OMG! I had 358 Users On My Site Today!

Last Update: May 10, 2019

Before, I share my success, well, at least I think it's a success. I wanted to share a very important training that works, and you should check it out if you need to increase site speed.

You'll find it in this post. So, keep reading...

Today, I was searching through Wealthy Affiliate's training for away to decrease my bounce rate and increase my site speed. Well, I found Kaju's training,

In Kaju's training he warns you that the process of Turbo Charging your site will be tedious so, I wasn't up for tedious work. After all, I did just finish publishing a post.

Anyhow, I decided to read through the training. After reading all the steps that I needed to take, I was immediately

So, instead I said I would work a little tonight and do the rest tomorrow. Anyhow, I completed all the way up to step 3.

After I completed that step, I went to go and check my Gogole Page Speed and indeed Kaju's training worked. I was surprised because, I didn't even complete the entire training steps yet.

By the way, Kaju's training is supposed to speed your mobile speed. Having fast loading pages for mobile is very important when it comes to your Google rankings.

Anyways, Kaju's site went from 39 to 99. Read how he improved his site speed from 39 to 99.

Nevertheless, I hope Kaju's training helps someone as it has me.

Okay So, Here Is My Success For Today.

I am overly excited to announce that I had 358 users today!

And, I would have never noticed if I never started Kaju's training. After I made the one simple change, I noticed that I had 111 people on the site at one time.

And guess what? 49% of them came from mobile devices. See Kaju was right, his Turbo Charge worked. Why do I think worked? Because, for one my mobile speed SUCKED! So, there were only about 20% viewing my site on their mobile.

And on top of that I have never seen no more than 8 people on the site at once.

So, Yes This Is GREAT NEWS!

And right after I finished publishing an article not even 4 hours ago my daily views were 53. YUP! Just 53 today, I look and 358 people were on my site.

358 People On My Site... Kind Of Scary...LOL

Okay, so by now after I am seeing these numbers change right in front of my eyes. I keep refreshing my screen. This can't be real, I start to think.

I Go & Dig Deeper &This Is What I See...

I still can't believe my eyes so, I refresh my screen again and I see GOOD users count went up 107.5% today. Plus, the sessions went up 87.3%.

However, remember I was trying to fix my bounce rate? Well, it went up even more, which also made my time spent on site ridiculously low.

Even Scarier..LOL But Exciting At The Same Time

Although my time spent on site, plus bounce rate went up scary high. I'm still over joyed. I do plan on finishing Kaju's training. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get this under control.

What I did notice when these visitors were on site; they were visiting old post. Ones I wrote months ago. Crazy, right?

I think Kyle mentions this in the training; that you'll write today and months later, your work will pay off.

Now, I'm nervous and wondering if my user numbers will stick or not?

Who knows, all I know is the Wealthy Affiliate training works...

Kaju's training works too so, don't forget to read his post...

I have a big day ahead of me, trying to fix post, and make things better for my users.

Now, that my bounce rate and time spent on site is sky-high. I need to figure out what's going on. Anyhow, I thought I'd share this with you all.

Keep pushing, there is a light at the end of the traffic

Any suggestions on how to fix the time on site? What about the bounce rate? I take all advice that you suggestions. Thank you for stopping by...

Please don't forget to hit the GREEN like button.

Feel free to chime in...

1:38am here so, I think I'm calling it a day...

Have an awesome weekend...


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dynamite69 Premium
Congrats 🎉
lakbar12 Premium Plus
Thank you! :D
Harilal3 Premium
Wonderful!!! Congratulations La'Kisha!!!
lakbar12 Premium Plus
Thank you, Harilal...
YvetteC2 Premium
Kisha, this is amazing news! You work very hard. I know just how much time you spend on your site and for you to have this much traffic doesn't shock me at all! That is amazing! Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work!

lakbar12 Premium Plus
Thank you, Yvette!

Lol...I do spend a lot of time on that site of was actually shocked to see the traffic, now it tells me that I was doing something
Motly20 Premium
Well done. That is very exciting news for you
lakbar12 Premium Plus
Thank you! Yes, it is very exciting, I just hope it wasn't a
laurenjean Premium
Woohoo!! Congratulations La'Kisha! That is so exciting and so inspiring!! Definitely going to do Kajus training. Thanks for sharing the link. Hope your traffic just keeps going craaazy and this is the beginning of your site going viral.
lakbar12 Premium Plus
Thank you!
Yes, do check out Kaju's training it may help if you are having any issues with slow site speed...I hope my traffic keeps going as well, only time will tell I guess.. Have an awesome rest of your day. Thanks for stopping by...