I Knew We Wouldn't Get Along.Facebook Unpublished My Page! :((

Last Update: Jun 6, 2019

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Sorry ladies and gents, I just have to vent.

Yesterday, was a frustrating day!

If you haven't heard me mention before, that Facebook and I don't get along. Let me say that again. For some reason, Facebook and I don't get along, and I just don't know why.

I don't know if we will ever get along. I'm not an in your face type of person, I don't like to share things about my kids and I just rather be doing other things than be on FB.

So, I have concluded that Facebook is not my type of crowd. I never had a FB before internet marketing and never desired one either.

I don't know!

It could just be too much noise on that platform for me.

Who knows...

Plus, there are too many people always dropping in my inbox with nonsense. From my experience, it feels like a dating service platform. Not that I've ever been involved with one...lol

But, if I had I guess this is what it would feel like and that could be the real reason why FB makes me so uncomfortable.

I mean just random unknown people always calling me via messenger.

In my opinion, it's just too much drama for me.

Needless, to say I barely share anything on Facebook due to those very reasons.

Anyhow, earlier this year I started a new business page, because, I decided to give FB another chance. I decided to ignore the drama and carry on, which I did.

Oh yeah did I mention that they have shut my accounts down like 3 or 4 times starting from when I first started internet marketing.

Now, that was heart breaking. Especially knowing I had a big following.

The struggles of social media.

Regardless, I said, when I started my new FB business page, I would ignore all the trolls, which I did.

I barely share on my personal page, adn I never share business realted post on my personal page.

I probably od more of resharing a post or two every two weeks, just to keep some activity going. So, I thought this would be okay but, no!

I also rarely share on my FB business page because, Google Analytic said FB is my worst traffic. (something like that)

Moving right along!

Yesterday I went to share a post since I haven't shared on my FB business page in weeks. And I get his message.

What does this mean, someone has reported me as being abusive. ME, are you serious?

Do they know how much so-called abuse I see and get on FB? and they have the nerve to say I'm abusive. I mean all the nudity, and indecent conversations...FB can shove it for all I care.

I just don't get it...to people even know what abuse is, apparently not!

Sorry I'm just upset...

  • I have not promoted ANY affiliate links at all.
  • I don't publish but once every so many days.
  • I also haven't approached others.
  • I don't share lies or anything like that. Nor to I post misleading information.
  • What is it that I have done?
  • My website is active and I share via my website. So, I use my own domain URL when I share on FB.

My website can still be shared on my personal page which is crazy to me. I don't understand. So, apparently they haven't shut my personal page down, crazier. And my website URL is still clickable on FB...craziest...

All my hard work down the drain once again.

I then google search and I discover that I might need to debug and unblock my domain. Nope that doesn't work.

I then go to my FB page and realized that have completely unpublished my entire page. Once again, me and Facebook aren't getting along.

Yes, I sent in an appeal with no answer.

If they never respond, I won't be surprised. I took the same process with my other FB personal pages that they shut down.

Facebook even wanted me to send in my Drivers License which I did and they still haven't't responded.

It's been almost a year now.

In my opinion, that is one platform that's full of itself.

But, who am I because apparently billions of people love that space. Anyhow, I wasn't getting traffic from there anyways, according to my GA.

So, the best part about this situation is there is no lost in traffic.

I guess, I'll be working on building my exposure on Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest just as I have been. They tend to be safer for me.

Plus, I get more targeted engagement there.

Sorry about the rant ladies and gents I was just so upset, gave myself a major headache and I still have one today but, I will not let FB ruin my success.

So, I need to continue pushing forward and focus in other areas.

This could just be a sign that I am wasting my time there, who knows.

Only time will tell.

I hope you all have an amazing and productive day! keep pushing....

Don't let anything get in your way...


Recent Comments


That is so weird! I don't blame you for doing a rant. That's rather hard to understand.

I have two FB business pages now, and actually make it a habit to put each of my posts on my niche website on FB. No problem so far. I really cannot see why they are giving you so much trouble.

I don't blame you for being upset at them.

I know it is weird!

I don't understand what I did wrong...either way, I am just going to focus more on my SEO methods...then think about social media later.

FB never explains anything. They just shut people's account down without an explanation.

I am so glad to hear that everything is going well with your FB account.

Maybe they shut my account down because I reviewed a company...and someone didn't like it. I don't know...just a thought.

Hello La'Kisha. Breath girl, breath

You are not alone. Dating site LOL

I get random calls on messenger and people trying to hook for there own reasons on FB.

Like Kyle says you do not need it.

I have link my twitter to FB and this way I do not have to go over there but once and a while.

You are not alone in this.

Just keep building your business.

Hope you feel better.



Thank you, Jennifer...I'm trying to breathe....

I was upset, my eyes were blurred, head hurting...

...you name it...it was happening at that moment...

Yeah, that messenger...I had to remove it from my phone...LOL

Oh, I never knew you could link Twitter and FB together...interesting...

Yes, I will am a lot better knowing that I don't need to focus on FB any longer...LOL...that was a lot of stress for this woman....LOL

Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer

Have a great evening...


You are welcome Kisha

Just remember you are not alone.


Focus on your business, which is your website. You can't put too many eggs in any social media basket, this sort of thing happens with regularity and those that rely solely on platforms like Facebook for their business/brand, can lose it overnight.

You are going to be completely fine without your Page on Facebook Lakisha. :)

Thanks, God, and thank you, Kyle!

I don't even want to have a FB page. Yay! I will continue following your footsteps and build my website the organic way.

You made my evening, Kyle.

I agree with you Kyle, I have decided to fully focus on my website and not worry about Facebook any longer.

Especially since my organic traffic has been increasing lately. I just needed ot vent a bit that's all.

I am so glad to be here in WA. Thanks to you, and Carson!

And the supportive community...I appreciate it everything...

I probably would've never learned that a website is essential to have if I would've never come across WA.

Anyhow, I Learned a great deal here, never ever rely on social media.

A website is the only method really to maintain our long term success.

Hi: I am trying to understand the terms that all of you use. Do you mind telling me what "organic way" means?

It means creating content on your website and using search engine optimization for people to find it. It only takes time, but not much money, which is why many members call it the "organic way". The training talks more about how to implement this if you're still unsure.

Maybe you are just too conservative. Facebook and Youtube just silenced a very conservative "Louder Crowder" voice (videos and business platform) today. It's sad this country is coming to that point. Sorry to hear about your experience. We just have to push ahead using the platforms that work with us, not against us!

I am curious: if a person only has a FB page in connection with business and nothing else, - how the heck FB can determine and conclude that person is "conservative?"

You're probably right Linda!

And yes, I believe that the predictions of the country are true. I can see it change every day right in front of my eyes.

Thank you for your advice, for us and not against us.

I will take your advice and use the platforms that work for me and not against me.

I really appreciate your help! To you continued success.

They don't say "you are too conservative". It's just that the ones I hear about are conservative. The content of your post often gives you away - conservative or liberal. It appears that if you don't agree with FB "powers that be" you get the ax. Today another guy, can't remember his name, was dumped.

Dear La'Kisha!

O, well. I am SO sorry that you are upset. I just wanted to give you a big hug. Please, don't be disappointed. As you said, HECK WITH THEM!

I am new and I haven't started yet with FB. But I already have such an inner resistance - precisely because of not a good feeling.

Now, after hearing your story, I don't even want to touch FB.

Thank you for sharing!


PS: The baby is so cute!

Thank you, so much BlueJ!

You made my day...

I mean some people like Facebook and they see awesome results with them but, for me, it is all a disaster.

However, FB is still good for joining groups and learning new things. I guess that is all I can do on that platform from here on out.

Yes, the baby is cute...

Have an awesome day


Facebook can be a pain yes! and I do feel you,
lot's of times I did run in some angry, frustrating and unhappy times there,
but I do have learned how to avoid some of them, not because I have to be there but because I m not letting others take it away!

remember that it's one of the biggest social media platforms and somehow if you really are growing your online presence and business you know that all the biggest marketers, affiliate business are there!

so it's up to you on how to build some walls and defense against the attackers and saboteurs......and stupidity of the commoners.

But then it's all up to you, and how deeply you feel about the matter,
and if disrupt your daily harmony too much and too many times

well, you know what to do!


You mentioned some great points. I am learning that many of the big marketers are there. I've also known people who haven't used social media at all and still become 6 figure earners.

So, I guess I will have to think things over but, right now, I need to focus on other areas. Frustrating day I tell yea...

This in unrelated to the topic, but I love that snail picture!

LOL...thanks for cheering me up.

Your right that little snail was cute to me too....LOL

I am so glad that they didn't hut down my personal page because I do the same. I like to join different FB groups and learn different things.

No, we don't have to use all social media for business. I've even heard some people not use any at all but, I still use them to drive a little more traffic.

I know, I don't have time for even one. Half the time, I am still working on my site so, social media really slows me down. I agree I would just stick to the ones that work best for you.

I can relate. Facebook has been a waste of time for me. I haven't had my page shut down, but I've had every post with a link to my website taken down by them. I wasn't linking all the time either, just randomly, and eventually every one of them was removed. I messaged them 3 or 4 times with no response. If you can't get any traffic to your site, then there's no point in the taking the time. I'm focused on Pinterest at the moment, but only just got started, so about 50 looks and 3 followers - but none of my personal pins have been removed! (Does Pinterest do that?)

I am starting to learn so many new things with Facebook. Just last night I discovered that tFB can remove links. That is crazy but, yet they allow all of this other nonsense.

Anyhow, I will not be back to FB any time soon. I did the same method as yourself. Barely posted, which is what really shocked me.

No Pinterest doesn't remove your pins. It took me about 60 days to start getting traction with Pinterest. I'm still learning their platform too.

Either way, I hear a lot of positive results come from Pinterest. You can also add affiliate links directly on Pinterest but, not WA affiliate links. They don't link WA affiliate links.

I'm not sure about Amazon either. I've never tried Amazon but, most of the other companies you can add direct affiliate links.

Was this a personal page you set up or specific group page for your business. I have several groups and have had no issues with them at all. They are all for several affiliate niches and follow rules facebook gives, and moderate to make sure others follow as well.

I see some groups like LittleMama's have people ask to join and they answer questions. Check with her, and see what she does to stay in sync with them overall. Some people swear by Facebook a lot, and others see little traffic. Groups can build good organic growth over time though and be helpful for others in the same programs.
Sorry for a bummer of a day. I understand your frustration though.

Thank you, for all of your feedback.

It was a business page that they shut down. I read their rules and followed what they said so, it would have been nice to know where I messed up at.

My personal page is still very active. They didn't remove my domain nor did they deactivate my personal page.

My business page, on the other hand, I barely used but, the day, I went to share my latest article it was shut down.

Oh yeah! I am in Grace's group too. I'll have to see what she does.

You're right I see many people say Facebook is great for business. I don't know why I have a hard time with them myself.

Either way, there are many other places to build my presence so, until I find a solution, I'll focus on other areas.

Facebook can be a frustration cess pool. Half the time their stuff don't work, and you have to fix something. You get notifications you dont want, and don't receive the stuff you do want. I have no words of wisdom here.

My today my rank is 1666. I'm not overly superstitious, and I know someone has to be that rank, but I am not liking it LOL

I agree it is a really frustrating place to be. I guess, it is a positive thing that they have shut my page down. Now, I have a great excuse for why I am not present there.

Oh, no! I definitely understand about the rank thing. I agree I wouldn't like it either. But, no worries it should change tomorrow...lol

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