UPDATE: Write Ban Issues at WA Have Been Addressed

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You have spoken, we have listened!

We have made some changes to the "spam" application here within WA, and without giving out the exact specifics of the algorithm (which is quite complex), I want to let you know that we have listened to recent frustrations in the community about "write access being revoked", often times erroneously.

So we have made some changes to how the algorithm works to hopefully ensure this doesn't happen again to those that are top contributors and actually don't deserve to lose write access, while still offering coverage and preventing potential bad actors within the community.

Let's look at the changes we have made...

Update #1: Increase the Threshold for Premium/Premium Plus+ Members

Premium and Premium Plus+ members had the same write access thresholds as Starter members. That was not a correct approach, and we have updated the number of allowable "instances" of spam getting reported for the Premium and Premium Plus+ members.

This higher threshold should eliminate a lot of the write access issues.

Update #2: Super Users, Even higher Threshold

For those that are contributing more frequently, obviously they stand a higher chance of getting reported (often times accidentally). Because of this, we have another, even higher threshold limit set to those that are our most active contributors and influencers within the community.

This higher limit threshold for Super Users is going to eliminate this issue for those that appear to be impacted most by these recent reports of losing write access.

Update #3: Shorten Reset Period

There is a "reset spam" period assigned to spam reporting, where they will automatically leave users particular account after a certain date range.

For example, if you were reported today whether it was by accident or because of you were actually spamming, there is a period of time where this report is connected to your account before it refreshes. This has been lowered, so if someone reports you for spam it will vanish from your account quicker.

Update #4: Manual Review of Account's That Lose Write Access

We are going to be investigating when accounts that get their write access revoked, in particular when we feel that they were doing as a result of "grouping up" against others, which has been a complaint as to why this could be happening to top contributors here.

So on top of all the other changes, when/if someone does lose their account access erroneously, we are going to investigate why, see if there are parallels between people that are "reporting" that account versus many others,

Again, just a reminder the "Report Spam" button is for people that come here with the intent to sell, spam, or are acting in a way that is hurtful to others or to the community.

There is the odd "bad actor" that will find their way in here, and we have no problem sending them to the exit and you can help with this, but generally speaking 99.9% of people are great and we want to eliminate all cases where the awesome folks here could be accidentally losing their write access.

You spoke, we listened and we made some changes to improve the platform and community here at WA. Thanks again for all that have reached out recently about this, we evolve and improve the platform here based on the feedback of the community. It is what we have done for the last 17 years, and what we will continue to do!

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Recent Comments


I appreciate whatever steps you and Carson do to enhance WA's platform. WA has by far leveled up or exceeded other similar platforms elsewhere.

Thank you for addressing the huge elephant in the the web 😉 and implementing changes to improve community relations here in WA.

I am with Catherine & Jason in their stance regarding Site Support and hosting, to be independent of the write-ban .


Yeah, SiteSupport and community access are different entities, but when communication was originally programmed it was ONE. So we have to split these up, which programmatically is going to take some work...but we are all over it.

The reality is that even a bad actor on the community side, irrespective of their behaviour shouldn't lose ability to communicate RE: hosting problems or questions, nobody should lose access to that (unless they are completely being banned from WA).

These initial changes are significant and will eliminate the cases where some have been erroneously banned, and moving forward we are going to separate the community communication from SiteSupport so they operate and are controlled independently.

Thanks for your ongoing support Maria!

I understand the many complexities that you guys have to work on to separate Site Support and the community domain from write-ban. Appreciate the efforts to make the WA platform exceptional in so many levels.
Thank you Kyle & Carson ❣️



I was a member here in 2016 and got a write ban. Almost immediately after that my site went down and I had no way of contacting support.

I had worked hard on that site for 8 months and it was down for over a week as I couldn't contact support and I couldn't contact you Kyle (I tried numerous times via the form but never got a reply).

My site lost the small amount of traffic and rankings I had worked really hard to build up as I couldn't contact support. It never regained them.

I raised this at the time in 2016 and am disgusted it has taken until now to address it. I hope it is properly rectified otherwise this post is meaningless.

We have made many changes and updates since then. These have been infrequent, but they are happening and in order to detach different types of communications from our legacy code, it is a very complex operation but we are now prioritizing this on top of the many other modifications we have made over the years.

It should have been prioritized in 2016 when I mentioned it.

Well it was a very limited ocurrence back then, and people can get access back simply by contacting us and we are very much available externally as well.

It wasn't updated then, but a lot has changed since in terms of activity, the hosting platform, the support, the communication.

We built WA based on evolution and change based on the needs of our audience, and will continue to do so.

One occurrence is too many and as I say I used the contact form and yours and Carson's email addresses many times to try and get in touch and didn't get any reply. I lost 8 months of hard work in a week essentially. I mean who came up with the idea that a write ban should stop access to Site Support as well?

Of course, that is why we improve. We aren't perfect, no company is and this is why we roll out 100's of changes to improve the platform here every year.

Could have this been done sooner, sure...it could have and we probably should have.

And nobody came up with that idea, that is the thing here that adds complexity to it. The write ban was on write access, which is connected to the PM platform, which is connected to SiteSupport...and has 100's of touch points within WA, that need to be updated to carve out a new TYPE of communication in particular as platforms have evolved.

Now is the right time to do this, we have addressed the issue at it's head, and we are going to be working backwards to reclassifying different types of communication here within WA and improve upon those processes at the same time.

This update is well appreciated. I rarely write on the platform, but I benefit greatly from reading the blogs that inspire me. I felt like my wings were clipped when MelWaller said he was done here. Through his blogs, I started creating low-content books, and I don't have enough words to thank him. So thanks for listening to WA members.

That is wonderful to hear, and there are a lot of great contributors here within the community, and that is truly what we are. A community of aspiring and very successful entrepreneurs, and that is what we are all about!

Thank you Kyle & Carson for this much needed update to the system! I look forward to hearing about when the Write Ban will no longer block a member from Site Support. I see in the comments that you have stated this will be updated soon.

Thanks again and welcome back from Vegas!

Respectfully, Mel Waller

Absolutely Mel, we had a great time. And thanks for bringing this to the forefront, we are definitely making changes here to make WA a better place for everyone! ;)

Thank you for the update. It is reassuring that something has been done with the write-ban issue. Now time will show if there are needed more tweaks and/or changes to make it work as intended.

The other part of the previous write ban settings, the restricted access to site support is the one thing that is of worry to me.

Without that in place, it is difficult to recommend the platform for hosting purposes.

I have to agree with both TheCatherine and 01Jason on this. and what they say in their comment. Access to site support is a fundamental feature of any hosting service.

Having said that, I appreciate the assurance that you currently are on top of the issue and expect to have it resolved fairly quickly knowing it is a major coding task to complete.


Yeah, we are going to be addressing and fixing that as well. It is quite complex, as the communication levels need to be carved out and differentiated, and much of that is tied to our legacy code that doesn't differentiate from sitesupport and normal communication.

We are on this though, and it will be addressed in the near future. In the meantime, write access bans shouldn't happen for those that shouldn't ever be banned with our latest algorithms changes, so this should be a moot issue.

Thank You Kyle. These are needed updates. As a happy long-term member at WA, I must admit that the possibility that I would get a Write Ban, was always in the back of my mind.

Though I didn't think I would get one because I post WA content that helps other members with their training and websites, there was always the fear of grouping up against me.

This is why out of all the updates, which are all great improvements, I feel Update #4 is important. No one who correctly contributes here should ever have to fear getting a Write Ban.

Good morning Kyle,

I hope you're all doing well.

This sounds like a great update and is definitely worth doing. I'm sure that it will please many members, including myself!

I had a couple of write bans a couple of years ago. I'm guessing that someone didn't like what I wrote and then reported me for spamming a few times. I certainly don't try to upset people.

I write on a few forums, but I have to say Wealthy Affiliate is the friendliest forum that I have come across by a long way! Which is fantastic; it makes the whole process so much more pleasant!

As I have mentioned before, I'm sure it takes a terrific amount of work to try and keep on top of everything, especially with a website that is so busy.

Have a wonderful day.


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