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Last Update: March 18, 2020

I posted a blog post yesterday. Once I had all of my images sized and added to the post, I went ahead and published it. Makes sense right?

Well, then I started to go through all the content and made sure that I had touched all of the SEO points that Jay emphasizes in his SEO training

I had missed a link to a Video, so I entered that one but all of my on-site and off-site items had been done already. With one exception.

Jay recently did a training on Pinterest (Here's the first one if you missed the series from February of this year)

In the Third installment he discusses Pinterest Graphics. I knew that I needed a social image for both Facebook and Pinterest (the best social networks for my niche) so I jumped over to Canva and created the images I wanted for these social posts. When I was done, of course, I created a Pin and shared to my Facebook Fan page.

One more thing......I needed to make sure the post was indexed. In the time it took me to create the images, Google had already indexed the post. When I did a URL inspection...TADA already indexed. (URL Inspection in Google Console)

I updated it anyway since the social images also contained the keyword. I figured, hey why not make sure that Google knows the right keyword to rank.

Pretty cool eh?

P.S. The blog post is on a Router Table that I built for my shop. You can find the website on my profile page in the right margin if you would like to read about it. Feel free to comment on the post should you feel the urge.

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Jaz333 Premium
I had the same experience some time back - I'll admit, that was a solitary incident and I've yet to see the same quickness again since. It might have been some kind of glitch in the system or a mistake but I'd like to think it points to all our hard work starting to pay off (me, the eternal optimist).

I will certainly check out the post and leave a comment. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences. In this uncertain time I see a lot of pessimism; we all need a pick-er-upper right now :)

Best, Shannon
42Louise Premium
Super cool! Yes, that Jay Checklist...Content Ranking....and the training was great.

Labman Premium Plus
Glad you like the training, there is a ton more in the Live Events menu.
jd500 Premium
Congrats, Jay" s teaching is awesome.
Thank God for him, right!
Labman Premium Plus
Jay has pulled my fat out of the fire more than a time or two.
magistudios Premium Plus
Thought I heard the sound of a WHOOSH along with the glorious smell of sawdust..

Well played sir.. well played.

P.S. Here's the post that Craig is referring to:
Labman Premium Plus
That apparently was Gooogle Indexing breaking the sound barrier. :)

I was very surprised when I went into Google Console and found the post already indexed. I guess the All In One SEO plugin had already notified them via their channels.
Mick18 Premium
Congrats! That is cool. WAy to go.
Labman Premium Plus
Thanks Mickey