JUST RELEASED: The Future of Affiliate Program Research is Here!


Hey Everyone!

Today is an exciting day, and one that many here have been looking forward to! The new affiliate program integration into the Hubs environment at Wealthy Affiliate is now LIVE. This feature provides a range of opportunities for members to discover and engage with affiliate programs directly relevant to their niche, thus enhancing their potential for revenue generation.

Here are some of the key things I am going to be discussing in this video:

  • Introduction of Affiliate Program Integration:
    • The brand new integration provides relevant affiliate program revenue opportunities.
    • How it opens up numerous product and service categories that are often difficult to find.
  • Implementation and Membership Levels:
    • The platform's functionality for both starter and premium members.
    • Starter members can access insights into affiliate programs but need to upgrade for affiliate links.
    • Premium members can access and manage up to ten categories, with the ability to add more.
  • Affiliate Program Discovery:
    • The system performs comprehensive searches for affiliate programs, ensuring up-to-date information.
    • It captures affiliate program details and directs users to relevant registration pages.
  • Niche-Specific Examples:
    • Examples include keto cooking for starter members and beauty & skincare for premium members.
    • Specific affiliate programs like Sephora are highlighted, showing potential commissions.
  • Centralized Management:
    • The platform allows central management of affiliate links.
    • Features include adding favorites and managing all of your affiliate links, reducing the need for external tracking tools.
  • Additional Features:
    • The ability to add new product categories and discover associated affiliate programs.
    • Simplified integration of the Wealthy Affiliate program for promotion.
  • Future Enhancements:
    • Plans for further integrations and improvements based on user feedback.
    • Encouragement for users to leave comments and report issues.

The new affiliate program environment at Wealthy Affiliate is designed to save time, offer extensive revenue opportunities, and streamline the management of affiliate links, making it a valuable tool for online business owners and affiliate marketers.

We would love to hear your feedback about this platform, and if you haven't used it, jump into your Hub environment and check it out. It will be attached to ALL of your existing hubs as well as any new hubs you build! :)

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Sorry, a little bit on the side. Is it possible to add a box where the articles you have finished writing are, or AI rightly, but you copy/paste them inside your website?

I am asking because I have found out it is better for me to copy it and paste it because the future image has worked much better that way, I have tried both.
But when I did that, it stood out as an article that was ready but had been published using the method I talked about.
So, there are risks of confusion.

At least an idea

This is fantastic!

This whole platform is better than any other course or program I have used in the past. I was told to be that reselling courses was going to make me thousands even millions.
Wealthy Affiliate is way better than any other platform, giving you a ton of resources and ways to bring in revenue that fit you. The HUB is an amazing little 'hub' filled with resources and information that keeps growing with the most up to date information and resources.
All of these additions are great not only to use to build your site(s) but also to share when making referrals

Yes, and we will continue to help you streamline your entire business (and several) within the Hubs environment. It is really starting to take shape, and is leading to much more efficient business creation.

Really glad you are loving Hubs Pamela!

Kyle, this is great news. Saves me a lot of time, as at the moment I'm very time poor and trying to get a post done every night, then advertise my post on different platforms takes me a lot of time each night. Most nights I just haven't got time to run around and try and find an affiliate product over so many platforms. Now I might be able to quickly find a product to sell and get it ready for the next night to build an affiliate selling page. Thank you for putting this section together. Cheers.

Yeah, that is the goal. To continue saving you more and more time through technology we establish, so you can focus on the "build out" side tasks of your business. I think we are all to a certain degree time poor and if we can reclaim minutes or in this case HOURS, it really starts to lead to more productivity!

Yes Thank you.

No problem!

Superb! I just love the central management right here inside the hub for each business. Sometimes, I get really confused between my four websites, so this will eliminate all of that. And it's a time-saver par excellence! I'm keen to get started now, whereas before, I was always putting product selection off!!

Congratulations on launching this in Beta!! You seem to have thought of everything. And the fact that the links and products are the most current is superb, too. Keeping track of offers and sales on many platforms does my head in!!

Anyway, once I start using it, I'll note any questions, further adaptations, etc.

Thanks as always for thinking of us and our speedy success!! 🙏🏼🌟

Awesome Linden, glad to hear you are liking the centralized management. The goal is to streamline business side activities in one place. This leads to more efficiency, and more productivity.

We have already rolled out a few tech-side improvements since the initial release of this, with many more to come to the broader platform. Lots to look forward to as members here within WA! :)

Exciting! I'm sure you and Carson must feel accomplished for all your focus over the last 15 years! You've built something extraordinary that can go on thriving as everyone puts all their eggs in the Internet marketplace basket.

Congratulations!! 🌺🌟🎊

This is one of the best affiliate program research that I've ever experienced. I like how you can explore different affiliate programs with a complete description what it is about before you join one of them. What to say thank you very much. I am definitely going to be taking great advantage of the affiliate program research. Very happy and excited.

Really glad you are liking the new platform Andrew. A lot of though went into how this works, and it totally streamlines your affiliate program research (and eliminates the hours that it would have typically taken you within any niche).

Hi Kyle,
This is amazing and super helpful to identify the specific affiliate programs. This gives me clear idea what program to choose and content to be created around the product. I am excited to explore this feature.
This is really a clever update and I could see lots of efforts has been involved. Features like these making WA platform more and more interesting and helpful for us.
Once again thanks for this awesome feature!

Yes, please do explore and as you have feedback we would love to hear about it. There is a lot of effort involved in creating this, but that is the case with everything we do here. We put a lot of thought into these improvements, but we also know that everything evolves so we are always open to suggestions for improvement, new use cases, and new integrations. :)

Thanks for your feedback, and glad you are liking thew new platforms here!

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