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Easy toc - why is it not adding to all my posts?

Easy toc - why is it not adding to all my posts?

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The Plugin Easy Table Of Contents - It is not adding to every post and I cannot see why?

Anyone else encountered this? Can you shed some light?

Cheers, Louise

Check the settings area. It might only add a TOC if you have a heading size. I use Table of Contents plus, and have it set to add a TOC before the first heading, and only if there's 3 headings on a page. Your plugin may have a similar setup.

Yes, I have it set to before first heading - 3 or more headings on a page already.
There must be a bug in the plugin if it puts it in some and not others?
Any suggestions? Write to the creator?

Maybe it's a bug, but I'm guessing there's a setting you're missing somewhere. Is it working on other posts?

Is the article a page, but you have it set to only show on posts?

What happens if you add some extra headings, does it appear?

Most have the TOC
A handful of posts do not have TOC
All posts have 1 H1 and the rest H2
Set to- after the first heading and with 3 or more headings
The posts are all set the same, which is why it is puzzling

I'm not sure then. You may have to contact the plugin creator to get more clarity on this issue.

Maybe. I appreciate your assistance. Have a great week ahead coach, Louise.

Hi, the problem could be with the Wordpress version you are using. try these steps. I hope it was helpful.

I really appreciate your reaching out - however, I still have the issue.

Many thanks

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Why doesn't wp product review plugin donut update?

Why doesn't wp product review plugin donut update?

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Everything Wordpress

The Donut diagram is not updating and shows 1 block of colour instead of 2 colours to represent marks given, see the screenshot attached.

History: I had this plugin and u

Sounds like support for the free one is discontinued by the maker. Two potential problems.

1. Maybe another plugin is conflicting with this one, causing the issue.
2. Maybe there's a conflict with the new WordPress updates.

If you want a review rating plugin which is still being regularly updated, you may want to consider paid plugin like Taqyeem. That's the one I use!

I appreciate your response.
cheers Louise

See in its settings. You can choose the colors. This will apply only on the color bars under the total rating circle (or donut as you call it).

You should know that this plugin is discontinued. They still provide support but for the pro version only. Pity, a great plugin.

All I can say is that I had issues with this plugin and stopped using it. Sometimes plugins, clash with other plugins, or even the theme you are using.

Sorry can't be more help :)


I appreciate your response. Tell me, did you start to use another product review plugin?

No, I don't use any review plugin. I rank for over 2000 keywords so it's not critical to have one.

Having too many plugins can slow your website down so if you can do without it there are advantages too.

Although, there probably are other plugins around just search in the plugins area if you want to try another one.


I couldn't Insert the screenshot in the Question...Here it is:

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Can you clarify seo image fields for the media library?

Can you clarify seo image fields for the media library?

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Everything Wordpress


WITHIN THE POST - I COMPLETE THE IMAGE SEO ---Alt Text and Title Attribute. see below (please note this is blank, just for example)</

Images are classed as Attachments and can appear within your Sitemap for Google to index. I personally do not do this, as I do not want Images (moreso attachement pages containing the images) to be listed in the search results. Therefore, I do not worry about the SEO fields for images.

The main thing, that you are already doing, is making sure you have the ALT field (ALT Tag) populated, as that appears within your Page/Post.

Thank you for that Chrystopher.

Have a great rest of the week, Louise

You're welcome and you too :-)

Chrystopher, can u please explain this for me? Are you saying that if you don’t put an alt text on your images that they will not show up in Google? Like if I search a post I get the post and images. The images as a separate page.

Thank you

Hey Laura,

I wasn't specifically referring to the ALT Text, but yes, the ALT Text helps Google to know what the image is, so that it can be displayed.

I was referring to the SEO fields that some SEO Plugins add to the Media Library Attachments. Some Sitemaps include a sub-sitemap containing all of your attachments (images) as pages rather than as files.

For example, if you upload a file called image.png, the post you attach it to will reference the file as https://domain.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/image.png

However, there will also be a permalink created for these images and will look similar to https://domain.com/image/

I do not want these low quality pages being indexed by the search engines, so I remove them from my sitemaps. I therefore do not worry about going in to the Media Library for each image I upload to populate the SEO Fields for these. The normal ALT Text can of course be populated, but I'm specifically referring to any SEO Fields added by SEO Plugins that optimise the Attachement Pages.

Hope this helps,

Yes this helps a lot. Thank you for your time. I appreciate you.


You're welcome Laura :-)

Thanks Chrystopher
Much appreciated
Best regards

You’re welcome Andy :-)

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Sendgrid plugin by sendgrid updated 2 years ago?

Sendgrid plugin by sendgrid updated 2 years ago?

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Everything Wordpress

I want to try out Sendgrid to set up an email capture/send freebie to start to build an email list.

I joined Sendgrid. Then I went to get their Plugin, Sendgrid BY autho

MailChimp is probably one of the best free autoresponders Wordpress has to offer

Cheers for that.

2 years ago is too long ago. I wouldn't risk it. Could be a security issue, and might have conflicts with updated versions of WordPress/themes/plugins.

Cheers Nathaniell. Look for another plugin for Sendgrid, do toy think?

I'm not sure what Sendgrid does, so I can't offer any suggestions for that!

No worries...found my answer.

All the best to you Mr. B!


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Is this error in aio something I need to get investigated?

Is this error in aio something I need to get investigated?

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Everything Wordpress

Just noticed this in the ba

Hi Louise, I think this is something that you may want to check with site support.

Best wishes,

Hi Michael, cheers for responding....

Yes, I did already and they said it is nothing to worry about.


Hi Louise. We checked and we are showing the same error. Rather than us both going to SiteSupport for what is likely a non-issue anyway, could you please let us know what SiteSupport says about it?

They said it is nothing to be concerned about!

WOOOOO. HOOOO for me and you.


thanks, Louise. That's great to know.

There’s no screenshot :-)

Cheers for that, I've added it now.

It's only a stats page, but either way, you shouldn't have any errors. I would send this screenshot to SiteSupport and ask them to investigate for you.

Thank you for the speedy reply, will do.

You're welcome :-)

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