Keeping everything organized

Last Update: October 10, 2014

If you are anything like me I find it difficult to keep up with all of the training, questions and answers.

That is why the first item of business is to make a folder in your computer Wealth Affiliates.

Where you create this folder is up to you. Just make sure you create it where you can find it later on

Also create another WA folder in your email inbox.

After thisI Use my notes you can either email this note page to you or save it to your folder save these to your folder.

Everyone is different and needs different questions answered. So to keep track of these questions and anwers save time. Remember the webinars can be emailed to your email address from so you can also keep track of the ones you have watched or have questions with.

I found keeping track of all my important questions and webinars of importance at the time is one of my important tasks.This helps me save time.An after time is one commodity we cannot ask for more of.

Just a suggestion on how to help keep you organized.

P.S. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiestas ends this week end. Here is a link to view the events

Have a great weekend

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Maxiam59 Premium
that is some great advice all the best
kholmes Premium
I bookmark a great deal of things, then when I am done I might save to my files or just delete it.
Our Balloon Fest for Howell, Michigan was a disappointment this year, didn't have near the attractions, could tell by the amount of people attending.
Have a great weekend.
Kim :))
CarlaIves Premium
You ca bookmark things right here, too. Just click on the star next to the blue wheel up top. A box opens up to let you put a name on it for organization purposes. Then you can save it. To retrieve your saved files, click on the star on the right side of the top search box and all your saves will pop up with yellow stars.
Lanob212 Premium
Thanks for the share Just as long as I can keep things straight.