Your first $50 Online! Brand Spankin' New Course!

Last Update: November 09, 2012

Want to earn your first $1 online? How about your first $50?

Often times the key to success for someone is seeing the money. This proves that it is real and that once you earn your first $1 or your first $50, you see the “light”.

We have just rolled out a brand new, 7 Lesson course here at Wealthy Affiliate that is going to walk you through to making your first $50 online, a course that you can take as many times as you like and that you ARE going to see RESULTS with.

To start the course, simply go to the following page within WA.

Start Course ==> A Blueprint to Your First $50

As you walk through the 7 lesson course, you are going to be acquiring the following knowledge and benefits:

  • Understanding the lucrative WA affiliate opportunity
  • Where to find your affiliate links and how to use them
  • Using the email tool at WA to get instant affiliate referrals
  • A breakdown of the affiliate commission structures
  • The difference between a Starter and a Premium affiliate
  • How to maximize your conversions with an automated welcome message
  • Easy "click button" ways to share your way to affiliate success
  • Leveraging Pinterest to earn consistent affiliate credits
  • How to create a following on Pinterest
  • How to pin images within Wealthy Affiliate
  • How you can use free Forums to get immediate and relevant affiliate reach
  • A list of the best forums for promoting Wealthy Affiliate
  • Scaling affiliate earnings by ranking in Google with your own blog and training content
  • How to build your affiliate revenues as large as you want!

These are all completely no cost techniques that you are going to be using and anyone can use them. By the end of the training you are going to be earning money online and have your path built to your first $50!

Ready to get started! Enroll in the free course below:

Start Course Here ==> A Blueprint to Your First $50

If you have any questions as you are going through the course, simple leave a comment or hop into a live chat within WA. Lots of timely help available.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing about your first $50!

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splashduck Premium
I've been on Pinterest a lot lately and building followers, really enjoy Pinterest. But this looks like what's needed to get me refocused on some more serious learning again. Thanks Kyle for your work, I'm going to see about this course now. Rob:)
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, the Pinterest lesson is going to be a breeze for you then. Enjoy the course and good luck. I think you are going to see some good results and this is definitely something that you can do regularly and do in scale.
Rea Premium
Great program.. Puts skills learning and processes into perspective.. Needed that.
Kyle Premium Plus
Enjoy! ;)
David_S Premium
You are always coming up with new and innovative ways for people to learn and grow. As Shawn says good job!!
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks David, something that I even think you could see benefit from and in particular, sharing your content and creating content regularly here. You type enough content in a day!
I'm here. I'm one of those that need things repeated before I can really retain it. I'm in for it!

I am getting down through this training and the branch-offs as well! There are LOTS of things I have not been doing in here and accounts for why I'm not getting these referrals as I should.

Time for a new leaf! Thanks ever so much for this training! I WILL refer to it often until it is second nature.
Kyle Premium Plus
Most definitely Daniel. Follow through this course regularly and make it "second nature" and credits and paid referrals are definitely going to become second nature as well!
Shawn Martin Premium
Another gem, thanks Kyle
Kyle Premium Plus
Enjoy, glad you like it Shawn.