There is Too Much Opportunity Online, Not Too Little.

Last Update: April 23, 2019

Sometimes we can lock ourselves out of opportunity by thinking that it is a finite thing. Those that are yet to experience the true opportunity within the online world have a tough time really understaning the scope of what the "Internet" opportunity represents for all of us.

Not only that, how even a playing field we are all on. Once upon a moon (not too long ago), you needed to understand technology, you needed to understand how to code, and you needed to have a significant amount of time/money on your hands just to get a business up and running online.

Now, with the evolution of technology, with access to all the sophisticated platforms you have at Wealthy Affiliate that simplify the process, and with the scale in which companies have adopted affiliate programs as one of the core company marketing strategies, opportunity is ripe.

As you understand the affiliate marketing world and as you create success within it, you will realize just how endless the opportunity is and have to come to the realization that there is going to be too much opportunity before you, and not enough time.

In this post I want to spend a bit of time putting this all into perspective.

Lets Look at Some Opportunistic Numbers.

It is hard to really get a hand on how vast the online opportunity is without taking a look at some core statistics that reflect the true "state of the internet", the growth it has had in recent years, and the number of affiliate/revenue opportunities that preside online.

There are 3.8 BILLION people online. The world's population is currently around 7.6 BILLION, of these people over 50% of them are now actively participating in the Internet. This means, when you set-up a website which is of course internet based, your potential reach is currently around 3.8 BILLION people, some say closer to 4 billion.

Lets just think about this for a second. New York City has 8.5 million people. Now think about how many successful businesses there are in New York. There are close to 200,000 small businesses for those of you that are number crunchers out there. These are businesses with 1-500 employees.

That is 200,000 successful businesses in one city. A city that is 471x smaller than the size of the Internet.

So questioning the idea of being able to create a business online and having a big enough audience, is questioning business itself.

So that is the first subset of numbers I wanted to run by you, the second is the sheer number of affiliate marketing products/services that you have access to promote as an affiliate marketer. With ZERO overhead, zero shipping, zero customer support, and zero dealing with refunds and returns.

There 550,000,000+ products and services you can promote. The Amazon Affiliate Program alone has 100's of millions, eBay has the same amount, Etsy has millions of sellers, and the likes of Walmart, Wayfair, Nike, and pretty much ever major (and indie) brand you can imagine has an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing has become their focus when it comes to marketing their products/services online.

There are currently 1.9 BILLION websites online. 85% of these being inactive. The other 15% (active) accounts for approximately 285,000,000 online. This means that there is less than a 2:1 ratio between products an affiliate can promote, and the total number of websites in existence. That gives me promise, and to me indicates there is a big disparity between the number of products that need help with their promotions, and the number of actual websites. In fact, there are WAY more products, than there are people promoting them.

This represents a significant, and long term opportunity for affiliate marketers.

In 2017, more than 1.66 BILLION people purchased something online. That means close to half of all people online are also doing a percentage of their shopping online. This number has grown significantly from when I started back in 2002 (and I thought the opportunity online was massive back then).

Global e-Tail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion dollar (US) in 2017, with projections showing growth upwards of 4.48 trillion dollars (US) by 2021. That mean the Internet opportunity is going almost double within the next 4 years!

As you can see based on these statistics, the internet opportunity is one that is growing at pace we have never seen. This should be very exciting to all of us!

People Like US Are Amplifying the Online Economy (Product Devs)

A trend that has become very obvious in the past few years is that new products are being developed by PEOPLE, not corporations. With platforms like Amazon, Etsy, EBay, & Shopify, selling your own products has become so cost-efficient and without technical hurdles, many people are setting up shop as a merchant.

They are also seeking out affiliate marketers to promote their services, or they are selling it within networks like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay which offer affiliate programs.

The rapid pace in which new and innovate products are being created, plus the abundance of "selection" that it is creating with consumers, is leading to even more opportunity for those operating websites and that have a presence online.

Don't Think Scarcity.

Get the idea of a finite supply or scarcity out of your head.

People have the tendency to think that there is scarcity. In reality, there is abundance and every year (for the foreseeable future), that abundance is getting amplified.

If you think it is scarce and you convince yourself of that, you are going to view the online world with tunnel vision. If and when you realize the sheer vastness of this opportunity, doors of opportunity are going to open everywhere.

Now it's your turn.

I want you to share your thoughts on the "internet" opportunity here, if you are new, what your assumptions are going into this business. If you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, what are some things that have reaffirmed the sheer size of this opportunity for you?

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WSmith5 Premium
I knew that the internet was vast but those numbers astound me. never in my wildest dreams did I see anything like what was just shown me. the opportunities are endless,and I am going to take full advantage of it.i realy did think I was going to have to literally fight for customers or pay out the butt for them.what an eye opener this was, thankyou and this makes me want to work even harder to succeed with my online business. your friend bill
Desiree93 Premium
Thank you for the article! This is very motivating. I catch myself all of the time watching youtube vidoes, shopping online (I rarely go to the mall anymore), and utilizing social media that I noticed I could be using all of this to my own advantage. The digital world is so convenient and such a huge market that it is open for anyone to be successful.
TysonE1 Premium
I catch myself thinking about it sometimes, just how many opportunities are out there on the internet.

If not affiliate marketing, YouTube content creation, blogging, etc.

It certainly is a lot more than I can think over before eventually getting overwhelmed from pondering a moment too many down each avenue.

The best approach for me so far, is to balance the thirst for adventure into new territory by not losing too much focus on what you've already started. Its a challenge, and I always get curious about trying new things - but don't bite off more than you can chew is all I'm saying.

That being said, I love posts like this for getting us pumped up again. Thanks Kyle!
SaraElliott Premium
I have started blogs and websites off and on for the last 6 years without any real understanding of what I was doing - I had no idea how to get traffic, what affiliate marketing was, or how important keywords are. I would get something all set up and a year later, when the domain name registration came up for renewal, I would just let it lapse, frustrated that another idea of mine had fallen flat. I find it difficult at times to not feel like I've "missed the boat" when it comes to being successful online - ever heard of makeupgeek.? I remember following the starting founder at her very beginning, when she was doing badly-lit Youtube videos and hawking other people's products. Now she has a whole line of her own products and her platform had completely changed, It is easy to look at that and think to myself "damn, that could have been ME...if I had just stuck with it!" And, yes, to a certain extent that might be true, but, again, I have to remind myself that I've been surfing the web for years and years without any kind of training or know-how.

So, is it too late to create a digital income? Is it too crowded online to set yourself apart? I sure hope not - and, according to posts like these, there is still massive opportunity waiting for me - and you! - and I am endlessly thankful to have stumbled upon WA now instead of 5 or 6 years down the line.
Nanick Premium
The feeling is mutual ☺
HonorB Premium
I'm in the process of getting my 'foundation' content' in place so that I can link to the: What, Where , How, Why and When, of my topic. And of course learning how to build a website too.

I've found many, very low QSR and high SEO keywords and almost can't wait to get started with them and discover my opportunities...
This is such an encouraging post Kyle.
Thanks heaps.
Kyle Premium
There are tons of low QSR keywords out there, in any niche. We are going to be releasing another "platform" within Jaaxy in the coming months that is going to blow up the opportunity you realize within any niche.

This is going to be a game changer , on top of the research platforms that you already have (that are industry leading).
RolandF1 Premium
Thank you Kyle. You have made it very clear that we as affiliate marketers have about as much chance of reaching the end of opportunity here as we would have if we were to climb into a space ship and set off to try to find the end of the universe! I couldn't agree more!
Kyle Premium
Yes, the odds are about the very same. As you start to gain experience in the research process you will come to realization that there is always going to be a "surplus" of opportunity, and never enough time to take advantage of it all.
RonFrey Premium
Thanks, Kyle, This is a post of self-enlightenment

I think the biggest take from this is that the scope and size of online business opportunities are defined by how big we want them to be and not by external factors.

The potential and magnitude of our online business lies solely in our hands

Thanks again
Kyle Premium
It is easy to think really small if you have been trapped in an environment (usually a job) that forces that mentality upon you. A $1 raise in 5 years makes it tough to believe there is a world of opportunity out there.

But as soon as we introduce people to the internet and the affiliate marketing world, their mindset quickly shifts to "scale". With 4 BILLION people online, that is a lot of potential reach and opportunity for all of us.

We are all on an even playing field, and you have a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry simply by being a member here at WA!
ThomasTay Premium
Yes, the technology is evolving each day and now we can create our own business at ease. With Wealthy Affiliate platform, we only need 4 simple steps and we are ready to go.
Even time to setup our own business has also been shorten, and we can do it less than a minute.
How wonderful and exciting when you think about it.
You now can control your destiny and decide how you want to work, when to work, what to work. Everything is within your control.
No need to wait for your boss to approve your work. No need to PR your superiors so he/she can give you best appraisal. No need to depend your top management decision at the end of year, to decide how much bonus to give you or how much increment you need.
You decide yourself.
Creating own online business is for those who like to make own action and decision. If you not used to create things yourself, it will be a problem here. Bear in mind.

As Kyle mentioned, affiliate marketing or performance marketing is becoming one of the strategies businesses grow their presence online. Amazon depends on it, eBay continue to support it, Alibaba use it, Google approve it, so what are we waiting for?

The beauty parts of Affiliate marketing is, zero inventory cost, zero overhead cost, zero support staffs expenses. I have done traditional offline business so I know what expenses and issues you need to handle all of those. Affiliate marketing free you from these issues and lead you focus on the big topics.

Wealthy Affiliate already spend million of dollars setting up the platform and have the support system in place, why do you need to reinvent again? Leverage it here and use it to make your money online today.
Lez01 Premium
Hi Kyle, you paint the "broad" picture quite expansively. I think the number of new people accessing the internet may well prove the predictions to be conservative. In my native South Africa (and the rest of the continent) much of the online access is via smartphones and the increasing capability and availability of these devices defies accurate forecasting.
auna Premium
I'm very new to this, but I do feel there is a lot of money to be had here. I just need to understand how it all works. I am confident that with WA and all the support I will make it happen. As for the future on the internet I feel it's just growing in size.
MataSahib Premium
My real treasure is my memoirs, which will be published by Hay House around the world. I joined WA to pay for a higher level of publishing, for right now I am at the first level of a paper back. My memoirs are precious, so I do not want to remain at this level. I am already 67, forever young as Yogi Bhajan told me, but do not have time to waste.
MataSahib Premium
I have found another online business where I got in early and easily bought my way into the top echelons while the cost was low. It did not cost a bundle-plus, so I am going to go with it. I may come back to WA once I have paid off my bills and can do it for fun.
evolutionind Premium
I couldn't agree more Kyle, so true!

When I lived in Queenstown, NZ (think Whistler, BC), I worked as a developer and there was so much opportunity for regular offline business because of the tourism and we were able to flourish by providing internet and computer services. We actually used to hire out fully self-contained internet kiosks (complete with coin-op!!) to motels, laundromats, etc, all connected to a private wifi network... and this was in 2005!

Most of my clients were activity operators so building a website with rich media content and online booking etc, especially in Flash (my go-to for dynamic websites) was highly labour intensive and then there was hosting, email set-up and content management (all provided by us), and even with Mambo CMS the learning curve and time required for the customer didn't make it really plausible, so we still did all the updates.

Fast forward 14 years and the platforms available now are so much more intuitive, user-friendly and quick to learn and use. Even adding a template in Mambo required some PHP know-how! It was about a weeks work getting just the gallery set up and working correctly. Now its just click, click, drag, drop, done.

I really wish I foresaw the opportunity online back then, but I got out of the industry soon after and pursued other avenues. Who would've thought I'd be back here after all these years?

Thanks for sharing, now it's time to tap into my share of the online market and bring my previous skills to help others achieve the same success!
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
The opportunity is surely out there. The biggest problem we all have is making the connection with the audience of internet users.

That, of course, is through SEO ranking, which is, for me, quite a struggle.

I realize there are many other ways to find an audience then SEO.

So let the exploration begin!

Ufeelup Premium
I like the article Kyle,
just makes me think either I'm doing something wrong or I'm not enough passionate about my goals , which seem very distant at the moment .-) However your considerations do boost my enthusiasm to keep going ahead with a plan anyway, even if it takes a lot of time and perseverance !!
AffFranE82 Premium

I for one am glad for the vast opportunity that the internet have for each one of us. Which create less tension and somewhat less competition. In a traditional job setting we are limited on the amount of money we can make week after week. To make 1000 a day is nearly impossible unless you are an executive of the company. Contrastingly online it's very much possible to earn 1000 a day it just takes hard work, and consistency. Furthermore you are the boss and you are in control of your financial future. May we all take the full advantage of what the internet offers!

Best of luck,
John170 Premium
Hi Francesca you are right on all counts. Thank you for your post.
SDiTullio Premium
Kyle, WHAT A MAGNIFCENT ARTICLE!!! As I read your article, I immediately envisioned THE "snowball[" (Internet )rolling down hill (the market). The hill never ends and the snow (products/services/businesses) keeps accumulating and never melts.

With each complete revolution of THE "snowball", we can see tiny lumps of coal that clearly form a word... the word is.... OPPORTUNITY!

Dana888 Premium
I'm just starting but I am wondering if you can't find a particular product you really want, I suppose I can contact them myself and ask if they would join an affiliate market? Maybe I could be the first person to sell that product online and that might be good?
onmyownterms Premium
You can always try - some manufacturers have their own affiliate programs separate from Amazon or other aggregators.
Phyl1 Premium
The Internet is enormous, plenty of opportunities for everyone. Just have to learn how to make it work for you by putting in the time. As a mature student at WA I find it very interesting just reading all the comments, I do work at this but just a bit slower. I will get there with all the help that is available. Thank you WA for the opportunity to at least try.
CandP Premium
There is no scarcity, we can see that and we have no doubts about the opportunities. We have had several of our own offline businesses, so we are no strangers to working hard to grow a business. WA presents us with new horizons that we could only have dreamed about when we were growing up without it.

Cuba just got the internet yesterday, for 9 hours. Can you imagine what that was like for them? A whole new world and more Affiliates for WA!

We have every confidence in this program, we are working hard, and we are with you, Carson, and all the other great people here at WA, for the long run.

So grateful to have found the platform (through research, of course).
Colette and Philip
AfqmBiz Premium
It is true, bro. I agree with you. It is sometimes can make us overawed with all the opportunity that can be found on online marketing platforms nowadays.

By the way, I am glad to say,

'Thanks, Kyle. For all the learning, education, and platform WA presented to me that I am now starting to find my footing on the business overall. The funny thing is when I start to do local business and connect the dots to my online adventure that now make it easier for me to collaborate with all of my business start-ups and also the expertise I have learned at WA like build a website also being pursued by my local coalition members, it is good money, bro. I will redevelop all my websites here while planning to giveaway 2-3 websites to few of them in need. Thanks again to you and Carson :)'
Penni Premium
Thanks Kyle and thanks to you and Carson for building this wonderful community for folks who dream of having their own business and presenting the training within a caring, helpful community. I have always known there were possibilities out there that a person could make a great living online and yearned for that life. Your post confirms it for me that opportunity is there. I admit that at times, I wondered "what was left that wasn't already being done", but I certainly was not thinking on the global scale. I am thankful I found WA where everyone is helpful and wants to see you succeed. Thanks so much.
Beachbarbie Premium
Within the arenas (like that word, ha) or niches I represent there are only a handful of bloggers pointing to diverse products. Many have their own products to sell, but they miss the scope of what they could be representing.

Here am I, send me! I will happily send people to the products I purchase because they are so awesome.

Beach Barbie
Lady18Esther Premium
Thank you for this great motivational information. One of the reasons I wanted to do this online business was because I saw my shopping habits change and that of many of my friends and family. Many of them are buying and shopping online because of the convenience, the free shipping, the great refund policy return
And the fact that it saves time! I realized that I wanted to be part
Of this online business, but did not know how, until I found W.A. via YouTube. Now I can dedicate my time to learning the skills, process and be part of This great financial opportunity, along with having individuals that can share their knowledge and
Thank you, I am very excited and agree their is an abundance
Of internet opportunities!
Grizzly114 Premium
Thanks for the information that you have presented to us. I think that it serves to really help to not only motivate people who are flying on a crest of a wave but to also help those who may not be seeing the results that they would desire right now.
faith67399a Premium
Hello, and thank you, Kyle, I believe that going into business online is a great idea and much better than working a 9 to 5 job if you have the skills to do it and make your business work. Not that there is anything wrong with working 9 to 5 however if I was able to make more money and have more time to spend with my family that would be nice. Thank You, Carrie
dchapman3 Premium
I'm really just getting started in the affiliate online business and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. Then I read statistics such as you laid out and see that the opportunity is abundant.

Just go out and make it happen.

Thanks for sharing these stats and giving us motivation to move forward.

Create an abundance attitude.
Hackerist Premium
Also, basically, we need a computer or smartphone to be able to participate in the "sharing economy" not only as customers but also as founders of any startup if we have a great idea. Thanks to the internet, we can "work" wherever we are and we are able to have customers all over the world.
Dekcor Premium
Keep on keeping on.
I joined WA 6 months ago and I was on it like ‘ugly on a stick’ and then life caught up with me and took over. But I kept up my subs because I knew i’d be back on it. And now I am.
Great blog Kyle!
lakesidemom Premium
It is true that it is a huge potential, but it is not easy and therefore many of us fail. Our status as an influencer is hard to earn and even harder to keep. We need to be consistent and we need to have not only our work as an influencer ok but all other sides of life as well. And like you wrote much of those webpages are inactive and it is one thing that atleast I need to fix
BabsieRocks Premium
When I first started thinking about how the heck I was going to survive on $1,100 a month from social security, with no retirement savings, I knew an online business of some sort had to be the answer.

I probably stumbled upon one of the affiliate marketer's websites for Wealthy Affiliate, I honestly don't remember. Whoever it was has targeted the particular keywords I happened to search on Google about how to make money online, It must have been a pretty convincing website, and with the free trial, what did I have to lose?

I honestly didn't realize what an amazing endless opportunity affiliate marketing is to realize your dreams. I mean that literally. I can take ANY interest I have, anything at all that I know about, want to learn about, care about, and I can share my finding, my feelings, my opinion and, of course, my recommended products, to the world. Are you kidding me? Wow, I am so excited!

There are people who are interested in EVERYTHING! There is an audience out there searching your keywords, finding your website and being influenced by your words. It's just absolutely amazing. You can take every passion you have and turn it into a masterpiece, and it costs practically nothing to do it! Not only that, but your masterpiece, your interesting, colorful, information-packed website can MAKE YOU MONEY!

I started this just about a month ago, and I have followed the steps of the training like a feind since day one! I'm up until 3:00 a.m. researching for my posts, finding interesting pictures, going through the training, putting comments on other people's websites, asking for comments on mine, creating my new blog posts daily, I cannot believe how detailed the training is and how easy it has made this entire process!

Thanks for everything, Kyle. I really mean it! You guys have put together a true masterpiece in this website. I don't know who is responsible for the technology and programming you have here, but you have automated everyting. I was using the comments post and then I got notification of an automated comments area where you actually have to leave your two comments before you can even ask for a comment. Genius!!!!


Jedny1 Premium
Teach me Babsie if you can. You certainly learnt that fast. I am very eager to start making this online money.
BabsieRocks Premium
I think a passion for sharing information on something you are passionate about is the key. I devote any time I have to building my business. I have always been into nutrition and health so that is my niche.

Another prime thing is to follow the training and to complete each task (and beyond) without fail. If the task is to invite 10 people I invite 20. If the task is post a keyword rich post, I create two posts. I follow the instructions exactly. Now with every post, I share it on all my social media platforms, and I get on the comments threads and give and take comments for it.

Good luck,

alan47 Premium
Well, this is amazing as my mind-set as many others perhaps have always thought rigidly that there are only so many opportunities to take up in Internet on-line businesses out there and it would eventually reach saturation point.
Having read your article here, I was clearly mistaken. I f as you say, it is constantly expanding globally then there is truly room for all of us here at W.A. I am truly challenged, excited, and feel a stronger sense of motivation to persevere and develop my niche websites and find that financial freedom that so many of us aspire to. Not just for ourselves but so that we can be generous to our families and be a blessing to others in our community as well. Thank you once again and perhaps we are entering a new age of enlightenment and reformation.....
PBereal Premium
Numbers is the key here. You mentioned the billions of internet users. The possibilies are endless. Most of us just needed a place like WA to get us on the road going forward.

My expectations are high. I believe for the first time that I could actually make a go of an online business.

Thank you for WA, for making the training so doable. Great is your reward and even greater in the future.
herinnelson Premium
In filtering out ANY opportunity out there on the internet, there's no limit to the amount of success one can have! These statistics are off the charts, Kyle! You've really done your homework!---and Wealthy Affiliate falls right into the middle of all this abundance! I truly believe that we are all in the right place at the precise time here!

In reaffirming the vastness of this opportunity, I am creating custom websites for clients, setting up affiliate links and selling affiliate products at a fast pace and diving into many other options! Traffic is on the rise and it stems from the thorough training and expert guidance with a top-notch platform---Wealthy Affiliate!

Brilliant post, Kyle!!

Erin :)!
RVsRock Premium
Great article.

I think of Jack Ma, one of the founders of

Founded in 1999, it is now the 5th largest Internet company by revenue. is THE largest Internet company in the world by revenue. It was founded 1n 1994.

So, did the start-up of Amazon dissuade Jack Ma to change course and give up? Not by a long shot. There is opportunity for all in this fascinating world of the Internet.

Not to stroke your feathers, but I believe you, Carson and the other folks behind the scene at WA will eventually take WA to the top in this business of promoting affiliate marketing. It is more than evident that everyone at WA is dedicated to staying abreast of all the changing technology.

I applaud all of you!

MichaelYi Premium
Kyle, I've always shared a similar view of optimism about the potential of affiliate marketing and Internet business in general, but these numbers are making me even more excited! I think we're just scratching the surface of what online opportunities are going to become in the future.

I work for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can tell you guys that we're still far behind as far as setting up infrastructures for Internet access in many parts of the U.S, let alone underdeveloped parts of the world. The demand is obvious and yet companies are still trying to lay down fiber or copper lines in many rural parts of the U.S.

As more people are able to get consistent Internet access, the more opportunities there will be for Online business. My point is, the future is bright, my friends

Best Wishes,
LouisMunro Premium
I would like to add the fact that people are going to have at least three careers in their lifetime not only one, is encouraging as more people realize that they have the ability to change their lives around to do something fun and much more fulfilling. I am upset that I waited this long to discover this opportunity but glad that I did. Like always a very insightful post, Kyle, thank you and by the way are you real? There are only a few photographs of you and Carson out there. I was looking for some for one of my reviews to show my audience the owners of WA and I struggled to find some decent relatively new photos.
Ok so, I feel your article is on point, I like the numbers. I also like how the opportunity here is proving these facts to be true. Furthermore, now that I know you're here. It's time for me to become a good student first, and foremost and see how that will translate into Fulfilling my goals as an entrepreneur.

Thank you Kyle for those insights.
MrsMee Premium
Before I came to WA I viewed the internet as an endless ocean of websites, information, and products to buy. I was a one wave surfer of the net... Get on, ride the wave to what I was looking for, then I'd be done... Until the next time I needed to go again.

Since arriving here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have in fact discovered it to be an endless ocean, however, now I'm in a boat and I get to stop and look around at any port ( website ). I get to really take in the scenery and talk with the natives. lol
It's a vast world online & it may be like an endless ocean but I'm setting sail for an adventure of a lifetime. Plus, my boat is packed with life preservers, and floatation devices, even extra surfboards because I will be helping many people along the way.
bpais1 Premium
Just watch out for those hungry sharks, Audrey. They are lying in wait for their next victim.

RDulloo Premium
I knew there was SO many opportunities online to make money through affiliate marketing, but this post of yours, Kyle, has opened my horizons more than I could ever have imagined! i was hitting some blocks in the road and all that now has vanished!

Your posts are always so inspiring so I thank you for that! :)
RegWhelan Premium
I wrote an article a few years ago titled "The life cycle of any product" Applying the information to Internet marketing suggests that with more and more people coming online and more and more people being born that there will be a continued consumer base for the foreseeable future. I will have to write a similar article for my own website. I will post when both are done and there is something of interest posted on it.
JackieSmith Premium
We have the tendency to "count" the people around us and think that's our audience.

It can be difficult at times to see how vast an opportunity Internet Marketing can be when we think this way.

Seeing the stats and being online for a number of years certainly does put things into perspective.

So much opportunity for us not to fail in this business.

Thanks for posting Kyle!
HTolliver1 Premium
I have been here for two plus years. I am still learning about the monetizing part of my website. I have concluded that it's about having what's needed and have it visible. That many people past by the money on the ground until someone takes notice of it. When someone notices what you have with appreciation it will be a benefit for both you and them.
smokeywins Premium
This is so very true! In just the past few weeks alone, I have purchased additional domain names for other niche ideas that have popped into my head. Some of my existing ones were too vague.

I have come across affiliate programs for individual businesses that I already order from. Take for example Grove Collaborative, an auto-ship company specializing in natural and sustainable products for the home.

There is also a popular craft trend called Paint With Diamonds. Think Cross stitch meets paint by number. The original company Paint With Diamonds also has its own affiliate site.

I think so many people get stuck on the big affiliate companies, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, and ShareASale, that they may get discouraged when they can't find a product that fits within their niche. Sometimes it is just as simple as scrolling down to the bottom of the page of sites you may already be a customer of. Many times it's listed right in the footer, and if it's not a quick google search will determine if they have a program or not.

The options really are endless, you just need to look for them.
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks for putting this in perspective especially for the newbies. Some people struggle with the idea that this opportunity isn't over saturated. How can it be, when your audience is billions of people.

Well said. Now address this misguided assumption that people won't visit your blog because they'll just go directly to retailers like amazon.

That's another one that folks seems to struggle with when getting started with this business.
mmonterola Premium
Online opportunities are definitely huge, and with evolution of technology, it's really easy to set up online businesses and websites.

But TIME is the biggest factor to hurdle to make everything work. WE need to balance time and our priorities so we don't neglect the most important people / things/ events in our lives.

Awesome post! Thanks Kyle.

DavidPadkin8 Premium
What a Huge Boost to our Mindsight to Comprehend the SIZE of the Affiliate Marketing Business and the fact that our Earning Potential expands with our Expenses remaining more or less the same so our Profits are Boosted .Thank you for this Blog Post . Much Appreciated.
SashaGator Premium
Thanks for this post... sometimes I worry if niche websites are "out" and "saturated" but WA proves to me time and time again that it isn't with the success posts I see everyday and will be seeing well into the new year and beyond. I am kind of a newbie and I do have my website up and just a couple posts published. Unfortunately, I do worry that I will not be able to capture my target audience and keep them interested.
But I know that over time my writing style will evolve and I will find success. As of now it is just the beginning for me :) cheers to all!
MaddyMac Premium
This makes perfect sense! Most things nowadays are technology based. If you aren't on the internet, using the internet, carrying around a smart phone, etc., one has the right to question what rock you are living under. Lol

I know there is ample opportunity awaiting all of us online and am overjoyed to be on the path to take full advantage.
agychin Premium
Even though I am still new at WA and still have a lot to learn in order to build up my business online, I have a strong sense that the opportunity is there, knocking at my door and the possibility of being successful if we are willing to learn. Not only to work hard but to work smart as well.

I am grateful that I have found WA especially getting to know you & the rest in the community who give endless support and guidance whenever I ask for assistance.

Looking forward towards achieving my goal and the never ending knowledge that I obtain from WA.

Jadatherapy Premium

I have always known this and kept telling this to the wrong people. lol

I knew that I would be able to create an online business but just did not know how. Until Wealthy Affiliate.

Now the big piece of the puzzle is in my hands and I am running with it. Thank you.

I see the internet as I see the universe, always multiplying, growing, increasing, getting bigger.......

I am so excited right now
Defiant6 Premium
I have always thought of the internet as a a growing river of money that people can throw a net into and get their own share of the money flowing through it.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways out there to get a big share of the money/revenue that flows through it. While I have gotten just a tiny share of it over time, I compare that amount to maybe the tiny fish such as sardines and what not and I want to go for the bigger catches such as whales which to me would be equal to earning $5,000 a month or much more.

The opportunity to earn money from the internet does get better and better everyday, we just have to put in the work even if it feels like it's not going anywhere. My biggest struggle has always been consistency, but I'm getting better at it and it is starting to show just a little bit from a small revenue source. My biggest goal is to earn over $5,000 a month, but I've got to step up my game more and get much more traffic for that to happen.
Glen B Premium
Awesome Post Kyle,

I can only speak from my experiences. While I admit I made a lot of mistakes. I got a glimpse of the true opportunity when I made three times my current salary (which was a hefty salary) in about 4 months. All online promoting my own products.

I started this back in 1999 so I've been around the block a few times. I made all of that money as a partner with other really good marketers.

As you said today we have all the tools to really succeed. And for you newbies just stay the course, don't give up, and you will be amazed at the potential.

- Glen B
LovisaN Premium
Being a newbie here at WA, I realized how I missed out the opportunity that I could already be earning a somewhat 000 000 figures. How those that understood internet marketing used it to their advantage to make money out of those trying to make money by simply taking their money without teaching them how to make money using the same opportunity they use, internet marketing.
WA surpassed all of them,WA is using internet opportunity to teach people to use internet opportunity to make money.

This article confirms the golden key that is used by WA that makes it stand out of all affiliate marketing businesses. Every blog I read about affiliate marketing /making money online, only speaks well and recommends WA.
lmwhite Premium
One of the reasons I like being part of this community is to see how people who have achieved more success than I have think. When you think like Kyle does, making money becomes a lot easier! I made it so hard on myself for so many years. I didn't have the right knowledge or the proper mindset. As part of WA, we get access to both, and I am very grateful to be a part of it.
glennrivera1 Premium
You know when someone says something and doesn't believe it and when someone says something and DOES believe it. In this case, there is justification. All you have to do is stick with the program. Consider it like you would an education or a training program with a big payoff at the end in which you determine the size of your check. the program is well organized, in small steps to develop you, the trainee, to your fullest. Another plus is something mentioned at the start of the program; you don't have to deliver any products
MsRebecca Premium
I've always been aware of the opportunity on the Internet, and have aspired to be a successful affiliate marketer for years. The problem has always been generating the traffic to accomplish that goal.

There is a lot of information online about all the various moving parts: website optimization, keyword research and tools, content. But I could just never put it all together in a coherent or effective way.

That's why I think this place is so amazing. The way it takes you step by step through each component, and provides such an enormous community of support, is exactly what I - and a whole lot of other people - need.

All I can say is that I wish I'd discovered it sooner. Way better late than never, though. So, although the timing hasn't been the greatest for me at the moment, having to put out figurative fires left and right, and I still have several days of obligations to fulfill, I'm fortunate to have been able to block out a full month to devote to the more intense work of setting up my first site. Starting soon...

Thanks so much, Kyle, for all the crucial info you're providing for us.
3rdbaseman Premium
Thanks Kyle for your reality check. Your message was prefect timing for me. It's good to hear the actual numbers, because it really reinforces my feelings about WA and the opportunity it offers. After two months, I an really enjoying building my business, and I'm more excited than ever...……...Thank you!
Scotso11 Premium
Yes, I became interested in affiliate marketing when I saw the amount of what were huge stores and companies closing their doors forever due mostly to the new business giant The Internet! It became very obvious to me that the days of the brick and mortar retail business world was eroding and at a very fast pace and the place to focus my efforts was going to be this new growing business giant The Internet!

With technology on an ever growing scale making it easier and easier to shop and purchase what you need online, the ease and convenience was going to be the future of retail going forward and that was where success was going to flourish, and It just made sense to get in on this and be a part of this ever growing and popular new business world.

Working in retail most of my life, I have witnessed it first hand watching the businesses that I worked for just not getting the traffic it once had, I literally watched the numbers continuously drop, the bank deposits got smaller and smaller, I was actually watching retail die a slow miserable death right before my eyes.

So I knew I had to take action and take it now while this new giant was still in the beginning stages of development and hopefully grow right along side of it and enjoy and prosper with it. I have heard of the massive success and revenue other people were having being evolved with the internet and affiliate marketing was my window into this huge new industry not needing inventory of my own, or having to process orders myself or having to ship orders myself, that huge companies would actually pay me to direct people to the websites to purchase their products and services: it was a no brainer for me!

So here I am working on doing what I need to do to be successful in this awesome new business world, the world of affiliate marketing and WA is the place where success begins and flourishes, and they clearly show that anyone can do it and be successful at it. I look forward to a bright new future and income like I have never had before working in retail for someone else, helping them make money and never really seeing it myself.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for starting WA and giving us the opportunity to have all the success we have always desired and needed, and quite possibly change all of our lives for the better...forever.
Surfdude123 Premium
My thinking is sure there are billions of people online looking for stuff but if you have a half a brain you know there are some serious dirtbags that are ready to pounce and take your money. Look at all the warnings the federal gov issues about phishing, Nigerian schemes and scams and the list goes on. I would hope most people aren't spending their days searching for work at home opportunities. That would say that the traditional job is completely gone and all there is available in online jobs. I think most people who do shop online for items they know they want to straight to the reputable source like Amazon or EBay or retail.websites. That's not to say there isn't something available for the little guy but it does bring some reality to the picture here. It is a huge opportunity for new entrepreneurs but to succeed you need to know what your competition is doing and if you're like me winding down and looking to chill, competition is the last thing on my mind. I like the shark analysis in one of the comments. We are like a bunch of little sharks trying to survive. Just keep.swimming...Lol
Darkman Premium
Great post Kyle!

Sometimes we look at ourselves as little sharks in the ocean trying to find our way but we have to look at this another way, the ocean is getting bigger and so are we (and being here early doesn't hurt).

The opportunities will grow and with the proper hunting techniques given here at WA, there is no reason why any of us should be ranked as one of the apex hunters with so much around.

So let's get out there!!!!!!!

Cirian Premium
Wow you're right Kyle. The sheer scale of opportunity on the internet is something that is still seeping into me, but you know, I'm only seeing more and more opportunity out there just like you are. I know a lot of other folks at WA are realising the exact same thing!
sgregcrx Premium
Of course, we should quantify this a bit.

3.8Billion People is an incredible Number.

But it's not relevant. At least 50% of these users are never going to read my site or yours. No matter how massive it gets. Even if I was the biggest most read site in the world over 50% or users won't read.


They don't speak English.

Still, 1.9Billion is still a huge number so think we should be ok ;)
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Kyle it is incredible the size & opportunities available from the Internet. It is great to see the "BIG PICTURE" with many statistics. I have been here at WA for a while, not doing a lot, & now back after some personal problems & will put my heart & soul into my training & work my way with more confidence. Unfortunately I am known to procrastinate, so I will set up a program to ensure I spend the time necessary to see my goals here @ WA. I will also ask for help when I need it.

Onward & Upwards !

Omosomi Premium
Oh my God! I'm speechless bcos I don't know the right words to qualify you. Kyle, this is super and powerful information you just made people like us to know.

I 'm so interested were you said - There are currently 1.9B website online. 85% of these being inactive, the other 15% (active) accounts for approximately 285,000,000 online. This analysis shows that newbies like us in WA still has great potential to tap from the online marketing.

I'm so impressed by your post, I don't want to measure all those points that I observe while reading. But those information are life and hope, they motivate me to work more harder, in the near future there would be stream of success.

Pls, keep updating us with powerful info; like this, I'm grateful I had found a platform called WA.

Once again, Kudo's to your able, you have done noble.


Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

This is a great article and a stimulus for discussion.
As you said above almost 50% of the world's population is present online. It is obviously a huge number, so far. And, only growing. People are online for different reasons. And, I am sure almost all of them, at one point, was thinking of starting an online business.
Also, the concentration of these people is different as well. The demographics play an important role, as well.

Let us think a moment about what a person needs to be present online, or to surf online?

1. Certainly, the access to the internet is a must (it means the certain technology and equipment)
2. The knowledge about how to use such technology and equipment
3. The time to go online
4. The reason why to go online
5. The certain level of education (knowing some languages, getting skills about how to be present and work online, etc..), known to be able to access, use and work online if wanted
6. Some money (internet costs, equipment costs - depending on the device)
7. Readiness to learn new things

The fact that so many people are surfing online, it tells us that many people are ready (in all points above) to be online and to use it as they like.

More and more kids, young people and students are having their classes online, even in their classrooms at schools. The institutions, companies, schools, cities .. to name just a few of them .. all are using the internet and the technologies associated with it. Having said that, the internet is the inevitable part of our lives

It will not stop there. The new technologies are developing exponentially, at high speed.

So, is there a place for growth? Yes, it is! Is there a chance for everybody to find its own spot under this "light of internet" and the modern era of technology? Yes, it is!

Is there a chance for everybody, young or mature or older person to learn, use and have benefits of it, yes, there is?

The biggest worldwide platform, ever invented, accessible within a second, with just a click of the mouse, is there. We can use it for many purposes, our benefits, if we know what we do. Learn how to use it, how to prosper on it and your door to success will open.

The competition is huge, but the opportunity as well! The opportunities are here to stay for many years to come. Open that door of your opportunity! Grab it!

Once more, thanks again for this discussion. I hope my thoughts will contribute to it.

I enjoyed the post!

Best regards!
sgregcrx Premium
Totally agree!

I abandoned my First Niche as I thought it was too narrow, I now look back at it and can't imagine how I came to that conclusion. It would take 1000's of review articles to get near to covering everything available! The ONLY reason I haven't resurrected it is due to time constraints!

My Current Project again my only limit is time. If days were twice as long I would be twice as successful! 4x - 4x 10x -10x But unfortunately Time is Finite and I just can't write enough to scratch the surface of the opportunity!

Even hiring writers have it's limitations. They produce content but it still needs tweaking, images adding, posting etc...

Damn you time!!!!
tommo1968 Premium
Wow those numbers are crazy and they are getting bigger all the time. In my niche I have seen so many new products come to the market in recent times.

As technology and entrepreneurship gets better as you say more products are available and its our job to promote and get the word out there.

The only trouble with all this there is not enough hours in the day!! :)
wallacediren Premium
If I was able to get the help that I need I would understand all of that but I haven’t been able to get enough of the help that I need. I don’t have a very good understanding of the internet or computers so I need a lot more help, I know you can help me and I really wish you would if not I would like a refund. I hope you do the right thing, thank you.
Mariion Premium
Overwhelmed ba all these numbers but I get your point.
And I like very much your thought's on abundance.
Abundance allover is what makes Life going on, every parent can tell. ( I think that children are the greatest abundance you can ever have).
As the newbie I am it gives me a secure feeling of success in the online world because I am always hit with the sheer number of websites I find. But you have put it in the right order with your explanations
kehaiz1 Premium
Kyle, I cannot disagree with your blog post. Very helpful information and exciting times ahead of us who are following the process.
Yes, in the context of your post, we can't think scarcity. However we cannot develop our own axioms. Scarcity is a factor of supply and demand, so to the extent that there is demand, it means supply of the "abundance" can be scarce to satisfy all wants.
Thanks for sharing.
wpwitt2000 Premium
Thanks for that awesome, statistical, number crunching post, Kyle! I was a skeptic to say the least! You just erased all my doubts about the sheer vastness of the internet opportunity. My only problem now is being on the outside looking in. Have never actually built a website that successfully tapped into that opportunity. Am giving it a 2nd shot 'cause I don't want to be left out.
Mark120 Premium
Kyle, thanks for the motivation to keep up with the changes through daily work-study. Undoubtedly, there is development of affiliate and content marketing. And to master this we must be persistent. Look, friends, here's a line from Wiki. "Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California."
Kyle Premium
Yeah, a fascinating story. Look where these two are in just 20 years, yes, a decent amount of time, but they are major shareholders and the founders of one of the highest valued companies in the world.
I am just starting to realize the vastness of the onlthe world and the opportunities it offers. There is so much that can be done. But for me my 11 month old is a huge distraction for me rigth now plus I dont really understand how navigate through the steps. Such as niche to choose my niche.
Kyle Premium
Yes, there are definitely going to be distractions. That is the case when starting ANY business online, you just need to be productive with the time you have and keep focus.

Be great at one thing. That is all it takes and you can be very specific within the online world. Remember, there is a 2:1 ratio between products to active websites, there are a lot of companies that are vying for your attention and NEED your help.
Johnpavich Premium
The reason why I joined wa was because I wanted to get into marketing on the internet.
I know the internet is growing every day .
I have seen it grow but I didn't know the numbers so this blog is making it more exciting .
When I was in sales they said the sky was the limit but you physically had to put out the energy, make the phone calls, knock on doors, write the letters and
contracts and follow up constantly. This takes a lot more energy than it does at wa.
The only thing that I have trouble with is the learning new stuff and if I could have a teacher right there in a classroom telling me right away what I am doing wrong and show me how to correct it instead of taking days to figure it that would be a big help and would speed up the learning process. When I do figure it out it is very uplifting . Wa all the way !!!
Jedny1 Premium
You are the same as I am. I do want to be taught or guided so much. Hope wa is a good opportunity.
Johnpavich Premium
Wa is good u just have to keep plugging along . As with everything in life there is always room for improvement .
Jedny1 Premium
Thank you.
DGArchitect Premium
I think just the sheer fact that my online viewers go up every day gives me hope that I'm improving. Even if I don't see immediate results, I know that the skills gained currently are helping me get to that point in the future. I only wish I had started this journey a long time ago, instead of giving up my time every day to fulfill someone else's bottom line. I'm learning to not get so easily discouraged and just be resourceful because many people have done this same thing and were successful. Thank you for providing an amazing platform to learn and grow while we earn!
Kyle Premium
That can be the case for YEARS to come. A successful and long term business within the online world is built out of incremental growth, not hype or instant growth.

Improve your traffic by one click per day over the course of 3-4 years you are going to be sitting on a full time, thriving and scalable business (let alone with the first year).
Malakati Premium
Thank you Kyle for the encouragement and amazing facts. I have just created my website titled; I need your help to visit and advise if I did it right or not. If it's right than I need to upload some beautiful themes of flowers and sunset and other scenes.

AlanJE Premium
Hi Kyle, Thank you for the enlightening post, which reinforces the size, scale and multitude of opportunities available to individuals.

I think that notwithstanding the opportunities available you still have to make a Good Value Proposition and put that in front of the right hungry audience.

The great thing for us at WA is that we have all the tools as well as training and support to enable us to find our niche audience and communicate with them, in order to achieve sales.

Having not spent too long trying to make an internet business, and had plenty of distractions from that along the way, I am optimistic that i can succeed, thanks to you and the team at WA.
HarveyBrown Premium
The figures are staggering Kyle and scary at the same time. I guess the main thing is to find the right affiliate programs,but before dong that creating sufficient traffic and buzz on my website(s). I am new to this and find there is an enormous learning curve for a beginner. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) the curve is smoothed out a lot.
Greg990 Premium
Another great article, Kyle. It's true, the opportunities are endless and are getting better everyday. It's mind boggling, actually. The hard part is there are so many opportunities, that it makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Stay focused on your project and your goals. It's easy to get distracted. Remember your goals. The opportunities are truly endless.
SHines2 Premium
There is a vast universe of Econ markets on the internet platform and a chilling notion that a burgeoning financial windfall of profits are there for the taken. This article suggests, a skilled affiliate or design initiator will reap these benefits. Apparently, there is no limits to the amount of tangible income available.

The most important aspect developed in the article was the nexus between the vanishing brick and mortar economies and the electronic scaling of buying and scaling goods for profit. It begs the question, who are these global entrepreneurs.
RLKinnick Premium
WA has been such a revelation to me!! I have been struggling with where and how to get started for over ten years. And, I have definitely paid for it over the years. I have done more in five days with my new website, than all my years of affiliated marketing combined. Thank you so much for a grand forum to work it out!!
AlexEvans Premium
The figures are mind-boggling on every count, hitting it with the right skills and resources can really bring about some really good outcomes.

One of the issues that we can all face is limiting our potential, with a mindset of preconceived outcomes.

The best thing that we can do is just go for it, the opportunities are out there, we just need to turn up every day and bring our A game.

Thing is that there are not a lot of folks doing just that.
christinewar Premium
Thank you for that Kyle, but I never thought of this as being scarce, as I have been shopping online myself for a number of years, there is I know a huge amount of products and opportunity online, otherwise why did I join WA?, simply because I knew there was opportunity out there, these figures that you mention are huge, thank you for the insight and taking the time.
JWhite5 Premium
Thank you Kyle for this priceless information.I see embedded in your article some of the things that have made my experience with making a living on the internet daunting.First and Foremost was not having the skills and knowledge to operate and compete with others who are miles ahead of me in the technological fields and who have a distinct advantage over someone who doesn’t have those skills.But when you said all of us are on the same field,that struck a nerve.
WA has leveled the playing field by providing these platforms and the hands -on- training that can help anyone who has the discipline and focus to follow and apply what we learn.

This is the first time that I have been apart of a company where I don’t feel like I am being ripped off. I don’t hear outlandish claims of wealth by any of the members of WA.

I haven’t read where anyone here guarantees that that everyone will make money.When I see money claims all over the Internet promising instant wealth,after being introduced to WA, I LOL!!

I know that some here start out with some success and we all don’t advance as quickly as others have,but we all can be a success ,if we just follow the blueprint created by you ,Kyle and Carson.
Thanks again for the information and,looking forward not backwards. No one has ever made progress in any venture by looking back!

PSpagnuolo Premium
Thanks for the info Kyle, it’s amazing the opportunities that we have out there I know we need to do is read and understand and follow your instructions in the pot of gold is truly reachable. I’m still doing my studies haven’t made any money yet but I’m sure there’s plenty of money out there to be had when I am ready and I will be ready soon.So thanks for the great instructions and I will follow everything you’ve taught me and I’m sure in time I’ll be going to the bank. Thanks again Pat
Vickic3 Premium
I have only been working online for just over 2 months and already seen how expansive the Internet world really is and as for ideas. It is endless. Type whatever you want to know about and check out how many pages there are on your particular question. Often more than 440,000,000 results. Be kinda hard to keep up with that and the Internet is growing so rapidly with all sorts of new inventions, ideas that working online leads to infinite opportunities'
Thank you, Kyle, for sharing this awesome post
Brenda38 Premium
Hey Kyle :)

An amazing and inspiring article. As I am new in the internet world, it can certainly be overwhelming, to say the least lol
I have tried a few other internet attempts, only to be disappointed in the lack of honesty and community.
I have absolutely loved my first few days here, and I now see how the possibilities are endless. The training and support you provide on here is par to none!

PDrost Premium
Great article Kyle,

I am so glad I joined WA and started my journey with everyone! I may not get where I’m going in a month or even 6 months, but I am moving forward with this and learning something new everyday. This excites me even more reading this giving me that feel good moment that I made this decision to join at the right time!

Thank you again for this!
phakacha8 Premium
Hi Kyle,
There's too much opportunity out there and too little time to learn and scale up the ones we choose.

No worries. Just learn one step at a time to make it firmer, and we can leverage the opportunities later - adopting the New York Model(1-500 employee).

That was a WIDE Coverage.
Khalfish Premium
In my few months experience here I realized something interesting regarding online opportunity.
At first everything was overwhelming and it seems like every niche or every opportunity that I want to go for has been taken.
However, as I work through writing posts I started to see opportunities.

In short I feel it is difficult to see opportunity if you don't start dong something online. So when you don't see an opportunity just do something. Write a post, review a product, just make sure you are doing something and you will see opportunities the more you do.

For instance at times I can't find the pictures I need for my posts in all the free pic sites I know, that in itself is an opportunity.
kimwolfe Premium
I've noticed this opportunity doing research in Jaxxy.

For example, there are approximately 156,000 searches a month for "how to make money online". With the potential of 26,000 website traffic visits a month. For 1 year, this could result in over 1 Million searches and 300,000 website traffic visitors for this one topic alone.

I think any affiliate marketer or business owner would be happy to get even a small sliver of this traffic.

Opportunity is definitely out there.

Great post! Thanks for sharing.
Jamcoman Premium
I am a new member here but I wanted to get my website up and running fast so I did not do the training yet. My website was just indexed by Google and I know that when I write more content that my ranking will increase. Once I get everything written that I had planed then I will go through the training and make improvements as I go along. I have a lot to learn but in the long run I know that I will be making enough money to make it worthwhile. WA has a lot to offer you so stick with it and ask questions if you don't understand something.
Greg990 Premium
It would be a good idea to go through the training as you go. There is information in the training that will make your initial content more likely to be indexed by the search engines and maybe ranked.
Kyle Premium
Exactly, that is part of the process of achieving success at anything. Sticking with it. People have the tendency to shift niches or shift directions of their business when things get tough, but that is certainly not always the right thing to do. Pushing forward, will often time reveal brand new and much greater opportunities.
Jamcoman Premium
Please retread my comment. I said that. Your comment said what I said. Please do not repeat what I said just to comment.
J-KWest Premium
My wife and I were talking about this the other day... there are moments (especially when doing keyword research) that you feel like it's saturated, but I was thinking of Kevin Kelly's 1000 true fans and we got talking about what 1000 premium WA referrals could do for our family...

At first glance, 1000 seems like a lot (and it is), but to put 1000 into perspective, there are more than 1000 people in my daughter's school (in a city with 200 + schools)

I quick drive around my neighborhood and with houses and condos I'm sure there are more than a 1000 people within a few blocks.

Just doing some quick research now, it looks like there are around 475 cities in North America alone.with a population of 100,000 or more (many with millions)...

For those of us with bootcamp sites, just a single premium referral from each city in just North America would be life changing.

The next time I get a little discouraged I'm going come back to this post.

Thanks Kyle for putting our potential into perspective :-)

frex6 Premium
Very good post, Kyle, I've always known there was a way to make it on the internet years back. I just couldn't figure out how I was going to get it done until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Because I tried coding and found that it was going to cost quite a bit of money to ever get it off the ground. With this platform, it just took all the regular work out of building my website. This lets me focus on the more important business side with endless opportunities.

The sky's the LIMIT!
bpais1 Premium
Wow, I haven't heard the word, "billion", this many times since the late, great Carl Sagan used to use it incessantly on his famous show, Cosmos.

All kidding aside - even though I'm still basically a newbie, 1 1/2 years of WA under my belt - I'm seeing progress in sales. Not much now, but at least something every month.

Someone once said to me, "If you put enough STUFF into the top of the funnel, some STUFF will come out the other end."

Thus, I will continue to post STUFF as often as possible and, eventually, I will be selling more STUFF - as my readership traffic increases.

I am getting a sense that it is just like getting my foot in the door. Soon, I feel that my web traffic will begin to grow exponentially - which will lead to more sales - exponentially.

It's only a matter of time.

Never quit - never surrender.

AuLicious Premium
Awesome post Kyle!

I have just recently created a website to help business owners gain working capital.

I must admit, the internet has granted me the ability to reach out to prospects, inform them about my services and have them sign up for funding, when I'm not even present.

Talk about (time) leverage!

The vast opportunities the internet offers are unmatched, there's no better platform for new online businesses or older brick-and-mortar businesses.

I think the most powerful realization is, we are all just at the beginning of this ride, imagine what the internet might look like 20 years from now?!

Thanks again for all that you do here Kyle!
We can't thank you guys enough!

sdawson Premium
Wow, this is so true and I love it! The sky is the limit for us basically.
Just this last 2 weeks I worked on my WA training and online business sites. I joined an affiliate program and got a website to sell CBD oil products online. I also today joined a program to sell vintage jewelry online. Talk about multiple income streams down the road. This is my plan to reach my financial goals. - Shirley
Cyndee1 Premium
I realize there is a huge opportunity online. I just don't know that what I have to say and do will be that interesting to people and earn me a living. I've never been a salesperson and really lacked confidence in myself most of my life. Just in the last years have I started to feel comfortable and branch out. If you don't try you will never know. Leap and that is why I am here.
PMbaluka Premium
I really appreciate this information Kyle. We had a debate with someone who thought that the online business has got no future at all and I was trying to show him how expansive the market is. This post adds more meaning to my answer and I will share with him.

Thank you so much

DBruneau77 Premium
Thank you Kyle.

In all honesty, before I decided to join WA, I was in the scarcity mindset, and had the tunnel vision of view. Part of it was when I finished university and entered the working world, the internet was still somewhat young. As your post alluded to, one needed to know code, and/or have resources to run an internet business back in those days. It was a perception I held onto for years.

In the few weeks I've been on WA, those perceptions I had made a 180 switch. There is indeed an abundance, and plenty of opportunity (which I discovered just by narrowing my niche idea further). Very much exciting times these days!
Walsh Premium
Kyle,you are absolutely right great post plenty opportunity lying on the online business.

DianneBee Premium
This puts a lot in perspective. I'm a writer, not a marketer, and this reveals to me that I'm overwhelmed most of the time. I do see a huge opportunity but still feel I can't quite grasp how to succeed.

There is so much great advice here and I read tons of posts by savvy marketers about writing good copy, sales funnels, landing pages, niches, sub-niches, doing more research...and much more.

I'm nonplussed.
TRPEng Premium
Thanks Kyle that's a great post. I have let to find my click yet. I am going to renew my yearly premium membership soon and carry on.
Kyle Premium
It will all start to click, everyone has a different breakthrough moment though (in terms of time). If you give yourself time to succeed, it absolutely will happen!
TRPEng Premium
Thanks Kyle.