Ranked On Google Page 1 Even Without Using Jaaxy I Did It!

Last Update: Jun 26, 2019

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As most of you know Jaaxy is a little under the weather at the moment but, there is still a solution. You can use the Google alphabet soup method that Kyle has taught us all within the training.

You can also use Leo's training. She has prepared a detailed why on how to find keywords on Google.

Now, this isn't my first time ranking on Google. However, it is my first time attempting the Gogle Alphabet Soup technique.

Needless, to say I'm happy that I used my resources. As an entrepreneur, we all have to learn to use the resources around us even when Jaaxy is down. Remember this is why Kyle encourages us to make a Keyword list.

Things happen, sometimes without our control.

Therefore, if you prepare a keyword list ahead of time, then you will be fully prepared for situations like this. I'll admit that I haven't always had a keyword list prepared. I would prepare one and then forget about the list.

Or I would prepare one and not use all the keywords. Now, I have a little system down to where I prepare at least 30 to 50 keywords for the month. Not meaning, I'll use them all, but, in case, I do, I still have them ready.

By the way, you can prepare a keyword list in excel, or use Google docs. I prefer to use Google docs. It's free and can be accessed at anytime.

I blog Monday through Friday so, on Sunday. I make sure my keyword list is prepared for the week. If you don't have a keyword list prepared ahead of time, I encourage you to get in the practice of doing so. It does take practice but, what doesn't, especially when it's new to you.

Anyhow, these are my results.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share that you should still be moving forward, even though our favorite keyword tool is down. Have an awesome day...

Let's keep pushing...onward and upward...


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Thank you!

Well done, may your success continue

Thank you, Darren!

To your continued success...onward and upward...

Great, I hope that you have a good day. =)

Thank you, and you too! :D

That is great La'Kisha, you proved that just because Jaxxy is not up to speed it is no reason to stop trying. I forgot about Alphabet soup on Google. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a successful post.

You're welcome, Ray! And thank you...

I forgot about it too, until I realized, I couldn't just wait on Jaaxy to get fixed. So we must plow forward. To your continued success...

I see you are doing well
and learning the tricks on how to put the right words...
to be ranked ....
so that's great!

I pedrone, I just learned the tricks today. I have to see if it works again tomorrow...lol. We'll see..Thank you, for stopping by! To your continued success...

just give a hint here: when the word google or youtube are in the blog seems like a head up for search engine to rank the blog,
maybe it's my impression but.....:o)

Great job Lakisha!

Thank you, John! I appreciate it.


Thank you!

Hi Lakisha,

Congratulations! Thanks for the great information. It is an excellent idea to prepare a keyword list. Keep up the great work!

Much success to you!

Kind regards,

Hi Nichola,

Thank you, and you're welcome. I agree the preparation of a keyword list really helps.

To your continued success...


You are welcome! Indeed, it does! All the best!


Thank you, Hardik!

Good for you! I also use Ubersuggest now and I used to use the old WA Keyword Tool which we can still access. I have keywords planned out ahead of time as well so this wasn't too big of a deal for me that Jaaxy was down. It was a bit annoying but not the end of the world.

I search for keywords whenever I think of one and then if I find a great one I keep it for later use. I will actually start a post with that long tail keyword as the title. That way the blank draft post is already set up when I have time to write later. It is much more efficient for me since I always have a post started (with just the title) and don't need to think of something to write.

I've got a new name for you.

"Long Tailed Swan Girl" Ha!

Looking forward to your LTK Blog! I feel I got a preview when you answered my question on this subject.

All the best!


Thank you,
This is great information. I've heard of ubersuggest but never looked into it. It sounds like it works well for you.

I like the fact that you write the keywords down that you find, as you go along. I tried that but, I tend to lose forget about them.

I even write them done in a notebook. I guess, I just need to make it a habit to keep up with the keywords I write down. I'll get something figured out one way or another.

Thanks so, much for stopping by...I wish you continued success.

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