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November 11, 2019
So, today I broke through the 200 ranking milestone again. It seems that the notification message wants me to share this milestone.Meh.In the last 10 years I have been ranked anywhere from 250 to 5 at WA. I don't find this to be a metric that I'm chasing these days.Many of you haven't seen me here much because you are new. I've been at WA for many years. Rank in WA isn't something I consider these days. I help out when I can, if that causes my rank to get better that is fine.My FocusThese
August 19, 2019
So, Iv'e been monioring my followers for the last few days because my network indicator has showed a milestone number. It appears that today was the day that I topped 75,000 followers inside WA.It appears that a new member put me over the mark. howdy to Vee.And Thanks to all of you that have made this milestone possible.CraigP.S. Sorry this is so short. Still challenged by my Right Hand being out of service.
OuchLast Friday started out to be a good day.My neighbor and I got together and started to put profiles on a number of Oak boards that he was working on for his daughter's house. I had completed building a router table the previous week and I was looking forward to seeing how well it would perform. It did a very nice job. We did about 170 board feet of Oak in about an hour. All we were doing was routing a quarter round on top of the boards. With two passes we had completed the cuts and the boar
9 Years of ChangesAugust Second marked my 9th year badge here at WA. I have been a pretty active member throughout. I'm constantly amazed when members rejoin after a hiatus and remember me from their previous membership.When I joined WA, I was a rank novice. I had never even considered creating a website. Now, I have created many. Some of these were for clients, some for myself. Some were successful and some have faded into obscurity. Everything is a journey that yields results. Some re
July 11, 2019
Isn't the English language wonderful. Not only can I have a Ripping Good Day but I did it while Ripping.In English the word Ripping can have 2 definitions. It can be a superlative as well as a descriptive term. So today I had a Ripping good day while ripping.It seems that my neighbor has been doing a bit of planing. This process takes a board and cuts off the flat part of the board. This leaves a smooth surface and sets the dimension(thickness) of the boards. He has spent the last several
July 02, 2019
Last week was dedicated to getting the power turned on in my shop.Monday morning I called the Electrical Inspector and had him come out to do the final walk-through. He pulled the front off my electrical panel and liked everything he saw. I did a pretty nice job with the panel if I do say so myself.He did notice one thing though. The White wires going to the 4 220 VAC circuits were actually carrying current (white is usually reserved for the neutral wire) He grabbed a quick black pen and ma
June 20, 2019
Last Month when the Shop building was up, we started looking around for an Eletrical Contractor to put power to the shop. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have a shop without any power.While we didn't get three quotes as we would have done if I didn't have the skills to do the job, we did get one quote.They quoted us a price of $20,000 to dig the trench and run the power wire from the new meter to the shop. I was amazed and dismayed that they wanted this much for a job that seemed simp
June 09, 2019
The members here inside WA that have been following along with my journey are probably wondering what the heck has happened to Labby.Well, I've been busy building a Woodworking Shop.In the intrest of time, we decided that we would job out this task. I certainly have the skills to build a shop on the foundation that I made but I am only one person. I could not have completed a building of this size in a reasonable amount of time.So, we ordered a shed from a pre-fab place and they brought it ou
I have recently been creating a brick and mortar business. As with any business online or off, you need to establish a strong foundation.Online, this takes the form of education. Wealthy Affiliate of course, provides this to the membership. Offline in the physical world it takes a bit more effort. Well, it takes a lot more physical labor. Online takes effort but it is more of a mental effort.I started my journey to a strong foundation by digging deeply. I needed to remove enough earth to
March 19, 2019
Back in Late December we had a few trees taken down.'ve been busy sorting out a place to work but in the meantime I cut up the poplar tree that we had felled in December.It started out about 50 feet long. The bottom 27 feet were in usable shape. The very top of the tree is so rotten that it may not even make good firewood.But, I fired up the Chainsaw mill and turned the tree into planks.Value of these when dried is