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First off before you see how long this gets please if the title intrigued you take the time to read it, as it has insights into who we all are as human beings. Thanks.A very bright friend of mine wrote a post not long ago that touched on the power of our thoughts and how our thoughts are the very first steps, the very building blocks to achieving anything in life. She prompted her readers to think as if they already have all the success they're reaching for. This truly struck a note deep in my
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April 17, 2018
Goal(s) Achieved!Overnight I breached the 10,000 rank mark that I've been hoping to break before a full 3 months after having gone premium here at WA! I just barely did it, but I finally reached one of my goals that I set. I guess its time to get busy within WA so that I can really kick my rank in the butt and keep climbing. In the same night I reached another small goal that I hadn't set a time to achieve and that was my 88th follower! I know that doesn't seem like much of a goal, but it becam
First Impression So a couple weeks ago when I ran across from one of Kyle's videos I played with it for about 5 minutes and thought, "this won't help my site"... Then I got a crazy good idea just the other day to promote my site within my own community! You see I live in a retirement community where 80% of the city are seniors and my niche is adult diapers! I thought wow I must be dense not to have thought of this before, so with this community campaign idea I wracked my brain to find
Finding A New Family I'll admit that when I decided to find a job online I never thought I'd feel like part of a great big worldwide family! But that's what Wealthy Affiliate really is, a huge family of like-minded people all striving for the same thing, a thriving online business! I don't think I've ever felt more a part of something positive in my whole life. A 'Wealth' of Information and Help The tools available here at WA make creating your online business a breeze, seriously! I didn't know
March 30, 2018
Hey Everyone So I'm doing my best to get through the WA training and I've come to the part where we're supposed to make a Google AdSense account. However just in reading the AdSense Program Policies, I came across the Copyrighted Material section. What I read there makes it impossible for me to put AdSense Ads on my pages or posts because I have a set of links at the bottom of every page and post that link to copyrighted material. Its some very good information on my niche from a reputable sour
So I keep getting told across WA to add pictures to my blog posts. This would be fine if any single royalty free picture site had any decent pictures about my niche at all, but most come up with nothing and the ones that have some results are just plain crap!! Since when are random people standing around considered pictures of adult diapers? really? Or searching the term incontinence, if any results actually come up I find that they are so general that I'm lost as to what context to use them in
Hi everyone, I've been with WA now for about 3 weeks and I've made so much progress! I'm applying all my spare time to making this work and as I'm unemployed that's a fair amount of time. I'd like to thank every single one of my followers for their support thus far, you're all keeping me on track and accountable and moving forward towards my goals. My posts thus far have been a little slow in being published due to not having product to test due to financial issues I'm having. However jus