaChrist Premium
Happy Birthday, Trevor! I wish you all the best, all success, and many, many, many fit years. You are absolutely right! It is certainly a good product! You are a great example! Have a beautiful day! I would love to have spring here, but now, first comes the winter.
Be blessed, always!
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you so much Sylvia. Soon the winter will pass amd it will be spring, In the meantime, you have no excuse but to make your website even more awesome than it is already :-)
SylviaChrist Premium
Thank you so much, Trevor! :)