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I have recently been creating a brick and mortar business. As with any business online or off, you need to establish a strong foundation.Online, this takes the form of education. Wealthy Affiliate of course, provides this to the membership. Offline in the physical world it takes a bit more effort. Well, it takes a lot more physical labor. Online takes effort but it is more of a mental effort.I started my journey to a strong foundation by digging deeply. I needed to remove enough earth to
March 19, 2019
Back in Late December we had a few trees taken down.'ve been busy sorting out a place to work but in the meantime I cut up the poplar tree that we had felled in December.It started out about 50 feet long. The bottom 27 feet were in usable shape. The very top of the tree is so rotten that it may not even make good firewood.But, I fired up the Chainsaw mill and turned the tree into planks.Value of these when dried is
March 02, 2019
My Brother informed me today that my Nephew is once again the lead reporter for NPR Alaska. He will be flying from point to point along the race and interviewing the mushers.My Nephew Zacharia Hughes will be point man for the NPR coverage.They are taking the Southern route this year which will actually go through the town of Iditarod. ( Abandoned Gold Mining Town) First team to reach Iditarod will earn a $3000 bonus.Feel free to follow along from the Iditapod Podcast.(Link Below) Race Starts
February 13, 2019
Last Friday my computer went down. While it was being fixed, I kept going into my office and staring sadly at my desk where it should have been. I was seriously going through withdrawals folks.It's true, I'm and addict. A WAddict. Perhaps those of us that suffer from this malady should form a support group WAnonymous. The 12 step program will just commiserate with the others because as we all know, there is no reason to leave WA. Just learn to focus better so we can handle the time away
February 12, 2019
I know you all are expecting me to give you a sob story about how I didn't pay attention to the rules. So, I got booted out of WA.Not the case.My computer stopped booting. It is a scary thing to look at your computer, power it up and nothing happens. Dead as a doornail.Fortunately we have a great repair center here in Knoxville. Although they were not able to get my box going again, they were able to come up with an alternative. I got an unplanned vacation from the online world but I came th
January 22, 2019
I finished another piece recently. I had to sandwich it in between a couple of other projects. (See my last Post and I'll Share my Christmas shopping experience later)This piece is special because I made it from wood that I harvested and slabbed from a tree that fell during Hurricane Matthew. It has taken 2 full years to be ready to work into a project.Now that the wood is mostly dry, I decided a maritime theme would be good for the first project with this wood. A Wooden Sailboat Wall Hangin
January 20, 2019
At the end of November (Thanksgiving actually). I put my skills to work creating a couple of wood benches to accompany the firepit near home.These were the first (hopefully of many) projects that I created from wood that I harvested myself.In November of 2017 I came across about 25 feet of Yellow Pine that had fallen in the back woods of a property my partner owns. I created a jig and purchased a BIG chainsaw to turn this wood into boards. You can read about that here: https://my.wealthyaff
On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...... A treeWell actually we had some guys come and do a bit of TREE trimming.They took down 9 trees. The biggest one was close to 150 feet tall. OK, so it really is only 3 feet tall from this perspective.The crane had to lift 3 trees clear of the power lines and the house but this one was able to be felled into the yard.Here is the top of one tree being lifted to the ground by the crane. The sawyer is in the tree to the Right hanging on
September 02, 2018
I have always been fascinated by Timber Frame construction. Timber Framing is an ancient form of creating barns and buildings from the materials at hand. These buildings, many of which have been standing for hundreds of years, contain no nails. They are created using wood joinery. Fasteners are pegs.By definition Timber Framing requires the use of materials larger than 7 inches square. Unless you have access to a sawyer, this dimension of lumber is difficult to acquire.I have been studying
It seems that GoDaddy uses the buckets at AmazonS3 to manage their hosting. One of these buckets was misconfigured by an AWS salesperson resulting in 31,000 servers being exposed to potential hackers.The data exposed will also provide GoDaddy's competition with their pricing structure and could be a major coup for the competition to provide leverage to get similar pricing and overcome the advantage that GoDaddy gets on their pricing structure.What is especially disturbing to me is that while G