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December 12, 2020
Dear WAmily members,I had this rather worrying message this morning. I would appreciate advice from more experienced members on what to do? Best Regards, Trevor
November 30, 2020
The Earth MovedThe earth just moved here in Northern Chile. The epicentre was just across the border in Argentina. But everybody was very calm as it was only a 6.3 (amazingly people in Chile rarely get out of bed for anything less than a 7.0). But the house and my office rocked for a while. One can never be quite sure how long they will last, but for a moment I paused working, wondering if it would grow in intensity. Growing Local SuccessNever ever give up folks, this is a long term busin
My Journey To Success - an updateWhen I first started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate, I took the deliberate decision of choosing a niche that I was passionate about. I was also acutely aware that my passion based on the 180 degree turn around in my health, thanks to Spirulina, was not the most profitable niche, but I viewed it as a "training page". I always planned to turn my hand to another site and I have made a start to that.WA Boot CampI also took the deliberate decision not to take th
November 10, 2020
Dear WA family and friends,ButterflyA butterfly landed on me this morning as I was drinking my coffee and reading my WA mails. Apparently it might mean; "if you see a butterfly landing on you, it could symbolize new beginnings & freedom". I hope so !Grateful for so muchI certainly feel as if WA have given me that sense of freedom & your friendship and support has been fantastic. This is a wonderful platform and this community, to quote so many of you, is "awesome". I`m also gratefu
Dear All, A Quick Technical Blog & Question:I have received a couple of these "test messages" on my site comments recently, is anybody else ? Aside from the very obvious, why are they doing this?Author: sitesupport (IP address:, test.tset1@gmail.comURL: http://wealthyaffiliate.comComment:please ignore this is test comments.Have a great day.
October 25, 2020
Dear WAmily members,I would be grateful for your advice,Somebody left me a "… [Trackback]On my site word press comments today. When I tried to see their website, it would not open.Is this simply spam or is it something more serious that I should be concerned about?Best Regards,Trevor
Advice Sought: Which App Should I Use?I have been sent a file with a .rar (dot rar) ending with about 230mbs of pictures for my website, my laptop (a standard windows Dell) is telling me that none of the apps on my laptop can open this folder/document & I need to download an app to do so. Can any of the fantastic WAmily members suggest which one I might best use please?Thanks in anticipation for your advice.Best Regards,Keep hunting for that new cheese!,
A Lovely SurpriseI just had a lovely surprise email in my site inbox today, sent to our website contact email. For once it wasn't a junk email trying to sell me seo services or a spam comment. It said:"I was doing some research on back pain and found your page xxxxxIt was really informative! Would you be willing to exchange links?Our domain has great authority, and this link exchange will help both of our websites rank higher. Plus, I think the world could benefit from a more holistic approac
October 19, 2020
It Never Rains Here! Seriously! It never rains in the City in Northern Chile where I am living now, or at least it hasn´t rained for three years! To give you some context, we live, not far from the Atacama desert. Indeed for those of you who have been following the approach I have had from a company regarding my site (whyspirulina (dot) come ), that is where their spirulina plant is located, about 4 hours drive from where we live. Hopefully tomorrow, I will have a clearer picture of tha
Approached By A Company Regarding My WebsiteAs I have reached out to potential affiliates, I have also approached a company here in Chile in my niche, regarding my site (whyspirulina (dot) com). The company are not in an affiliate programme but like my website. A ProposalThey have proposed that I become their distributor in the City where I am living and to use my site to receive global orders. This will involve creating a shop on my site aimed at English speaking Countries and the EU, receiv