Asking a big favor!

Last Update: Jan 31, 2014


Since I joined Wealthy Affilliate I hardly had the chance to do some some local marketing for my offline business. This year 2014, I set a goal to start working on local marketing to improve and get more traffics for my offline business.

The favor I'm going to ask is to get more likes at my business FB pages since I will be using it as my website to promote my services.

I will do the same courtesy and like you page as well.

Here is my page:

I thanks each and everyone of you in advance!


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thanks! Do you have FB page too? Let me know if you have one:)

No I don't had one but deleted way before joining WA. Thanks for thinking of me - I only have tweety @lamburgtravel

Liked it! Could you possibly like back?

brokwebb Done as well

Thanks and I just return the favor:)

liked it! and loved the look and feel!

thanks David let me know if you have FB pages too..

Done . Don't have a FB page yet but I will soon .

tweet77 let us know when you get one

let me know when you get one!


thanks Cat! If you have FB page please put your URL in here so members can like too..

I don't have one yet. But I will let you know when I do. Thank you.

Glad to do it, Missy. I don't have a FB Business page yet, but I will soon and then you could. Best of luck on the Missy Enterprises!

thanks Missy, let me know when you have yours!

Done. Best of luck to you! Here is to hoping I will be following in your footsteps this year.


Done :) mine is

steveo5770 I liked yours too! I like to "like" facebook pages. Anybody else? Oh, can you do it for me too please?

Thanks emanda. I returned the like :)

Great, thanks!

Thanks Steve! I went and like you page as well

Done. Good luck.

thanks! Let me know if you have an FB page too:)

Done. Good luck!

Thanks! Do you have a FB page I can "Like" it too...

That would be great, I can use some likes for this page

I just liked your FB page

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