This Is Not Funny, I Nearly Fell Off My Chair

Last Update: Apr 4, 2020


Hello everybody, here is my monthly post

Actually I had something completely different planned but then this happened so now I write a post about it.


Pixabay did not have a photo of a red herring. Therefore I show you something that is a Dutch tradition. Eating fresh herring on the street.

At the moment with all the things that are happening in the world, I do not feel like writing for my websites. Instead, I am revising old posts to then ask for some comments.

I got an email on the first of April with the following header

Taetske, you have a new private message from TheWATeam. I was puzzled as I have never before received one with this text. On opening, I nearly fell from my chair. SiteComments Request has been Flagged as Inappropriate and Cancelled.???????????????????????

I went back to SiteComments and asked for a comment on the same post and I saw the title of my post but not the photo. Instead, I saw a red salmon, well Michael said it must have been a red herring.

The post in question is the story of a day trip to beautiful Ronda in the south of Spain. Michael and I made this trip in October 2018. I illustrated the post with private photos.

I can tell you I was a bit worried and as I was feeling 110% innocent I contacted Site Support and asked if they had a bug. They told me that my post had been flagged by various people. I said this is nonsense as this is a completely normal post and that never anything had been flagged in my more than 3 years at WA. They told me they would look into this.

The next day I received the following message:

Hi Taetske,

You should be able to request comments again on your site. We have reset this erroneous flagging.

It does appear that there are a few members abusing the SiteComment flagging platform and we are looking into this

I went back to Site Comments, put up my post and received 4 nice comments.

I have been here for more than 3 years. Some people I have met here have become friends and we keep contact by email, phone or we have even met each other. There are a lot of people on this platform who know me and hopefully like me but at least tolerate me. But there seem to be people who dislike me so much to wrongfully flag an innocent post wanting to hurt me.

When I finished this line of thought I was upset

The moral of this story is you do not have to accept all that is happening to you. When you know something is wrong and/or you are right, speak up. Contact Site Support, they will help you.

Greetings from the south of Spain,


Photo Pixabay, eating herring on the street

Recent Comments


Hi Taetske, I had something similar happen recently, and a post of mine was deleted from WA. Tagging me as a spammer. I won't go into detail.

Yes, it did hurt a lot because of all the things that are happening I sent out the link on the Book Hydrogen Peroxide One minute cure you remember the one you sent me.

Well, it was flagged as spam. In all my years like you, I have not used my website as a bouncing board here at WA. nor have I used content from my website. Other than always a better way. As the link had a cost to it for the post was tagged and deleted.

In these very uncertain times, I thought it was a beneficial post. I have seen others use links to youtube videos on very helpful material for facemasks and how to make them. But alas, that was not to be. I marked it up as a bad experience and wrote Kyle a letter of apology,

I do not apologize for the post but posting the link as it might have been taken as a spam, which was not my intention. In these uncertain times, it is hard not to try to lend a helping hand, especially when my work has to do with these uncertain times.

Higs Linda

Good evening Linda,

That is sorry news. Did I comment on your post? I hope I did. It was not the ant hills right? Do you still see it on your profile? If yes, send me the link ok?
I have never flagged, spam button or anything in all these years I have been here.
I have contacted SiteSupport a couple of times but never have done anything while trying to keep my name hidden.
If it is a YouTube link or any link for that matter that helps the reader of your post I think it is legitimate and should not be reported. People should be happy to get additional information.

Anyhow girl, keep smiling and stay safe and healthy.

HIGs from the south, Taetske

No, it wasn't the anthill and I got your comment the one I was talking about was deleted and it came from the order of Kyle. So I didn't contest, it only sent him an email. No worries I just took it as a grain of salt. but I did repost another using Hydrogen Peroxide but didn't use the link to bad because as you know it is a very helpful book and I think we all should have a copy of this book. Of course, I couldn't write an extensive post explaining why.

I really liked what you said about friends here at WA how we communicate. The PM is a very important tool that permits us better communication and makes long term relationships with other members. "bravo por ti"

Luego Amiga
Higs Linda

Good Morning Linda,

I was just wondering if you can see that post on your profile in the list of posts?
It happened to me some years ago. A post had been removed but I had no idea as I could still see it but nobody else. I found out some months later when Loes told me she could not find it. I then made screenshots of that post and sent it on a PM.
I did contact Kyle and told him it would have been nicer to notify me.
Anyhow, we will continue doing our stuff and I think you are doing fine.

Hasta pronto, Higs from the south, Taetske

It was deleted totally yes we will keep on doing our stuff. Higs will carry the heavy load(O:

OMG Taetske,
Who on earth could flag you or any of your posts..

Is there a tad bit of jealousy do you think.

Thank goodness site-support are no pushover for fools. Thank goodness they saw through it and kept you informed. I do hope site-support took extra measure against those that are flagging you.

Haha, I am super happy you sorted it. Way to go Site-support they are amazing.

Some people just don't seem to want to get any work done so it seems. Shame on them....

Debs :)

Good Morning Debs,

It came as a shock, to be flagged gives a strange and unpleasant feeling.
I am happy it is over and that Site Support is keeping an eye on these people. With all that is happening in the world, we can do without this hassle.
Why should there be anybody jealous of me? That I find difficult to believe.
Anyhow, peace is back and I can continue doing my stuff.

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske


More games it seems...Pity people are using their energy for this type of activity rather than working to get their businesses up and running, especially in these times of need...

I am glad that you got it straightened out and whoever did it will be uncovered by support. They can take appropriate actions to stop this kind of thing.

The comment feature is such a useful tool and it really can be improved by the people that participate, as the framework is there for us and works when used properly.

My guess is that there will be some changes to that feature going forward, as there does seem to be a lot of poor comments, and people using it just to earn a little money.

Getting paid to provide the comments is a good concept, and there is work involved in providing good comments, so I think it is a positive (getting paid)...

I see there have been a lot of comments on this post already, I will read them to see what others are saying. Again, glad this was straightened out for you...

Dave : )

Good afternoon Dave,

Thanks for stopping by.

It certainly is a waste of time because sooner or later bad behavior will be found out, the main thing is that when we see it we should speak up. Our WA community is so nice we really can do without pollution.

One can really spend time in a more productive way. In general, I find I get nice comments even if I have to do a little editing now and then. If it is too much I might contact the mentor as you know. We are meant to help each other instead of being an obstacle which is really not nice.

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske

Oh, dear Taetske, I'm so sorry this happened to you and glad that Support was able to identify those people and straighten the problem.

I love salty herring, especially dressed in a "fur coat" with Vodka - Russian thing! Hahaha!

I hope you and Michael are holding up well.
Warm wishes,
~ Julia

Good Morning Julie,

I do not remember if I ever told you that I worked for 7 months on a Russian cruise ship. Black Sea Shipping Company, they had 5 sister ships. These were the first 7 months of 1978. I did try Vodka but am not a fan but I will commit murder for a glass of good red wine.

Everything is ok again thanks to SiteSupport but of course one has to speak up how are they to know otherwise.

Here on the farm, all is ok, Michael does the shopping once a week as only one person is allowed in the car. Tomorrow we will hear if the government will extend the emergency till the 25th of April.

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske

Sending love and virtual hugs to both of you.

I wonder how is your son coping with this, is it ok for him?

Thank you for asking, Taetske.

My son doesn't understand uncertainty. Out of us 3 in the family, Santon's daily routine was affected the most. All his personal activities (physical/ dance/ violin lessons) and all his work performances were canceled. He's coping up well so far. But he'd be much better if he could know until what date he has to be patient. (Wouldn't we all?! ;) )
Despite my explanation that any given by the Governor dates are "tentative", he believes that those dates are set in stone and he gets very disappointed when they get extended.

To keep him busy and feel useful for others, we are now building his YouTube channel, and my channel is on-hold. Grrr! :) That's OK. :)

Ah, the poor thing, I am so sorry to hear that Julia.
When we already find it difficult to not be able to do our things imagine him.
What a brilliant idea to create this frustration outlet in the form of having his own YouTube channel. That will give him the opportunity of continuing to being creative and he can watch while he becomes famous with a big bunch of followers.
Perhaps out of this crisis something positive will be born.

All the best and stay safe and healthy, Taetske

This is a new one on me Taetske, I didn't realise this was a 'thing'. I am happy that you managed toget it sorted but feel sad that you had to go through this.
I would like to think that it was random, rather than targeted. If the latter, then there are some seriously misguided people out there.
Hope you've put it behind you.

Good afternoon Twack,

As Site Support said various people I am afraid there is a little gang at work. But I am sure that SiteSupport knows how to handle this.
After that, I hope peace will reign once again in our little WA world.
Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and healthy,


Taesko, I'm so happy that this was cleared up so quickly.
Some Gremlin hit me back in 2017, and I was blocked!
By the time I connected with Kyle/Carson, they had NO clue as to WHY?
They quickly got me back in, but 3 months, Later, after I came back as a new person.
I do know the Gremlin, and made sure I unfollowed, and let it go!
Too many wonderful folks, and we will sometimes run into a bad apple.
Toss it and go on!
Keep putting out your wonderful messages, Taesko!
Thanks for sharing your "Problem" and even better, ...Your "solution" !

Good afternoon Barb,

Thanks for stopping by. I am afraid your Gremlin got too much water, you know they get dangerous when wet.

Sorry to hear about that. I think one should speak up. As a member of WA that is our right and I am too old for this nonsense.
Personally I think it is connected with that episode of last year Nov.

During that month I had 40 messages between SiteSupport and myself. I wrote 3 posts about it and it got solved in the end but it was a real hassle. I probably stepped on some toes

Anyhow, I hope I can go back doing my stuff as that makes me feel much better.

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske

I guess, with such a huge membership, there will always be an element that is no happy with their own lot.

Taesko, the biggest problem was ruining my flow.
Sailing along and having fun, and bam... a huge swell!
Still trying to get back in synch, but NOT giving up!
Mine, too was a carry over... actually, she finally replied to a Private Message, 2 months later, and was not happy, with my suggestion to "Perhaps you may want to lay off on all your Google problems, as posts!"
Bite the hand that feeds us!
Learn form the History! Stay away from giving any suggestions or unsolicited advice. Ignore and move on, is all I can do, and stay in Serenity.
We here at WA do not hear too much about such problems, which thankfully, are few.
Integrity of the group is still intact!
Have a beautiful day, Taesko!

I have been there. Such a shame that people can be bothered even setting up their little clicky groups but they do. Maybe some just cannot stand others moving forwards..

But Debs, I am going at snail speed how can there be anybody envious of that?

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