User Experience (UX) Design. Is it Possible to Make Everyone Happy?

Last Update: March 15, 2018

Last week Carson alluded that we are going to be delivering a BRAND NEW design here at Wealthy Affiliate (see post here), something that we have been working on for close to a year. The Wealthy Affiliate headquarters have been working around the clock getting this brand new platform ready to rock, so come April you as a member are going to be able to work within our new environment.

I can tell you we have been working on some really brilliant technology, new platforms, new training, and ideas that are going to drive the community, platform, and your businesses for many years to come.

When we make changes, we do them for a reason and with purpose. To make our service better and to make your processes much more efficient as an online Entrepreneur. We have an unrelenting desire to achieve perfection, knowing that we will never be able to accomplish this impossible goal. But as we reach for it, our service here at WA takes drastic leaps and bounds of improvement and we truly feel our next UX (User eXperience) update is the biggest one yet.

But we are very careful about being too rash with our decision-making. It is important that we deliver what we intend to and actually improve our service here. The last thing we want to do is to make things more complex to you as a user.

One thing that we are very reluctant to update too frequently, is the interface here at Wealthy Affiliate. It can pose several problems, one being that all the training needs to be updated (which can be a huge undertaking), but another reason is that people don't like change.

Why People Don't Like Change.

To be honest with you I don't like it when things change. It takes me out of my comfort zone, it makes me less productive (at least so I think), and it has the tendency to overwhelm me. That is why we tend to do the same processes out of habit, even if they are not the most reliable or efficient, rather they are the most comfortable.

Can you relate?

It is human nature to do the same thing if it is comfortable, then to move outside of the comfort zone even if we know it might lead to lot more efficiency.

We also do this out of laziness and also out of "procrastination". Have you ever had something in your house that needed fixing, or perhaps need the batteries changed and it took weeks to accomplish? Well that is because it is a break in habit.

In terms of user design and interfaces with software, the same thing happens. I remember a few years back when Facebook made some significant changes to their design and user interface. There was a huge uproar. People left en masse from Facebook and promised never use it again. These were blank promises, because years later these same people are using Facebook more than ever.

Facebook as a company is smart, calculated and made this design update based on empirical data because they need it to evolve and innovate. It made sense for the future of their business and likely future releases they had planned for the platform.

You can only build a house of a certain size if you are operating on a 1,000 sq/ft foundation. The same goes for technology companies, sometimes it is important to undergo a significant design change and/or update to build a bigger "house" (that is, a bigger, more advanced and sophisticated business).

Facebook UX Updates

Facebook is one example of a good design update, sometimes there are complete flops. Sometimes there are also companies that are not willing to change, because they are doing well and for some this creates a stagnant environment (think Craigslist).

Let's Look at a Recent Design Flop, or Maybe Not.

In a world where users don't owe you a thing, don't have time to waste on interfaces they don't understand and where they have many options, you better get a significant update RIGHT.

In just the past month, Snapchat went through a redesign. Although I am not a huge Snapchat user, I read a lot about the industry and about design. I also know many people, including family, who were avid Snapchat users and no longer are using it. People have options like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook that can easily be a replacement (along with a slough of others).

When people opened their Snapchat app, they were confused as heck when they saw these new designs.

Snapchat Update Flaws

People fled en masse and you even had some of the most prominent social media figures like Kylie Jenner tweeting about the horrible design ("sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad").

What could have Snapchat done differently? Did a large corporation really miss the mark with their design ideas? Was it too much of a surprise to their user base when the logged in and saw something completely foreign? Probably a combination of all of these and we absolutely want to avoid this with our upcoming launch.

And a Company That Refuses to Change.

One company and one that you probably USED to use (maybe you still use it, maybe not) is Craigslist. They were once the "go to" website for classified, some avid users will still claim it is the best. To me, they were the ubiquitous website for classified ads here in Canada, the same goes for pretty much every country they operate.

Let's look at their design in 2018, which looks very classic, but they have stuck to their guns in terms of their design.

I would argue that they are starting to lose (although their financial statements may not indicate this), to some companies putting out more granular classified websites. Companies like "Varage" are taking over in the buy and sell of used goods.

There are many popular companies and apps that are taking ownership of the dating world (one which Craigslist used to own), and there are a slough or real estate classified sites out there that continue to gain traction and reputation in the online/mobile classified space.

Craigslist refused to update, they were doing well and still are doing good enough, that the founder Craig Newmark hasn't seen reason to change. Maybe it is his own personal case study, and maybe they lost a lot of money as a result, but keeping the design simple and consistent has lead to their usership having a sense of familiarity every time they use the service.

A Brand New UX is Coming Soon at WA, We Are Amp'ed.

One thing we don't want to do is treat a new design like a launch, because it is isn't. We would like to warm you up to this new design, explain our decision-making, and why we truly think that including you in this process is not only important, we owe it to you. We want you to be familiar with it by the time it is actually released.

Offering our ideas and why we made the changes that we did is also going to offer you some unique insight into how design processes works and "why we do what we do" from a technology and design standpoint. Also, you have the opportunity to offer us preliminary feedback is of course going to be very important and has played a role in our overall design up to this point.

Below is an example of my dashboard (albeit, still in beta, it is going to look very close to this).

New Wealthy Affiliate UX Design

The design change isn't radical, but in terms of the technology and the thought that has gone into it, it is quite radical (and we think radically improved).

Our goals with the new design are actually very simple:

  • Make things easier to find
  • Make your user experience more efficient
  • Make the navigation more intuitive
  • Show people what they have access to through the design
  • Use terminology and labels that make sense
  • Make it FUN to use
  • Make it more interactive
  • Make getting help more efficient

So coming next week, we are not only going to be showing you what the different aspects of our new design look like, we are going to explain the current drawbacks of our existing design (from several perspectives) and we are making the shift.

Although you may detest change, I can assure you that our current design just doesn't allow us to evolve and innovate in the incredible ways we have planned. We have already received some "beta" feedback, and we are warmly surprised that there was little to no resistance on the new design.

Our hopes are that you will share the same sentiment. :)

I would also love you to leave a comment here sharing your thoughts on design, what it means to you, and what causes issues with you whenever you are faced with a new design update. Your comments and feedback are how we improve our platform/service/community here at WA and mean the world to us!

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T48 Premium
I like the idea of you addressing design issues from the point of view of making it easier to find things. I am new and my biggest challenge to following the training is finding things and places, in other words navigating the web system currently in place. It is quite confusing especially for a new person unfamiliar with where to look for things referred to in the trainings.
WorthMillion Premium
It is always to greater benefits though we do not see it at first as we become accustomed to what is, but moving on is letting things happen, its the easy route that we slowly accept and slide into without noticing, but moving forward on the hand is making things happen!!! We make things happen!!!!
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Kyle + Carson
I am excited about the changes. I have to say that from the teaser screenshots that we've been shown, I can see that it really looks less intimidating. It is amazing that once this current solid block of color is removed, how much friendlier the page looks.
I really look forward to see what you guys have been working on! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Kyle, this was so helpful to read. I believe that communication is a huge part of being able to adapt to change. To understand that it is coming and why, helps so much.

Then the stage of how to deal with the new format and how to manage it, generally helps to alleviate the scariness! After this, I have found that if you give people the option of whether or not to go ahead with new changes, they will usually agree. As by then it doesn't feel new and threatening and they will forge ahead regardless!

Huge thanks to you, Carson and the team for the unrelenting work you do to keep us all 'ahead of the game'! Sue :)
ABurns2 Premium
I am excited about the new design. I know there's so much you have to offer us I'm not even aware of. I was told not to be afraid to look around and try things out, if I lose something I can always retrieve it, so I'm sure it will be fun. Thanks Kyle
StopRideNow Premium
I love how aesthetically subtle the redesign looks to be. One thing you definitely don't want (especially in the attempt to make things easier to find) is to inadvertently make it harder for current users to find things they used to be able to readily find with ease. With a similar aesthetic, users can at least have an idea of where things "should" be.

I am really stoked about the setup for future improvements and innovation for the mechanics of the site and its features to make the site more powerful for the end user. I have my fingers crossed for a Site Content update. (If you guys are working stuff for that I can't wait to see it!) Keep up the good work my friend. We will stay tuned!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Overall, I think you and Carson are making some excellent changes to the user interface which has already begun starting with the Blog Roll. That is a definite improvement.

Although I like and am comfortable with so many of the current features, if the new interface will allow the WA platform to evolve and innovate that is an over-reaching reason to go through with it.

I do like the simplicity of the New Top Center "My Posts", "Top 10" and "Notifications" compared to the current version. The Top Left icon section where the "Airplane" resides, I prefer the current squares with rounded corners, but the new design of this section is something I could get used to.

Personally I prefer the current left column layout with "Activity Dashboard", "Certification", "Jaaxy", etc.. as the different BOLD colors "pop out" at me compared to the new design where there is only a white background. These bold background colors give me a much better user experience.

Looking forward to the great changes to come!
kiliwia62 Premium
Kyle, thanks for sharing all this and I do share this sentiment. CHANGE IS GOOD!
Well, at least most at the time. This coming November I am in my 4th year and I have seen already so many changes which all are good and I am looking forward to seeing more.

I am a person who always was and always will be open-minded to change, especially when it makes sense.

Keep rolling guys everything you do is so appreciated. :)
wendyg53 Premium
To be honest, I don't love the current UI, I never have. It's too busy. I was confused when I first started here.

A glimpse of your new design tells me it is much cleaner and more user-friendly than what we're used. to. I am very excited that you guys are trotting out the new design. Yea WA! Yea Kyle and Carson!
GlenPalo Premium
Thanks for sharing the good news, Kyle!

As to people not liking change, I can sympathize. With the constant evolution; learning NEW things (blogging, website creation, marketing, social media) can be stressful. Consequently, people like having something to which they can return that is constant, familiar. It is returning to their "rock," their place of comfort and security. Taking that away adds to the stress.
derekmarshal Premium
A simple water bottle speaks volumes of user experience and design.

Being lucky enough to travel frequently, I first smirked at the handles carry handles on 1.5 litre bottles of water in Vietnam.
Ya know, you seen it before many times only on a bigger scale on the 5,6,7 litre bigger and heavier bottles but the very same one on the smaller more regular 1.5 litre bottles makes them far easier to carry around and consume a sufficient amount of water in this hot climate.

Simple, great and easy design. Far better user experience from something as plain and simple as a bottle of water.
jofa Premium
Hi Kyle,

This is a good news. I hope the changes will help simplify the sign on process for the new referrals to WA. The sign on steps can be improved such that the referrals can have a feel of what Wealthy Affiliate is set to offer them.

This is a good news.


tgifwwjd Premium
I fully trust your design expertise.
With that said, you did ask for input.
So, here are a few of my preferences:

1) No more than a single click to gain access to the solution offered within an option (be it a menu or list).

2) The ability to go back to exactly where you left a screen when exercising an option or clicking on an internal link. It frustrates me no end when I click on a notification in Facebook and then when I close it they send me back to the top of my timeline (or a totally different timeline) and never present me with the post I was viewing again.

3) Make completing any action a tedious task of unlimited reading, understanding and options before completion.

I have many more web development pet peeves but I will stop here for now.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, input is always good and what you mentioned are all considerations when it comes to design, some are very much possible and sometimes certain sacrifices have to be made.

1) No more than a single click to gain access to the solution offered within an option (be it a menu or list).

Yes, it is much more seamless, but some of the platforms here have several layers and to offer the usefulness of them, there will definitely be more than one click to access aspects of certain platforms. At high level though, they will all be accessible within one click, much more so than now.

That is something that we are quite particular about, and that annoys me within user experience design when things are difficult to navigate to. So you can be sure we have considered this.

2) The ability to go back to exactly where you left a screen when exercising an option or clicking on an internal link. It frustrates me no end when I click on a notification in Facebook and then when I close it they send me back to the top of my timeline (or a totally different timeline) and never present me with the post I was viewing again.

Yes, absolutely. Another big focus. Anchoring within the timeline is something that we have considered, as I completely agree with you. If you leave anywhere, you should be able to come back to the same place efficiently.

3) Make completing any action a tedious task of unlimited reading, understanding and options before completion.

Yeah, of course. The easier, more efficient and more intuitive better. Our approach to the design is to make life as EASY as we possibly can, improving on what you have now, and preparing the platform for the many updates we have planned in the year ahead.

I truly think we are going to deliver on all 3 of these fronts for you and you are definitely thinking in line with how we are with this UX update.

Thanks for your feedback. :)
tgifwwjd Premium
You are welcome. I appreciate the personal and timely response. I agree we do think a lot alike, but then we have many years experience under our belts and logically trained brains.
Exciting to see what is forthcoming.

Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!
Thanks for sharing your insight in a new design coming in.
If I can help with it, I would like to add my comment on the platform, service, etc...

It is a great platform for all. Great support too. I have used almost all the features so far.

I say "almost" because, the only part I am using less or almost nothing is the "written section" below the main section (left dashboard). It looks to me as not emphasized enough!

This section doesn't look to me as a part of the platform, but just as some links!

That's all!
Thanks, best regards!
XavierPerez1 Premium
Sounds like a great means going and moving forward to future ideas and input from the WA community. I happen to enjoy change as it allows me to view things from different perspectives. Not only that but it also provides a enhanced opportunity to learn something new and perhaps create that efficient methodical form that we can all use to our advantage. Anything that builds with forward thinking in mind will most likely lead to success for everyone. I look forward to exploring the new format.
Nadja3 Premium
It is practically impossible to make everyone happy... Actually, no need to do it. Every person will figure out why the changes are necessary, people don't like to give away what they have, including User Interface, procedures, rules, etc... It is quite natural.
The only things we have to remember, this century is giving very short time to adjust and adopt changes because changes are coming regularly, it is better to be ready to embrace them. If not, we might be sidelined, and it will hard to catch up.
Kyle Premium
You can never make everyone happy, and we are expecting everyone to be happy about this rollout, but generally speaking we want a higher percentage of people to feel comfortable with the new environment, thoroughly love working within it.

And sure, once we have a large base of users using it, I am sure there will be some changes that we will make to improve upon it based on their feedback. This is how we have always improved and evolved here. :)
RogerHumbke Premium
I look forward to change and anxiously await new learning environments that will allow me to engage in the process of internalizing the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed. It would be great if you could develop engaging computer games and environments that would spark out competitive spirit.

Pilots are trained to fly through simulators. Can individuals be trained to do affiliate marketing through a game like environment other than listing goals and tasks?

Above all make the learning experience engaging and rewarding to the extent that I time skips and I don't move from the learning environment. Virtual Reality experiences would be a big plus.
laurenjean Premium
What an awesome idea, Roger. Sounds like you would be the one to champion that process here at Wealthy Affiliate. Do you have experience in this regard?
RogerHumbke Premium
Since 1990 I have changed from a teacher to a facilitator, and used computer to change my students to learners. It meant trying to change the classroom into an engaging learning environment.

Now it looks like we will be moving from schools and university physical sites to online learning environments accessible from any where in the world.

What is necessary, is for TRUST to exist in this new learning environment between all concerned. It is why I started my new website this year and hope to find individuals that are interested in learning about the BLOCKCHAIN rather than focusing on Bitcoin which is a financial app on the Blockchain. Of course I too need to make some money so I also hold some cryptocurrencies.
phaeton Premium
Hello. Roger! I too would be very interested in learning about Blockchain. Also some knowledge of Bitcoin would definitely be a plus.
JohnCrossley Premium
Hi Kyle,
All the changes you have made so far have been a great thing, making things more efficient.
For example, Jaaxy research from the side menu is awesome. SiteContent is a great tool. The Video upgrade.
All the changes have been for a reason and that makes the difference, then changing something just because we can.
Looking forward to seeing the new UX,

Give It A Go Premium
Hi Kyle, Carson and the WA team.
I really like this new design. It is less cumbersome and confusing. And I like that it is a basic white background so it draws your eye around the page to each tab rather than getting caught up in the coloured tabs. To be honest, when I was I new here, it was very busy to look at and I didn't know where I was meant to click. It took a long time to navigate my way around. I assume that the "training" tab for example, will then open up to a list of the types of training to be found here? Certification course, Bootcamp, Classrooms? The only thing I think might confuse a new person is not knowing where to start. We used to point people to 'the green start here' button, but I don't see something like this in the new design. But it really does look nice and clean and tidy.
As usual,
You guys are amazing
Kyle Premium
All of the points that you have made, sounds like discussions that we have had (1,000's at this point). We have definitely considered consistency, whitespace, navigation, organization, and user flow. Not to mention, making the overall design look much more current.

The training platform is going to set us up for a lot of really big advances as we evolve the training here, but yes, all of the existing training will be easily accessible within that menu.

And yes, where to start is definitely going to be covered and is going to be a focus. It will be directly within the new dashboard, which is the homepage that everyone comes to and we may lock it in the header as well.

Great feedback here, and you are right on point with what we are thinking in terms of many aspects of the design.
Give It A Go Premium
In terms of change, one of the best benefits of WA (among many) is that you are always on top of change. And as a few other people have mentioned here, we have learned to expect it anyway. I think giving everyone a heads up and a quick view of what it will most likely look like, is a great idea. It makes us all feel valued and certainly goes a long way to avoid people having a break down upon opening their platforms to find everything has changed. Thank you for including us all.
Debs66 Premium
Hi Kyle, and Carson,

I am a typical Taurus and I hate change. If there is one thing I have learned is this.

Online we tend to adapt so easily. Like the likes of Facebook and EBay.

They are constantly changing and moving with the times. They are keeping their interfaces up to date.

They have to innovate and move forward because of the amount of people who continually use their platforms.

Just Like Wealthy Affiliate continues to grow and adapt. We shall also adapt with it.

So as a typical Taurus who hates change I am looking forward to this. As you know I already love this platform.

All I can say is this.
Hey Facebook move over because Wealthy Affiliate are taking over.

Happy days and so looking forward to exciting things within Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson Thank you for your superb selves. Guys you are Awesome .
Lets get Rollin ;-)
Kyle Premium
The fear with any change in terms of design, is that people stop using a platform. We are making change with the purpose in the intention that people will end up using wealthy affiliate more, and being more efficient with their time well they are inside of wealthy affiliate.

So that is the focus here, and by warming people up over the next 5-6 weeks, we feel that it will ease the transition drastically. Although there are a lot of similarities where that will feed the Taurus in you, there are some changes that were needed but they were done for many reasons and we will be explaining those.
Freedomseekr Premium
Thanks for the info, Kyle! I think it's great that you and Carson are letting us all know about the changes ahead of time. Like anyone, I don't exactly love change, especially if it's sprung as a huge surprise, but change is inevitable if a business wants to grow.

I really like the looks of what you've shown us so far...looks awesome actually! Wow, in the years I've been here things sure have changed, lol...but always for the better, so I'm looking forward to the updates here! Keep up the awesomeness Kyle & Carson!

Best Wishes :) ~Sherry
Kyle Premium
I was just looking at a design from 10 years ago, and it is amazing how far we have truly come in terms of the platform, and what is even more amazing is that our "new" design is going feel outdated in 5-6 years from now when we roll out the NEXT version of WA.

Always have to keep moving, part of evolution. Nobody wants to be part of something that is stale, that doesn't progress, that doesn't think ahead. Certainly not us.

Exciting times and an exciting journey ahead. ;)
Freedomseekr Premium
Very true, Kyle! The online world is always changing and evolving...gotta stay ahead of things to keep thriving!

I can only imagine the many changes WA has been through in those 10's going on six years for me, and I've seen so many improvements in the design here since that first day. Honestly, back then, I was a bit confused on where to start, but it's looking much more user friendly these days.

It's a great way to run a business as you and Carson are doing...always thinking of the people using it and finding ways to improve on it. :)
Swangirl Premium
Is the new W symbol taking the place of the button showing our network now? I am referring to the blue one between the airplane and the mail buttons on the top right of our screen?

I don't use the email notifications so I want to make sure I can still see all my alerts on the screen.

Kyle Premium
Your network is actually below your profile image now. :)

The W, is the WA credit platform. And our notification platform is getting a major overhaul, this will not be released at the time of the UX release, but shortly thereafter.
Swangirl Premium
Perfect, thanks Kyle!
EZbobb Premium
As one who is still very young into doing blogging and online business I have learned so much from WA. It does get overwhelming at times and I do have to go back through some lessons to refresh what I am doing for better understanding

Looking over the goals and the introduction with the explanation that has been shared, seems to me something that will become a benefit for WA and the users on it.

As you said change is not easy but is needed to stay relevant to an area that is changing fast in many areas.

I appreciate the outlook for what is wanting to be accomplished that will make WA continue to fulfill the vision and mission.

I know there is never 100% agreement in changes (not saying this could not happen) but looking forward to seeing what is upcoming and perhaps many will look back and say that was a great step.

Thanks for preparing us!
Habitus Premium
We are indeed creatures of habit but the one thing that is inevitable in life is change. Fortunately humans are an incredibly adaptable species, its how we have become successful to the point of bringing about our own demise.

No doubt the upcoming changes will take some getting used to for some members, but its important that WA continues to evolve and improve. Its in all of our best interests.

Great idea to involve everyone in the process Kyle.
MKoebbe Premium
I admit that the older I get, the less I like having to adapt to change. But yet, it's inevitable. In Engineering we frequently try to scale up a previous successful design to heavier weight. But sometimes it's not possible and you need a genuine new design. So bring on the change!
CandiGirl71 Premium
Hi, Kyle. I am only in my second month here at WA, so I'm very new. I'm not a techy by any means, so almost everything is new to me. Some is more confusing than others, but I've got three websites built and all are indexed with Google.

I see the changes as good advances. At this time they will be easier for me because I will be learning them from the beginning of my training. That's a good aspect. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous time with WA.

Bring them on!

jamesellison Premium
I just want to add my 2 cents. I started in website building with Site Buildit out of Canada. I had three great websites that were doing fairly well.
Then SBI decided to make things easier and revamped the entire system. I was completely lost from that point on.
This is just my 2 cents worth.
frmcf Premium
Hi Kyle, I feel that your and Carson's decision to introduce us to the new U I interface prior to its release was the best decision you and Carson made. By letting us know your thoughts and the whyfores will greatly enhance our ability to accept and understand the changes that needed to be made. Even though there are many that shy away from change at first they will eventually begin to embrace them. I am no exception. Change does rattle me a little, although I get over it quite quickly. Thank you for your and Carson's insights to what we need to remain at the top rung of the ladder. :-) Frank
pinclip Premium
Hey Kyle, well as an old saying from a radio station here some years ago 'if you don't put your 2 cents in how can you expect change'. Since joining WA I have been out of my comfort zone every day and every day I grow. Change is good as long as all benefit.
Shields High
HarveyBrown Premium
I tend to welcome change because it means that the entity is evolving. If we do not adapt to the environment that is constantly changing around us, we become redundant. At first glance at what you presented above the new platform appears to flow easier and the graphics user friendly. Look forward to seeing how perception and reality come together.
KatieMac Premium
I am not always comfortable with change but that feeling is fleeting I have the span of a goldfish at times then I am all happy about the change lol, Have read Carson's post and I am excited about the new changes ahead of us. Just look at site content I am so in love with it especially since it can do spell check and grammar checks.
Kyle Premium
Our goal is to introduce you to the new environment prior to the release. We feel that a lot of the time interface updates are done either on a whim, or without too much knowledge from the users leading up to it.

Instead, we want to let you inside the minds of us, what we have done, why, and help you understand all of the user experience updates.
IvyT Premium
That last paragraph: I love this reasoning. Thank you so much.
KatieMac Premium
Improvements are always necessary to help us grow too, thanks for all you do to help us achieve our goals
GuyfromNB Premium
I personally don't like change either usually, feeling comfy in my little routine.

But when you are looking at it, "changes is a life constancy". And we have to adapt if we want to stay in the game and not ending up in a museum.

Technology evolve fast, sometime faster than our ability to adapt. That's the reality of the world we live in.

I look at other affiliate platforms who don't seem to update and they almost look like abandoned chips that have not much chances to win the race.

So I'm grateful that WA is so active and that its owners want to keep it updated!

Looking at the image you gave of the new WA design, it seems to look good to me.
Kyle Premium
There comes a Time and a place where we have to evolve, and typically we do this on a five year or so schedule.

This allows us to prepare for the next five years and the technology that we are going to be introducing to the platform, and the new elements that are going to further make your life more efficient (and better) here at WA.

That is exactly the goal of this new UX update. I really hope that you're going to like it, and I think you are going to seamlessly transition into it.
ljc411 Premium
Yes, yes, yes! Absolupe yes, do this. lol. Am so looking forward to it. I can already see that it will be so much easier on my eyes, for one thing.

Right now, when I enter the platform, I don't know whether to work on my website, read the messages, head to Bootcamp, or hang out in chat - which is the funnest part. :)

I think it will not be so overwhelming or appear as if I need to work.
I'm only here to make some money, meet some friends, and have fun....not work, and not necessarily in that order either. lol

Change away, my friends! Innovation is always good. Keeps me young, happy, and challenged, :)
Thank you Kyle and Carson. You guys rock!

Stella741 Premium
It's interesting you feel overwhelmed by the current design.

Personally, I start at the left of the WA site, look for what I want to do - training, keyword research or iive chat, or build out my site with posts.

Then I look in the centre of the site page to do my work.

The right hand side is for looking for particular blogs from a person that I may want to read...

The new interface is a bit like Facebook! But I could see all the similarities with the old design and where one clicks for things to do or write...

Come on April!
BrittaneyS Premium
I have only been here on WA for a couple of months, so I'm not necessarily "set in my ways" with the current platform design. But to me (from what little I have seen so far) the new design looks like it is going to be really great and easy to use.

It seems to me like you've gone about doing this the right way and for the right reasons, and have made big changes without completely altering everything. I look forward to seeing more about the changes & eventually getting to try them out myself!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is an improvement on the design and the flow between platforms here. We grew, we bolted stuff onto the interface. Now we are taking all the platforms we have now, the platforms we anticipate, and building a design that will set us up nicely for the next 5 years ahead. :)
stvmnn Premium
Your approach here is wise. You are correct that springing a radical UI change on everyone could cause users to flee.

Based on what I know about your community here at WA, I think the way you are approaching this will make for a fairly smooth transition.

Personally, I can't wait to try the new interface. It looks nice. I love the idea that you are planning for the future as well since I plan to be a part of it.

Keep up the good work!
Kyle Premium
Yes, it certainly can lead to people fleeing a product or service when a radical design change is made without any acknowledgement, in particular if the design is difficult to understand.

I believe that when you get your hands on it, you truly are going to enjoy using it Steven. :)
Pernilla Premium
How exciting!
I'm looking forward to the new WA design.
Loads of improvements awaiting us!
Thank you Kyle for preparing us for the big change!

Actually I'm working on changing my website theme right now. I'm almost finished. I have been working several weeks on this and I have felt frustrated and somewhat desperate, but all this trouble is going to be worth it. While working on the new theme I have restructured my website and many, many new content ideas have surfaced during these past weeks.

I know that it is the content that counts the most, but I believe that if the user find the website attractive and easy to navigate it is a great advantage.

Looking forward to the new WA design.
Change keeps us Young in mind!!
racer8 Premium
I'm just getting started with your site as it is, but am looking forward to the change. Any changes that can make things easier and more efficient are a plus. When you combine these changes with improved technology, its a no brainer (unless you are opposed to change). Change is the future, everything needs to change in order to evolve and improve. We need to keep up with new technology and not follow behind.
bryanb007 Premium
Change is inevitable but it is how the change is managed that makes the difference. Including and informing us beforehand will certainly prepare us for the change and the learning curve, however short or long it might be. Besides, we have been through a few changes/improvements with you already and they have been Awesome! So why would we expect anything less?

Excited to see the new update. and well done for all the improvements already accomplished.

Stella2 Premium
Hey Kyle;

Thanks for the update and preparation for the new interface. Yes, it is human nature to resist change. It comes from our ego mind that wants to have control. It's when we can get past that we usually do okay. :-)

From the image, the new layout looks very clean and user-friendly. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I really appreciate how gently you guys implement changes and prepare us ahead of time. It is very considerate.

Thanks again for all you do!
boomergp08 Premium
As you probably know, one of the few hats I wore in the video game design industry was as a Quality Assurance Engineer. The job of me and the guys who worked for me was to test out and fail/approve any changes to game play, functionality and user interface.

Change and feedback of change is important in the end for a better product. If my department ever found changes that were too radical or did not allow for a somewhat better user experience, we failed the release of the game and offered our own versions of change.

This annoyed some programmers but we had the final say. And always in the end it turned out to be a better product, at which point those same programmers reluctantly agreed with our changes. My point is, no likes change but change is inevitable and most times for the better.

I look forward to this new interface and giving you my honest opinion once I pick it apart. But the WA track record for change so far has been a good experience for far. ;)
QYTan Premium
In this new interface, I see:
* The design looks more simple and neat
* The Menu on the left looks better because it is captured all the menus on the screen with additional items menu, including the summarize of our profile and activities.
* Additional items of Live Help & Help Center that making the community more able to help each other, Live Events, and a Bell.
* Live Chat is more priority because I still can see it even though reading a blog. It will make more interaction between us.
* Classrooms is removed from the top menu, I think it is going to be in Menu Training on the left. It is a right decision, looks better on the design and category.

In my opinion, it is great changing in design and features as well, I can't wait to see what's behind them.
I am looking forward to the changing of the new UX changing.

Jewelia Premium
Hi Kyle, thank you for the heads-up. I like the new design.
What are "Live Help" and "Help Center" at the bottom left?
"Help Center" must be "Site Support", isn't it?
But I hope that "live help" is not "live chat", is it?

Thank you and the team for all the efforts in improving the services and user experience.

~ Julia
AlexEvans Premium
Change can be like stopping to pick up a golden apple when you are running in a race it slows you down tips your momentum, but hey you have a golden apple in your toolbox. From the looks of things, the new layout is going to make things easier to navigate. It will definitely expand our user experience.

It is so true, in this fast-paced industry, platforms need to change and adapt to remain relevant, many have not and many are struggling or no longer here.

Thanks for the heads up Kyle, once again demonstrating why you and Carson have and are continuing to make WA such a progressive platform.

Looking forward to the changes and continued rollouts this year.
AffilateMAN Premium
Super Kyle and Carson
Very good job, as i have already said that, this is anotheer additinal oppotunity and make easy ourr dailly online services also a preciious opportunity that help us to express our ideas simply.
Keep it up.
Thanks again Bosses Kyle and Crson
You are The Best
God bless you guys and Bless wa too
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your blog post Kyle, I must admit that I don't really like change, but often changes are for the better and you have given some classic examples of change in your blog post. I look forward to seeing the new design and I imagine that a huge amount of thought and testing has gone into creating this new design.

Enjoy your day,

redbiro Premium
If change happens too often it does cause frustration. I would like to give you an example.

Everyone loved Windows 95. Windows 98 made so many changes everyone welcomed it because they were great improvements.
But then the rest were changed just for the sake of it.
Wind 2000, Millennium, XP. Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win 10 etc

Why change Search to Find. Everyone was looking for the Search button not the Find Button. How can you search for Find if you can't find Search?

Change is great as long as it is not just to sell another product like Microsoft does. And quite often the new product is worse than the previous.

Cheers Dave
Acoetzee29 Premium
Good day Kyle not only do I feel this is excellent news but evolution to the future. I'm not bothered by change much. In fact, I encourage it.

Things tend to get boring if you don't allow change, we fall behind in technology if we didn't have things changing, and the biggest reason we need change is due to that fact alone.

We don't want to fall back we want to rise, as well as thrive in the riches of knowledge. And what could be better than to do this with everyone here in our community of friends on WA.

Thanks for everything Kyle
Please know that we are all proud of you and Carson
MarkBa Premium
Hey Kyle,

Making changes for the sake of change does not make a lot of sense but this is sometimes how people experience the process.

They are not included in the feedback that leads to change nor are they given an understanding about why changes have been made.

This post as well as Carson's previous one, along with the information you are about to share with us about the changes ahead, shows that you guys understand this.

People don't find change easy but you're ready to help us understand why the changes are for the best and that should make it a whole lot easier for more people to embrace these with greater ease.

I'm looking for forward to the changes and how these will make WA even better than it already is.

I-Pedro-I Premium
God is God and still don't please everyone, considering this we might see couple of WA posts complaining in the upcoming weeks after th UX change.

Just a quick reminder, humans shared a primate ancestor with chimpanzees, thing is we have evolved and changed along the years into "a better version" of that ...both in looks and "performance".

I love changes as long as they make sense to me and don't ruin my overall user experience.

At first glance, and even if it goes a lot deeper to you guys, on my end seems like a skin refresh and that is good.

Looks a lot more 2018ish

Cheers to the NEW WA
herinnelson Premium
This is such an extremely intriguing and well-thought-out article, Kyle!

If people can change with the times and join Wealthy Affiliate, then they can also change with Wealthy Affiliate and go with the times!
In my opinion, integrating a new "look" will pick up the energy and unlock some excitement! I'm truly floored about this new phase--progress is always on the rise here, and the great minds behind it are worth their weight in gold!

Thanks for all you continue to do to enrich our lives!
waian Premium
I love the new look. I'm really big on web design, and love tweaking my websites to look smooth, modern and beautiful.

I have a thought: what if in the next few weeks, you release the beta/test version to the community so people can play around with and get used to it (while the current design remains in place), maybe on a subdomain like test[dot]wealthyaffiliate[dot]com. That way, I think the transition would go a lot smoother and it would allow people to get used to it and explore how it works, with the option to come back to the old version.

Hope you will consider this.
PMbaluka Premium
A change is as good as rest Kyle! Although am one of those guys who hate drastic changes, I love the way you guys have thought about it over a long period of time. I like the fact that when the new change comes, it will be for our benefit as a community and so yes, I support you. I like your approach especially taking time to prepare everyone instead of just initiating it. This shows that you have us in your hearts and this makes me stay here longer.


bpais1 Premium
The new dashboard looks clean, crisp, and brighter - with a lot more white space. I'm up for it.

The change may take a bit of getting used to but, one thing I have learned over the years:

If you don't evolve, you dissolve!

So, turn that Beta into an Alpha anytime. I'm ready!

I think the biggest Wealthy Affiliate shock I got was in April 2012, when I had been very sick and away from my computer for several weeks. When I returned to the Platform, the Open Education Project (OEP) had rolled out. From what the Platform was, to what it became was a shocking change and equally confusing.

Better that it was, it took getting used to... we must remember that one of the traits of a successful entrepreneur is to, not only be willing to adapt to changes, but be willing to do this, and know change is the colour of time.

I did not like the OEP Platform - at first. I had become greatly attached to the Wealthy Affiliate look that I had known for over two years from that vantage point, but I succumbed to the changes and suffered through the learning curve. I was okay with it after a few days.

LOL! I remember that first day, just as I do today, I had the bad habit of having two dozen browser tabs open! On a few of the open tabs, there they were - pages from the old Platform in their glory! I tried refreshing one of the pages and was dismayed it went to the new! I took a screenshot of the remaining one and moved on.

In contrast, more recent, equally-massive changes have been made behind the scenes here and I see the new overall look as having changed little since that day in 2012. Yes there are definite changes, but it still has the same basic layout and look, this update, things moved around a bit and obvious improvements and added features.

What I hate about changes I see, Windows 10, for example is yet another step of being dumbed-down and more and more "consumer grade," not so much for simplicity, but many beloved settings well-hidden or removed altogether. I still like the settings and being able to customize something to my liking. Windows 10 is a long, long shot from the first Windows OS I had - Windows 2.0. I remember Windows 95, when MSDOS and Windows was flip-flopped! I really hated that!

It takes great talent, tenacity and love, to be able to implement the great improvements you and your team achieve without wrecking the integrity of what was previously in place. Changes here have historically-been truly and consistently better and better. As I have said many times before, Wealthy Affiliate, you, the owners, the team, and the community here are a legacy of our time! I am happy to be a part of it and to grow with it.
Defiant6 Premium
I love it Kyle! Change from time to time is actually good and shows that you're not stagnant. That's not to say that I ever thought WA was stagnant, but you are adding things to make it a better experience for all of us here and to constantly improve our online businesses so that we all can be successful. Keep on making progress and great changes here as that will strive us to change as well and keep moving forward.
Melissa901 Premium
Well yep I am one of those that do not like change, however, I think I will like this. Yes it might take a little bit to get used to but well worth it in the end.
I am still fairly new into this and still learning a lot. I know there is help out there but often times I have a hard time finding it.
So navigation change can be great.
One other thing you mentioned is updating the training. I also agree with you on this. Not too long ago I finished up my certification and the training was great but there were a few training video and such that I had to stop and realize that, that video was older and what I was told to be looking for was not where you showed on the video.
So I can really see how this can help anyone new or even us that refer back.
Thank you for taking the time to do this I know it does help you and your business but I also know it will help us members to grow even farther.
And I want to thank you for asking our thoughts and opinions. It is great to know that we matter to you guys.
IngoJace Premium
Really excited about this, and I'm someone that doesn't like TECH changes (seems to happen every time I get used to a system or process).

Better navigation is always a plus, especially if it streamlines the 'get help' aspect of the home page. Always thought there were too many redundancies.

I get why some of your language about this is a bit cryptic, Kyle, but I was still wondering if this means the courses will get a bit of an overhaul (which you say you are reluctant to mess with). I have found quite a bit of the tutorials to be somewhat outdated (e.g. Google analytics), and there is a lot of "filling in the blanks" when it comes to learning certain procedures (always a missing crucial step or two).

Affiliate programs/networks were a nightmare of red tape I felt unprepared for, and I never ran ahead of a single lesson (e.g. the need for FTA disclosures, the application processes, important profile tricks, endless e-mail correspondences, constant evaluations of my site, lack of decent choices in networks and independent affiliate programs, many of whom wind up sending you to other networks that are either very picky or have poor systems for contacting help desks, and so much more).

I've been working through it all, but it hasn't been easy, and it doesn't seem like there are enough folks experiencing the same EXACT difficulties to the extent they can provide me with the answers I require whenever I ask for a hand. But they DO try -- a lot of good people here.

An update in the teaching department would therefore be most welcome as well -- just saying, but like I said, I understand if YOU can't say yet.

Either way, looking forward to whatever you and Carson have planned. This can only be an improvement on what is already a good thing.
NShah1 Premium
This would be lovely Kyle. Yes, any change at first is not welcomed with open arms, but once it rolls out and if it is user friendly, people starts loving it and amazingly forgets so fast the previous layout:) User friendly it should be.

Thank you Kyle, for doing all these to keep your members motivated and looking forward to be part of WA
LAAdventures Premium
I am excited to see the changes, and the design of it looks super fresh. I think its really incredible that you've let such a labour of love sink in for others in the community to discuss. Some companies without any warning would come way out of left field with a shocking change.

CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Kyle. Thanks for the preview of the new platform and the ability to make comments about it. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to open the link in hour post to see your new dashboard, but I am eager to see the changes. I know that you and Carson know what you are doing and are working hard to keep things as up to date and easy to use as possible. I'm excited about seeing what's in store for us. Any ideas why the link wouldn't work for me?
Thanks so much for all you and Carson do. Carol
LeeMcQuay Premium
I didn't see a link that would let us check it out. I saw where we could click to check out Carson's post about the upcoming changes in case we missed it.
CarolMeador Premium
I saw several places I thought I could click, but they didn't seem to work. Wondering if maybe they weren't actually links. I had never seen that little box at the left end of the "link" before, but when I clicked on it, nothing happened. Didn't click on the first one because I've already read Carson's page.
hugh9905 Premium
I like the look of the new UX. It seems to me that the navigation buttons on the left are a lot easier to use, compared to the current design.

I was wondering if the new UX will be more responsive to different screen sizes. I'd like doing researches on desktop & big screen size monitors, then I might take a laptop or tablet to work on content when I have to be on the go.

Thanks for the positive changes, Kyle.

LeeMcQuay Premium
I believe there is actually an old saying "a little change will do you good". No one really likes it at first, but when they get used to it, they realize how much easier it is as and start noticing the advantages.
I haven't been a member for very long but the one thing I have noticed, is that when someone doesn't understand something or isn't able to find something, there is ALWAYS a member (members) that will step up and help the confused/ lost person out. This change may ruffle a few feathers, but I know that all they have to do is ask, and they shall revieve. This community will get through it together.
One more thing, I don't think we would ever find a home built with the foundation that this one is built with.
Thank you WA
ContentBySue Premium
I, for one, love change, so a new and improved design is something I really look forward to. You'll never make everyone happy...of course not. But I trust this platform, I trust you, Carson and Jay, so I know this will be an exciting change for the better.

Bring on the change...I'm ready for it.
Maetone Premium
Some like the old school ways, some like the new school ways. But all in the end we all got to live with change. It's all around us and it's not stopping. Thank Kyle and Carson for having our backs and making life a little easier day by day for us.
God Bless,
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Kyle, first I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to express our thoughts on this.

Change is always good and in my opinion, it's how I learn and grow and gets me out of my box...mine anyway. To me, 'good' change which I know the changes are good because it's what you and Carson have always believed that is giving the users great user experiences is key. It's fun to learn and I think it's important to keep up to the latest technologies... why so many big giants are no longer.

I know we, I can't please everyone who matter how I try... I love the transparency here and from what I can see, it's still going to be very much there. What I do here doesn't make me feel like I'm 'alone' on my own. I can see what others are doing which is cool.

Thanks Kyle, I appreciate you letting us know and I really look forward to the exciting changes coming.

Kind Regards,
SoniaF Premium
Change is good. I used to work in IT so this was a way of life. We had to deal with change management on a daily basis. Most changes are for the better. When it does not serve its purpose, we just change it again.

I am looking forward to all the improvements. And thanks for the heads up.
JoJo8145 Premium
I am new to the WA community and building an online business in general. That being said, I haven't had the chance to be adverse to change. The whole WA experience is a change for me. So I look forward with great excitement to the upgrades. I strongly hope it will make my learning and business building easier.
Onward and upward, WA.....Onward !
beachwood Premium
I am excited for the new design! In the two months I have been here I have been nothing but impressed with Wealthy Affiliate with what it and how it delivers content! I can't imagine it being any better but I do like the screenshot of the ui above and I am stoked to dig into it!

CNuake Premium
Changes in business is a sign the owner have identified a new idea that can further boost returns for the company. This is sign of proactive business minds. On the other hand, workers of the company are key determiners of its success, therefore it is vital that prior to changes, workers need to be alerted with clear communication on the changes and how it relates to the workers and company returns so that everyone is on the same page and work flow and spirit. I can see that WA is doing that now and those whom might not accept the changes need more attentions I think. Thanks
CalvinC Premium
Looks good for me, pretty excited to see the improvements.

Many peoples leave Snapchat because of the new design, I never used Snapchat, never felt I had to. But they really made a lot of bad decisions since their IPO, I wouldn't be surprised they will be out of the game in few years.

Changes are good if it improves our experience, but changes are also risky. If Facebook had successfully changed their design previously. We can't say what they did with the News Feed is a success. We can't really see what will happen to Facebook now, it's too soon to say. But I heard there is already some significant drop. They were the place to go last year and now not sure what their future will be for them.

The good news is that what we're learning at WA is the right way to drive traffic. Peoples can't just rely on Facebook or Instagram anymore. SEO is king and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate for teaching us the right way.

I can see one of your updates this year will have something to do with Gutenberg, am I right?
I don't know what it will really be, but I can see, it will open a lot of doors for a company like yours and beginners like us.
Gutenberg has the potential to bring WordPress to the next level. it's the kind of change that will benefit a lot of users. in this case, change is good.

No matter what can't wait to see what you've prepared for us this year.

In my opinion, WA is already an amazing place as it is. If it will get better, it can only benefit us.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Kyle,

I really dislike change but know that once I navigate and learn the new changes its fine. It's challenging but in the end, you guys are making things better for us so it's all good!

The Dashboard example looks neat, organized and simple, I can't wait to check it out, thanks :D
kimwolfe Premium
Change can definitely be hard. In software, change is inevitable. I really like the designs so far.

I can appreciate the simplicity and the ease of use to navigate to all of the options available here. That's no easy task. To take a bunch of great products and features in one place and make them easy to find.

Can't wait to try it out!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, we are considering everything from your perspective, because we are also actively using WA all day.

A lot of stuff simply doesn't make sense and that is what happens as you bolt on all sorts of new platforms, as we have in the past 5 years.

So, now we have gone to the drawing board and can properly create a design with inclusion to all of these platforms, and consider the next 3-5 years of growth and evolution as well. :)
kimwolfe Premium
You and the team consider us in everything y'all release. (Yes, I'm from the South :)

That is very apparent, along with the relentless desired to build the perfect product is obvious. I continue to be amazed at the product development here and how every feature and product is very well connected.

Keep it up. You guys are doing a great job!
VanessaN Premium
It's so funny. Change is the only constant in life, yet people shy away from it.

But to me, embracing change is about being flexible and that flexibility allows for plenty of personal growth and development, as opposed to staying in a comfort zone.

Staying in your comfort zone, robs you from experiences that can make a difference in your life, and life is about living. Even though it's not final, I think the dashboard looks pretty cool and very user friendly.

Clearly it's about achieving the goals outlined. So I say, "Change?" Bring it on!
joejr49 Premium
One of the first things I learned in training to be a supervisor in the USAF was that it is human nature to resist change, and if it is necessary, you need to get the group involved in order to get them to accept it...which you did!!! Good on you.

Looking forward to it--you have my trust--you didn't get WA to where it is on a whim.

All the best on the roll-out,

ecs1957 Premium
looking forward to it Kyle. You have recently made many changes based on a survey that asked members what kinds of changes they would like and you made those changes. Unlike most companies who make changes without asking the members opinion. In my opinion that is a very professional approach you have. Thanks for all the help you provide it is greatly appreciated.
Zarina Premium
I actually seem to already like the new WA design, so I am looking forward to it!

As for Snapchat, I wasn't a regular user but now I don't even open it too - it is WAY too complicated and for some reason I have snaps from random people/celebrities shown and I don't even know where my friends' snaps are. Horrible change imho.
GBridgart Premium
We are constantly encouraged to move forward as our sites become bigger, better and more professional, so it would not make sense if WA would not also be moving forward to raise its level so we, in turn, can raise ours.My issue is when you welcome people and have to go back and forth to select the profile.
LouisaB Premium
Adaptation is something that we all need to adjust too, and
I think that a change is necessary because technology changes with the wind. In order for people to be in with the trend, we need
to adjust to what ever it takes to make our work place
Function efficiently.

I can't wait to see the (UX) design in action.

Kyle & Carson,


Louisa B
BillandSue Premium
Like you said,Kyle, no one really likes change. But the changes I have seen at WA are always good. I don't understand everything at first but I will adjust.

The "Beta Screen" looks interesting and I am sure it will benefit all of us. Thanks for the preview of what is coming.

DBlanchard Premium
I really don't mind change, especially when change is a positive one and by the looks of the screenshots, this change looks clean and fun so I'm looking forward to it!!

One big change I'm sure I am not the only one who is patiently waiting for is a mobile version of WA.

I find myself on the WA platform from my cell phone quite a lot, especially when I'm redirected from e-mail, and it is not the best way to experience WA.

I often start on my cell and the end up grabbing my laptop to finish, just as I did for this post.

Is this something we can expect sometime in 2018?
MarvH Premium
I never minded changes when they makes things more efficient. A couple of years ago I was out of commission for awhile and when I returned I said WOW look at all of these changes but it was easier to navigate and function. You and Carson are amazing and I am impatient and excited to see what comes next.
manne13666 Premium
Hello Kyle!

I am both excited and nervous for this new UX design. My main problem with change is the fact that it's an unknown to me and therefore might be harder to navigate. As long as it's still easy to navigate and I can still get out there and help people then there's no problem from my end.

I admit that the new user interface looks very sleek and maybe not as overwhelming as before, which might help new users that have no idea where to start.

If that means I have to go in a rework my welcome email for my new members then that is what I will have to do.

Thank you so much for showing us what it is going to be like and taking us through it as the time comes for the new interface to come out, it is much appreciated.

Take care,

Tirolith Premium
Well said. Next month I will be 77 years of age which means I still have 23 years of learning to go. I am slow with learning the use of a computer but will not back down and looking forward to the challenge. As it is keeping my brain active. No dementia for me. I think.
hagstf Premium
Hi Kyle, I am looking forward to the new interface and I do understand your concern regarding acceptance so, I do appreciate the way you and Carson are communicating with us about it as you always do when you introduce new features.

You said that next week you would be showing us more of what things will look like.
Will this be done through blog posts with images such as this one or, are there any plans to give us all a link to the beta so that we can use it to provide feedback and to get used to it before the final rollout?
suzieq Premium
This looks awesome Kyle and Carson!! And I so appreciate your giving everyone a heads up. I have a daughter (mother to my grandchildren) who has always hated change, so I'm used to giving her ample time to make the adjustments lol. And it's always paved the way to a stress free appreciation of new things.

I believe with adequate foreknowledge, and some walkthrough videos, will make things easier for everyone. I'm excited for the changes. If it makes things easier and more productive, what's not to love?

IvyT Premium
I look forward to the upgrade!

I have a little brother who shifted his career from marketing manager to UX expert. That’s where all his work was already being pulled, so he followed the cues. Ahead of working with the multinationals, he was also required to gain all manner of international UX certifications.

Chatting through his problem sets, I can fully appreciate why a business would invest so many resources into developing or upgrading sound UX. I honestly didn’t even know the field existed until he moved into it! There are accreditations?

I can imagine you are investing the same amount of care for the same good reasons in the revision of your own UX. You’ve been at this for so long, and you’re so attuned to your customers, that I have supreme confidence in whatever changes you’re about to make.

Go for it!

But hey, some people find any kind of change destabilising and agitating. No matter how well-reasoned. That’s just one of the flavours humans come in.
Internetgranny Premium
I generally don't like change - I hate supermarkets that keep changing their layout. Just when you knew where to find things, the layout changes and it takes you ages to do your shopping....

But the new dashboard immediately looks familiar and the renamed buttons make perfect sense.

The only problem I can see is changing all the training. Even now in Live Chat people often refer to the 'Get Started' button, which is now called the 'Certification' button. But no doubt it'll all work itself out.

And, by the way, the integration of images in Site Content and in WA blogs is great!!! So I am sure all the new changes will work out great as well.
Kyle Premium
I know how you feel. I don't like change either, and I certainly don't like walking into my favourite supermarket to find things have completely changed.

I think most this design update is going to be more like changing the shelves in the same section in which your food is on, versus reconfiguring the entire layout of where you find stuff.

We are doing so to make more sense in terms of user behaviour, natural intuition and what makes sense, and also what can set up our platform for the major platform releases we have planned through 2018.
leoemery Premium
Never worried about any changes you guys do, you always have what's best for your company and us members. So bring it on baby, really excited to see all the new changes.

And this is perfect timing not less than a week ago my brother told me how he has gone as far as he can go working for someone else, so he wants to build his online business.

We already have a domain name, we'll use my account and host his site here and take advantage of all the tools you have.

Oh so happy, happy.
Kyle Premium
Awesome Leo, we would love to have your brother on board here at WA and he has no better mentor than you to work with. :)

I know the changes are going to be well-received by all, there will be some confusion as there is with any significant design update,

But we are going to be doing our absolute best to minimize this, and as a brand-new member coming into the platform, Starter members are going to find the new platform much more intuitive than now.
JohnWT Premium
I can be overly critical from time-to-time when people change things. Especially,( to be lazy and use a couple of cliches) when "throwing out the baby with the bathwater" and fixing it when it ain't broken. But that usually grows out of a mind set of "change for the sake of change". But from what you're saying it sounds as if you guys are taking that into consideration and based on your track record here so far...... I'm on-board. I'm not worried about it. You guys have thought this out and will do what needs to be done. And I'm confident we'll like it. Mostly. As you said, you won't completely please everyone.LOL
Kyle Premium
We don't like did you change for the sake of change, and I am definitely adverse to trying to make things pretty over more usable.

I would rather use a website like craigslist that is easy to navigate and operate as a user, then to use something with a lot of fluff that may visually look better, but has poor user design.

There is a lot within our platform now that we aren't putting emphasis on or people don't even know about, and this is going to be solved in our new design.