Why Being Around Rich JERKS, Won’t Help Your Business!


Hey Everyone, welcome to another Motivation Monday!

Today, I'm tackling a commonly misunderstood concept: the notion that associating with wealthy people automatically leads to personal success. It's a prevalent thought and narrative that surrounding yourself with successful people can inherently instill their habits in you...and lead to your own success.

However, this isn't always the case, and today I want to make that argument that this is not entirely true, or incorrect in many cases.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Misleading Perceptions: Simply being around rich people doesn't guarantee success, especially if those people have achieved their wealth through questionable means.
  2. Ethical Pathways: At Wealthy Affiliate, we emphasize the importance of building success by genuinely helping others. This approach is foundational to creating a long-lasting and respected online brand.
  3. Community and Values: Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are supportive, kind, and driven by similar ethical values is more likely to foster your success than merely associating with the wealthy.
  4. True Success: True success is not about the company you keep but the values you embrace and the value you provide to others.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Many "tout" the importance of wealthy associations, often without substantial success themselves. Drop your comments, feedback, or questions below, and let's discuss the REAL pillars to success.

Cheers to a productive week ahead!

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I've been around Kyle and Carson for many moons and they are rich guys. But they are the most down-to-earth people who really care about helping others. And they've built an amazing business community based on this. So he's speaking from experience. You'll find more success by trying to help people rather than being a jerk. There is no magic short cuts or secrets to success with any business.

Totally I appreciate your comment here, Eddy. It's good to see you, and so, too, to Kyle and Carson! :) 100% to the point.

Absolutely, Eddy! 💯X2! 👍😎

Frank 🎸

Eddy!!!!! Good to see you man, and thanks for the kind words. It has been awesome that this community has brought so many people together over the years, and it has been a pleasure getting to know awesome folks like yourself!

I keep seeing this conversation pop-up online, and it is odd to me to see people trying to seek out "rich" people, navigating away from their authentic, positive influences in their life...think that simply being around someone that is rich (or several) will rub off.

Help people, work hard, and surround yourself with people that are positive and kind. That is the magic formula in my mind.

I hope you and the fam are doing well! :)

I’m always lurking kyle. Lol

There is this assumption that “rich people” know everything because they’re rich. But the reality is in most cases to reach their success or your own success it boils down to hard work and helping others achieve their goals. It’s the stuff you guys teach here. But you and I have seen this for years we’ve been running an online business.

People chase shiny new objects especially if it’s packaged in a way that sells unrealistic expectations and outcomes. How many times have we seen people do this and come back to WA saying my bad. You guys were right and what you’re offering is top notch. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way.

But fortunately you and Carson continue to foster a community built on real business principles and not gimmicks. If folks want to follow rich people they have you and other members here that actually want to help them without being a jerk about it. lol

Definitely the case, and the funny thing is that the idea sounds good in principle (mingling with rich people, and then sharing all of their secrets), but how would one go about finding a network of rich people?

That usually involves going to the mastermind or buying some expensive coaching program from the "rich person" that is promoting the very idea that to succeed, someone needs to find, befriend and hang out with rich people.

Those that are thriving online, or offline, typically are more than willing to share their ideas, but with people that show they are willing to work hard, and that are not there to "latch on". That model makes no sense.

Exactly Kyle!

Being around rich people does not guarantee success. The only guarantee to success that I know of is to put in the necessary work required to achieve that success. By putting in the necessary work and doing the right things necessary to achieve your goals will you find success in not only your business but in life itself.

It certainly doesn't guarantee anything, and if you are chasing "relationships" with rich people, chances are you won't find any authentic ones. I always laugh when this is taught to folks as they way to success, and then they turn around and try to sell their "guru mentorship'.

There is a process to achieve success. There are lots of people willing to share information (like us) to help you get there. Effort and dedication is the onloy thing that will make it happen though. :)

Kyle, you're absolutely right when it comes to the process to achieving success. Effort and dedication are two of those items, I would also like to add two other items: persistence and patience. From what I've seen here at WA, you have a great group of people who are willing to share their thoughts and idea with others in the community which helps a number of other people as well.

True, true, true.
Before joining WA, I was in another affiliate program, I think I was drawn in by the good looks of the person that owned it.

However, after about 20 modules or so, I noticed he was in every one of the modules talking about himself, and his toys.

I was so sickened, and nauseated by this reality, I couldn’t take it anymore. I left the program immediate, no longer under his spell.

Within a week of leaving the program, I came across WA, via Kyle; yes, you Kyle, and you mentioned that you were also in the very same program, before starting WA, or something of that nature.

I think I was in that same program, Thank God I did some research before handing over any money,

I was still on the trial when I left, didn't expect a refund, but they returned my small investment.

When I checked the date, I had one day left before I was no longer eligible for the refund.

Well I am really glad you found us Melanie, and like many, it takes a bit of search and sometimes stumbling across one of the many land mines (schemes) in the industry before you find us.

Anyone that likes to hear their own voice and boast about "success" is often times not successful. I don't know a single "rich" person that brags, but I know many poor people that want to appear rich that do. The rich people that I know, are typically very kind, and willing to share...but perhaps that is because I immediately disassociate with people that are self-centered and egomaniacs.

Glad you got a refund, and really glad you found your way here. ;)

I was just about to invest. I’m glad you didn’t get caught up.

Glad you didn't either!

I am so glad this specific topic is raised. There are so many financially wealthy folk out there who have achieved their success through some level of compromise on moral values, that it's so easy to start feeling that it is normal and okay.

I am grateful to be part of a platform that nurture honesty, transparency and authenticity💯🌈 These are qualities I consider as the greatest wealth and success to aspire to.

Yeah, lots and lots of folks are cutting corners, and deviating from all morals to succeed. Plenty in this industry as well, but those companies tend to be fleeting, and in some cases get completely taken out by authorities.

There are rich jerks, and there are wonderful people that are rich. I would suggest that we all hang around with our existing friends and family that make us happen, and of course embrace any new friendships that are positive ones. Rich or not.

Then on a business side of things, learn lots and learn with consistency...and then apply what you learn. The effort + time + constant learning is what will lead to success in any niche, and of course being on the moral highground and operating your business on the basis that you are HELPING others.

How enlightening to hear someone raise an issue so dear to my heart for a considerable time.

Sadly, the jerks are far too ubiquitous -- they have infiltrated every profession to our collective detriment.

The jerks thrive also because they lack empathy -- a classic definition of a psychopath -- check out Robert D. Hare's classic, Snakes in Suit.

Kyle, apart from the heartfelt thanks you so rightly deserve, I would like to write an article on this topic at some point for my website crediting you for instigating it. Cheers.

Yeah, and I am not saying there aren't poor people that are jerks either. I think there is just as many. I just think that the people that encourage this mindset (surround yourself by rich people) are typically those trying to selling you into an innercircle, and are those that are egomaniacs more times than not.

Naturally through life, we will meet and know people that of all levels of success, and those that built success on the basis of hard work, helping people, and being consistent, are those that tend to be the nicest and most willing to share.

I don't know a single successful person that got up and ditched their current friends and found new "rich" friends as their path to success. The idea of that is laughable.

THANK YOU, KYLE, for this great motivation. True , each one of us wants to succeed, and what you have said about surrounding yourself with successful people in order to succeed is prevalent.

Because of point number 1 i,e., achieving wealth through questionable means,, which will remain a secret to themselves, I agree with you that the path to success is to pursue an ethical path in everything one does.

Success may not, indeed, be in amassing property upon property, but rather, the number of people you have helped in one way or another! Who will look through their life journey as say, "had it not been so and so, my life would not as it is". I salute you for this great motivation.
Have a great day.

I am saying surround yourself with people that make you feel good, that are positive, and the offer you value to your life. If they are rich, great. If they aren't, also great. Makes no difference.

Chasing "rich people" around to create some imaginary network or relationship structure is not the path to success. No successful person I know, EVER did this.

Thank you very much, once again. The point is straight and clear. Have a good day.

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