I Breached 10,000 Rank!

Last Update: April 17, 2018

Goal(s) Achieved!

Overnight I breached the 10,000 rank mark that I've been hoping to break before a full 3 months after having gone premium here at WA! I just barely did it, but I finally reached one of my goals that I set. I guess its time to get busy within WA so that I can really kick my rank in the butt and keep climbing.

In the same night I reached another small goal that I hadn't set a time to achieve and that was my 88th follower! I know that doesn't seem like much of a goal, but it became such because I was born in 1988. The next milestone in followers will be the 150 mark for me.

Didn't Expect to Reach it!

I had almost stopped hoping that I'd reach my rank goal of under 10,000 because for the last 4 days my rank had turned around and started going down again. To my ultimate surprise just now when I turn on the computer to find that I went from 11,194 all the way up to 9,748! I wonder how that happened, since 3 days ago was my last blog post on my niche site and that night my rank here actually suffered and went down a little. The next time my rank goes down I'll just see it as a challenge to try that much harder to climb back up the WA ladder!

I just want to say a little thank you to all of my followers for helping me reach this goal! Its been great getting to know some of you and I'm sure I'll have fun getting to know the rest of you too.

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SWhitley Premium
Congratulations! Its great when a goal is accomplished and it is time to set another one. Keep reaching for the stars and build a constellation!
LDawkins1 Premium
Congratulations, On moving up the ranks, keep up the good work!
dlum11 Premium
That's great to be able to set goals for your self and reach them.
thank you Doug
davehayes Premium
Well done on the awesome effort
TommyPotter Premium
Well done, congratulations for this achievement and keep up the good work!