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May 27, 2020
Last Fall we acquired this nice piece of Burl Maple from the lumber yard. They happened to have a few of these slabs. The one that we liked especially well had bark inclusions with moss growing in it.The first issue that I had was how to seal the bark and moss without removing it from the table. I wanted to embed the bark into the epoxy layer and keep it intact to show it off in the final piece. I finally settled on sealing it in place with a thin coat of Epoxy applied with a foam brush. M
May 18, 2020
It was very sad... my partner's son died unexpectedly. I won't get into those details, and we held a ceremony last weekend so that part of grieving is over.For my part, I created an urn to house his remains. After viewing hundreds of images and discussing what we might do to pay tribute to him, I settled on a piece of this tree. It fell in the woods behind his grandparents house. These woods were a well loved place for him as he was growing up.Another part of this tribute piece was a bit o
May 05, 2020
Ok, so, I bet you are thinking that I found something cool in a barn. An old piece of something that no one can tell me what it does.NOPE.I went visiting the other day and found a barn.The owner needed to take it down. It has been standing on his property for 80 years or so. Before that....well it was dismantled and moved to its current location so it had some history before it found this home. We're not sure of the actual age. Probably over 120 years.I've been enlisted to help him salvage
I received a notice from Google in my email yesterday. It said that one of my posts was trending. I thought this was a bit suspicious as I haven't really done much with this particular niche site since 2018.My click through rate has climbed 377% week over week. Hmm.Well it turns out that people are all of the sudden staying home. Technology can help them to keep in contact with their networks. My niche is perfectly positioned to help them with that.And....Google has promoted one of my post
March 18, 2020
I posted a blog post yesterday. Once I had all of my images sized and added to the post, I went ahead and published it. Makes sense right?Well, then I started to go through all the content and made sure that I had touched all of the SEO points that Jay emphasizes in his SEO training had missed a link to a Video, so I entered that one but all of my on-site and off-site items had been done already. With one exception.Jay recently
November 11, 2019
So, today I broke through the 200 ranking milestone again. It seems that the notification message wants me to share this milestone.Meh.In the last 10 years I have been ranked anywhere from 250 to 5 at WA. I don't find this to be a metric that I'm chasing these days.Many of you haven't seen me here much because you are new. I've been at WA for many years. Rank in WA isn't something I consider these days. I help out when I can, if that causes my rank to get better that is fine.My FocusThese
August 19, 2019
So, Iv'e been monioring my followers for the last few days because my network indicator has showed a milestone number. It appears that today was the day that I topped 75,000 followers inside WA.It appears that a new member put me over the mark. howdy to Vee.And Thanks to all of you that have made this milestone possible.CraigP.S. Sorry this is so short. Still challenged by my Right Hand being out of service.
OuchLast Friday started out to be a good day.My neighbor and I got together and started to put profiles on a number of Oak boards that he was working on for his daughter's house. I had completed building a router table the previous week and I was looking forward to seeing how well it would perform. It did a very nice job. We did about 170 board feet of Oak in about an hour. All we were doing was routing a quarter round on top of the boards. With two passes we had completed the cuts and the boar
9 Years of ChangesAugust Second marked my 9th year badge here at WA. I have been a pretty active member throughout. I'm constantly amazed when members rejoin after a hiatus and remember me from their previous membership.When I joined WA, I was a rank novice. I had never even considered creating a website. Now, I have created many. Some of these were for clients, some for myself. Some were successful and some have faded into obscurity. Everything is a journey that yields results. Some re
July 11, 2019
Isn't the English language wonderful. Not only can I have a Ripping Good Day but I did it while Ripping.In English the word Ripping can have 2 definitions. It can be a superlative as well as a descriptive term. So today I had a Ripping good day while ripping.It seems that my neighbor has been doing a bit of planing. This process takes a board and cuts off the flat part of the board. This leaves a smooth surface and sets the dimension(thickness) of the boards. He has spent the last several