Which Niches Will be the Most Profitable in 2020?

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This is going to be more of a discussion, than me telling you which niches are going to be popular in 2020. The reality is that ALL niches are lucrative in their own sense, some niches being more "evergreen" or having ongoing interest.

I typically divide the niche market up into three different types of niches. There are seasonal niches, fad niches, and evergreen niches. You ideally want to choose a niche that is evergreen, which is a niche that sustains popularity throughout the year.

Below I am going to discuss the three different categories of niches, and provide you with some examples.

Seasonal Niches

Seasonal niches are usually centered around particular holidays, occasions or events. Some examples of seasonal niches are the following.

  • Halloween Costumes
  • Christmas Carolling
  • Easter Toy
  • Valentine's Day Gifts
  • Fantasy Football (albeit almost become year round)
  • Local Events that Happen once per year.

A lot of people think that things like "swim wear" or niches related to what they do during a particular season are seasonal. As funny as that sounds, they are not because different areas of the world have their seasons at a different time. For example, in December it is the thick of the summer in Australia, yet the thick of the winter here in North America. Summer related consumer goods sell on the Eastern Hemisphere very well during the October to March months.

These are evergreen niches. Whereas events that have a particular date, are typically seasons. This includes Halloween related niches, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, etc.

Fad Niches.

Fad niches are niches that come and go, or for an obvious word, a "fad". You typically see these with popular products, or industries that gain popularity and then quickly subside.

Although things like cryptocurrencies are still somewhat popular, they have lost a great deal of their extraordinary, yet "fad" popularity from 12-18 months ago.

Other fads would be things like Tickle Me Elmo, which you couldn't keep on the shelves a few years ago. Entire industries are typically not fads, typically it is more products that are niches of this nature.

There is definitely lots of money to be earned in the fad space, but do know that these should not be core "authority" type websites that you are building.

Evergreen Niches.

An evergreen niche is one that is always going to remain popular on a day in, day out basis throughout the year. With 4 BILLION people online now, pretty much every niche is going to fall into this category.

An evergreen niche is going to allow you to create an authority website, which will lead to a long term, and very much sustainable business online. An example of evergreen would be dieting. As long as there are PEOPLE, there are going to be people dieting, attempting to lose weight, gain weight, and to improve their health through weight loss.

That is just one example. One way to determine whether your niche is evergreen is to ask yourself whether your niche will have popularity every day, through the year. Then decide on whether it will be popular 10 years from now. If it is, then you can build a long term business around this niche, and establish yourself as an authority within the space.

There you have it. Most niches are going to be really popular in 2020, and there are going to be some fads that come and go in 2020. The fads of next year, are likely building some popularity now.

I don't recommend that you are a "fad" hunter unless you already have successful authority websites in full operation, where you can seek out smaller and more time sensitive pockets of opportunity.

I would love to hear your feedback on niches, and what niches you think are going to gain traction and popularity in 2020. Leave your comments below!

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If treated properly every niche can be an evergreen niche. It depends mostly on how much of an authority you become.

Evergreen niche that you are passionate about is the goal to ensure a regular income over time from residual contacts and new traffic. Nice summary, Kyle, thanks!

So true! Hard work, dedication to working your business every day, and working with your audience should allow for any niche in 2020 to succeed.
Thanks Kyle!


Agreed. I think people tend to get too caught up in the idea as to "what is next".

There have been people trying to predict the future of affiliate marketing and the online business world for years, but the reality is that this is a people business and if you focus on things that people are doing, you will alway have a business.

I think I have an evergreen niche in Gardening.... Or could it be dormant (pun intended). Jim

Gardening will alway exist while there are gardens and people. If there are no gardens left on earth, then I think we have a bigger problem lol.

Some niches are easier than others.
Less technical, less updates...

Yes, some are more static in nature and not changing as frequently. But all niches will have "news" and new ideas within them.

Any niche can be lucrative if you work on it passionately

All niches are lucrative, and YOU are the one that makes it lucrative. As long as there are people interested in things, there is going to be endless opportunity. So, there will always be ENDLESS opportunity.

What better time to kick off an "evergreen" niche than Christmas time North Hemisphere!

And Halloween is a huge niche that is coming up soon, and that people in this space are really starting to capitalize one. ;)

Looking for affiliate links for Spirit stores!

*** LiKe! ... your statement: "... ALL niches are lucrative in their own sense, some niches being more "evergreen" ...

... and it's vital that one really likes the selected niche to write about / blog on over a sustained period to scale biz success!

.... thanks kindly for everything here ...

... all the best, cheerio ... :) ***

No problem Keisha, really glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for some great input!


Hey Kyle, love the blog and yes I agree. However, while getting into white label products I discovered amazons selling the machine and watched their entire video set. I think this is a great tool for others to watch and you should do a series on this especially combined with what you already have. They searching technique they have really helps me pick up brands, products and the "new in" things coming up. I found that working with amazon influencers it basically works the same way with some interesting tools. Great blog and great to see a post from you on here.

What do you mean by " discovered amazons selling the machine and watched their entire video set."?


it has a great method to learn how to search for new products etc.

You can learn about new products simply by going to Amazon.com. You don't need a special tool for that, but a product is an example of what could become a fad niche and if you are going to go with something that could translate into a long term income, you focus on an "audience" when selecting your niche.

A group of people interested in something, and interested in a topic that will be around 10 to 20 years from now (like most things) is an example of an evergreen niche. Like making money, like anything health related, cooking, etc.

I believe anything that is designed to better mankind or make things easier for them will be an evergreen niche. Things that help us grow or improve the quality of life.i would think it could be an advantage for a niche to be change and adding new products. It may take work to stay up with the next generation products but that's why we be looked at as authorities. Yes it requires work. That why we get paid. Last point: Long term niches should be interesting to us if not enjoyable. I prefer both. Great subject Kyle.

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