Is Using Kleenex the Best Way to Blow Your Nose?

Last Update: July 11, 2018

That is a question I would like to pose to you. Have you ever given this any thought, or did you just assume that because others are using Kleenex and that you are using it, that is the only and best way of doing it.

Well, not the only, I have a 5-year old and she tends to think that using her sleeve is an effective way of blowing her nose. I know, gross right?

Although myself, I haven't personally questioned the idea of how to blow my nose and what the most effective approach is. I do question a lot of things on a day to day basis and I also see the innovation taking place that is questioning some of the longest standing "accepted" products & services.

But somebody might in the near future and come up with a much better "concept" for blowing your nose. The Kleenex convention could be overturned and we as a human race may adopt a new way to deal with our runny noses.

Plain and simple, if you "question" how things are done, you may find out they are NOT being done the best way. This has been proven over and over again, and at the highest pace we have ever seen with the proliferation of technology and the Internet.

I am going to be discussing some examples in this thread, along with one HUGE example of disruption that is going to have a long term and postiive impact on you and your business.

Let's look at a recent real life example of disruption to conventional thinking that I experience. Something strange.

A Cross Walk. Disrupted.

As crazy as it sounds, most crosswalks are exactly the same in particular at lights. When it is green going a certain direction, the walk signal is initiated in that direction only, and you can cross the road. People waiting in the other directions, continue to wait until the light turns green in their direction, at which time the walk signal turns white and they can cross the street.

There are many cities in the world though that are now moving against this convention, as it is not the most efficient way. This has been the way for MANY years, but in busy areas, it is has been found to be much more efficient to allow everyone to cross in any direction all at once, and stop traffic in the other directions.

Then when traffic is going (green in either direction) pedestrians cannot walk, they have to wait until the "everyone walks" signal.

Here is an example below of Santa Monica, California (one of my favourite cities in the world), but there are many other cities implementing this pedestrian strategy like New York.

An Unconventional Crosswalk

This not only allows people to bypass and additional wait by being able to cross diagonally, but it also allows the traffic to safely turn right/left at stoplights without having to worry about pedestrians.

The Principles of Math. Disrupted.

Many people are not questioning the result of math, as there is a right or wrong answer in every outcome. They are questioning the way in which we are calculating those results. There are often times many ways to reach the same endpoint or conclusion.

Math would be one thing where you think everything is "written in stone" and there are no new findings, but that is simply not the case and just in recent years the way children are educated on simply multiplication tables and fractions has shifted drastically. There is innovation in what would seem to be even the most archaic of industries, including math.

Everything From Taxi's to Hair Dryers. Disrupted.

Let's look at some other examples of "challenging" what we know and possibly think are the best solutions. There have been many massive industries turned on their heads in just the last 10 years that appeared to have a complete monopoly and where no level of innovation could take them out.

Well they have been disrupted, and have been in a big way. Let's look at 6 examples of this.

TaxiCabs, Uber/Lyft. The taxi industry has been turned on its head and a once held monopoly has been overrun by a more cost-efficient, all around better experience for customers. Much like when people grab a "Kleenex" when they are going to blow their nose, people grab an "uber" when they are going to get a ride somewhere.

The Electric Car, Tesla. The electric car is not new, but it has never had any level of penetration in the automobile market to really make a dent. Tesla has changed things with their progressive mentality and now think "Tesla" when we think electric cars, and likely in the near future we are going to be experience driverless cars. For 100+ years there has been very little change, but now we are seeing technological advances we could have only imagined in a sci-fi movie even 20 years ago.

Cable Television, Netflix. Netflix is now considered an activity. Did you see the latest series on Netflix? You hear this sort of thing all the time and it has shaken up the cable television industry. People are now spending $9/mth to get Netflix instead of spending $100's on a cable bill. How quickly things can change and there is no looking back on this technology with things like Apple TV moving the cable industry to an "a la cart" sort of environment where you just purchase channels that you like.

Hair Dryer, Dyson Supersonic. A hair dryer, how boring. No innovation can be done there. Well none other than Dyson has taken this on. They first made vacuums cool, then they made bladeless fans cool, now it is hair dryers. There is room to innovate in any industry, and we are starting to see companies disrupting pretty much every imaginable industry, including hair dryers!

Building a Website, SiteRubix. Building a website used to be a frustrating and complex process, and within many hosting environments it still is. There are many companies pushing this industry in a direction that is changing the way we do business, with Shopify in the ecom space, with Amazon in the hosting space, and with platforms like SiteRubix offering connectivity between many business environments (keywords, content, wordpress, site analysis, security, plugin management, hosting, and the underlying technologies).

Music. Spotifty/Apple. Look at what Spotify and Apple Music did to the music industry. It has not only made the customer experience much better for buying music (and more cost-efficient), it has made music much more accessible. Artists have as a result had to change their business model from making money "selling CD's" to making money going on tour and doing concerts.

Every industry it feels is no longer holds a monopoly, even when it comes to banking and currency, you are seeing a push with all sorts of transactional processes and new digital currencies that are pushing the landscape forward and forcing archaic systems to innovate or get left behind.

Lastly, what I feel to be the biggest and ongoing disruptor is shopping in general. How we shop, where we shop, and how efficient we can buy anything is changing the landscape of the retail industry. It is also revealing an incredible amount of opportunity for ALL of us.

Retail Shopping, It's Disrupted.

Window shopping used to be a term for people that weren't serious buyers and had little to no intention of buying. They would literally "look in windows". That term has evolved with the proliferation of online spending and the comfort of making purchases online.

There is a new world of window shopping now. People literally shop for, trying things on, and get to the point of being ready to purchase in retail outlets, and then purchase online. Why? It is more cost-efficient to do so and there is much greater solution, more sizes, colours, and designs. Free shipping and returns are also common place now, creating a great deal of customer confidence in the online retail space.

As a result, the offline retail industry is getting CRUSHED.

Businesses are dying that haven't adopted the "online first" retail model. You are seeing some of the longest standing companies run into a lot of difficulties as a result of new "questioning convention". Sears was doing fine in the early 2,000's when online shopping was just started. But they didn't adapt, while Amazon, Walmart and other major corporations were investing in their online retail divisions, Sears wasn't'. They failed.

People buy everything online. Groceries. Jewelry. Clothing. Sinks & Bathtubs. Appliances. Even Cars.

Shopping offline, it appears, in most respects is not as good as shopping online. As technology improves, the customer experience online is only getting better.

This massive disruption has lead to opportunity, and an ever-increasing one for anyone operating within the online world. People are moving a great percentage of ALL of their shopping online, and it is only going to continue down this path.

Regardless of the niche that you are in, the disruption of the retail world and the fact that spending has moved online, is good news for affiliate marketers and if you work to establish a presence within the online world in the next 1-2 years, you are going to be setting yourself up for long term and sustainable business.

There you go, I have gone Kleenex to Retail Shopping.

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the online shopping world and any other disruption that you are seeing to the "conventional" monopolies that companies once had. Please leave your two, or ten bits below!

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RemyOryan Premium
as a young engineer years ago when I was learning about materials handling systems and ebay was just kicking off I had a vision of the future which I still think is going to come true.
I can see a day when the huge big retail malls are turned into automated warehouses and people will be funnelled into very small but very opulent viewing lounges. You will shop on a computer screen inside this lounge and if you want to see something or try something on , push the button, and a robot warehouse worker will grab you item off the rack, bring it to you and then probably even upsell you something else.
For everything else (that you don't need to touch and feel) I don't think we are far off having items delivered to your door either by drone or by driver less vehicle.
Kyle Premium
It does feel like we are moving closer to closer to this state. I realized this this past year at Christmas time when shopping malls are usually incredibly busy, this year there wasn't as much foot traffic.

The reason, people shopping online. Conventionally I would have spent close to 100% of my money offline at malls/etc during Christmas, this year I spent around 50% online.

That is disruption, and it is happening before our eyes.
Kar5 Premium
You are definitely right and you pulled it all together. That is exactly what I do when I even go in a store I will wait to check it out online. You show how we all can have a part in the changes now and reap the benefits if we put in the effort.
tommmm111 Premium
This is good to read Kyle and true it does seem like a metamorphosis. People like Sears have gone belly up and our Amazon is way beyond now. I like that you give many examples and it is so much to think of. I hope it's true what you say about a bright future for us and from you it is probably true. Yay!

RamonaBrooks Premium
Hi Kyle: Very true article! I have cut my cable bill off; and just using the Netflix and Hulu.

I am sick of their extremely high prices and feeling like you had no other option, but, to pay these outrageous prices, in order to even turn your TV onl.

Yes. things are changing and I for one am truly glad!
Tina3p Premium
I absolutely loved the move to online anything . . . banking was my first eye opener which I welcomed because the lineups at the 'brick and mortars' were too long. At that time they had the nerve to close offices at the same time people were getting off work. Such contributed to the long lunch hour lineups. These lineups were out the door.

Meanwhile the credit unions caught up to the banks in terms of memberships. Since it was online banking their membership literally grew overnight as it was so easy to set up shop online. They were able to draw some of the customers away from the big banks.

Knowing this though makes me panic a bit not having yet established mys website. I want to be poised and ready for the next wave of online shopping boom.
chjerpstedt Premium
I am sorry for being late to reply.
Kyle you are right about not making changes because we are stuck in a certain rut.
My wife and I went into a Sears store that is scheduled to close in September of this year, it was some what sad. Sears years ago had a large catalog where you could buy many products, was good at that time but costly. They are like many companies who spend a lot of money on physical advertising, rather than affiliate marketing. I want to thank you, Carson, Jay, and others who have great insight on the best online strategy for success, keep it going.
FrankB44 Premium
A very insightful article, Kyle, and dead-on as well. I'll add my two bits here (adjusted for inflation, it's now six bits) about my previous career in the retail automobile industry. In my position as General Manager of a mid-sized family-owned dealer group, one of my key responsibilities was increasing sales and profits.

I recognized the potential of the internet twenty years ago, and wanted to shift a large portion of our advertising budget from traditional media, i.e. newspaper, television, radio, etc., to growing an internet presence. My prediction at that time was that the internet would completely change the retail automobile business.

The owners scoffed at the idea, and refused to make any changes to our advertising programs. Within a few years, they grudgingly admitted that more and more people were shopping online for cars and trucks. They finally allowed me to reduce newspaper advertising and use the money to begin advertising online. They still firmly believed that NO ONE in their right mind would ever buy a car "sight unseen".

I eventually left the company (now completely out of business) in part because they wouldn't allow me to set up a dedicated internet sales department. They still believed that "people buy cars from people" and insisted upon the regular sales staff being allowed to deal with internet "leads".

There are undoubtedly dealerships still trying to do business that way, but probably not for long. It simply doesn't work.

As Bob Dylan wrote "The times they are a-changing"

Tesla has been making waves in a less well known manner as well. They have refused to establish a network of franchised dealers, which prevents them from retailing vehicles in states that prohibit direct sales by manufacturers.

The franchise approach to automobile dealerships has become a thorn in the side of American automobile manufacturers. Unlike McDonald's franchisees, automobile dealers weren't required to meet or maintain corporate standards.

I predict the time will arrive when new vehicles can be acquired online ONLY, and they'll be acquired directly from the manufacturer and their in-house lease/finance division. Franchised automotive dealers will disappear just like shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retailers.

My task right now is to find a way to capitalize on the coming changes with an affiliate program. I'm working on that! Lol

Kyle, you are a true visionary. Kudos!
DorcasW Premium
Thanks, Kyle for your wakeup reminder. Innovation is the tool for businesses in today world. Technology is on its upward way it is plain to see that this generation is in for the move.

Therefore, I see nothing else for business-minded individuals to do other them to take their business the technology way. The Pie in affiliate marketing is large everyone can have a reasonable slice I want mine.
Mark120 Premium
This publication takes aim at the pulse today: new technologies are blowing people's minds. The subject's headline reminded me of the title of chapter 13 of the eternal book of Rabelais."-How Gargantua's wonderful understanding became known to his father Grangousier, by the invention of a torchecul or wipebreech".Today it does not annoy anyone, people calmly accept the variety of their needs and the countless ways to satisfy them. Many here see examples of revolutionary technologies.
And taking into account the goal of each of us, Kyle logically offers to participate in the progress of online sales". comments.
Vickic3 Premium
In my nearly 60 years I have seen so many disruptions in the marketplace, both retail and online and all I see for the future is online shopping, people staying home more because of safety and a lot of other reasons and online is it. The only changes I can see is how cool it is going to get with technology in the online world which will be awesome for all of here at WA
AffFranE82 Premium

I supposed if we look way back in time it would be crazy all the disruptions we see. Way back when there wasn't even television and radio. Nonetheless disruptions are what makes our world great. It's the universe way of cleaning out the old. Which is why we all have to be vigilant with our businesses to make sure we are keeping up or else get left out.

TDomena Premium
Great post Kyle. Regarding the nose issue, handkerchiefs and water irrigation is my preference as it's much more cost effective and I try to be frugal (especially since I'm trying to invest as much as I can into my business).

My niche is Entrepreneurship, and I'm watching the problems entrepreneurs are facing especially in marketing. The traditional marketing monopoly seems to be crushed.

People are watching Youtube rather than TV, so television advertising isn't as effective. Similarly, local newspapers or even magazines are not as effective as a well targeted local online advertising campaign, so marketers who can show businesses how online is more effective than traditional can have a very lucrative endeavor.

Radio is competing with podcasts with much less overhead and higher profit margins. ROIs are probably much higher for podcast advertising versus radio because the recordings are recorded and searchable. AM/FM Radio could soon be crushed along with Sirius and XM.

Thanks for the post and all of the education you've enabled us to compile here. Studying here is something I'm extremely grateful for.
herinnelson Premium
The whole world seems to be shutting down and going tech! I think I need some Kleenex!

Just in the past year, our major mall has closed most of it's shops! Sears---gone! Macy's---gone! Best Buy---gone! etc.. Pretty much all that's left is Target and the Movies! So now, instead of traveling an hour in each direction to other malls, I shop online!

You're so right---It IS good news for us, though, Kyle! Being in a company as Wealthy Affiliate with a platform providing all the essentials to succeed online, gives us long-term stability, while the world outside our window competes to stay afloat.

Great post with so much research! It is very interesting to know all these facts! I love how you tied them in with Kleenex!---Brilliant! Hug that little 5-year-old girl of yours! I love how our children inspire us!

Erin :)!
Debs66 Premium
What a fabulous post. I have to be honest it's the Kleenex word that got me. What a brilliant way to write a blog to bring in traffic.

Who would of thought of using Kleenex as a header. The amount of people that must look up the word Kleenex. Then to add in the other extras. Uber, Online shopping, Tesla, Netflix, Siterubix.

Yes things are changing and maybe so am I. What a brilliant mind
you have Kyle. This post has just given me some fabulous ideas.

Everything is changing lots of shops closing down in the UK. Which brings another good idea to mind as it goes.

Wealthy Affiliate are just brilliant. BTW.

~Debs :)
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Great post, Kyle! Good reminder to always expect change and to be flexible enough to go with the changes.

In 2016, I bought a car online and have been very pleased with my car and with the customer service that I have received.

I did my vehicle research and also researched companies selling cars online before I started my online buying journey. Like others, I went to local car lots, got fed up with their antics and condescending customer service. So I was delighted to purchase online with no drama!! I'll do it again next time I buy a car too, b/c it was that good!! :)

Kyle Premium
Excellent, that is one thing I haven't done yet because there is so much red tape here in Canada with purchasing cars online. I do have friends that have purchased cars through sites like eBay.

I can totally appreciate what you are saying about car lots and their entire business is up for grabs. You are also seeing disruption in that space with the likes of Tesla and their sales division been run out of shopping malls.
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hallo Kyle
Great Discussion .I like to look up online !0 businesses that will not last long ..the first time that I did I was amazed how many large companies are in a bad way closing stores Two big reasons that have come up the Wrong CEO who were STUCK in Old ways and could not see and would not see the Problem Number 2 was Amazon Online store free delivery plus huge choices
I have always loved the American way ;
Vacuums were Hoovers
Photo copiers were Xerox machines
Tissues Kleenex
the list goes on..
I love your Final Comment the fact that spending on line is GOOD NEWS for Affiliate marketers..; long term $ sustainable
I enjoyed your Post Thank you
Regards David
AK007 Premium
I love Kyle's take on this subject. This is the 4th industrial revolution and the world is changing at a dizzying pace, and nowhere is the change more evident than online.

Since my niche is about Swiss made luxury watches I just want to lightly and briefly touch upon this subject.

Many exclusive watchmakers (all of them have websites naturally) have a policy which says that only official and authorized retailers are allowed to sell and repair their new and authentic watches and to offer the brand's official warranty, and none adheres to this stringent and rigid policy more strictly than Rolex.

Many of these premium Swiss luxury watch manufacturers have no doubt excellent products made according to the most demanding quality controls in their factories, but they should make online shopping easier for people.

Many people buy expensive premium watches (authentic and brand new) from websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Chrono24. Others buy used watches from the very same websites.

I understand the logic behind the Swiss watch brands' and manufacturers' policy: ensuring that premium watches are made according to the most exacting and strict quality standards in their factories, ensuring warranty and service at their physical retailers, and playing with people's minds (PR & marketing) and creating the somewhat romantic illusion of luxury and exclusivity by limiting the official and authorized sellers to physical retailers.

But these Swiss watchmakers are essentially shooting themselves in the foot.

Why do so many people buy Swiss premium watch brands such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling online?

a) It's more affordable. Many people can't afford the original prices at the retailers.
b) Larger collection of watches online. Is your favorite watch sold out at your local retailer? Chances are that you'll find it online.
c) Many of these watches are brand new. And many of them are used but frequently in mint condition.

Personally, I think it's time for the Swiss luxury watch industry to make online shopping easier for people. Maybe they could alter their policy and extend the policy of "official and authorized retailers" to online stores as well?

As always, a great article Kyle.

RAFStuart Premium
Alexander a most interesting post, whilst I can empathise with you, think the Swiss manufacturers will do want they have always done, there own thing.
dragonfly10 Premium
Online Marketing is here to stay. We have more brick and mortar stores going down every day where I live. I live in a remote rural setting so going into town has been a drag for a long time. I even use online pantry stores now. And still, save money.
JackieSmith Premium
Interesting read...

It's so true concerning online shopping.

Nearly every day I hear of another store closing because people are shopping online. It's now becoming the norm.

Offline stores seem to be getting rid of stock through sales and that's the only time they see a sea of people coming through the doors.

Interesting times ahead for AM!
Woodpecker54 Premium
Interesting train of thought that is running in every aspect of life as it changes. Kind of like the telephone that used to hang on the wall and had one purpose. It is now portable and has many purposes. From talking on the phone from anywhere to buying online, to virtual doctor visits.
Ibhar Premium
great article Kyle, I would like to share why I am doing this business and Why I see this "internet venture" is going to be huge in my country and the region where I am from, LatinAmerica, Now it seems like affiliate marketing and shopping online is not as big as USA or Canada actually we are miles away, but sooner or later companies are going to become online, It started already with a partner of ebay called mercado libre, now is amazon who is betting on online shopping speacially in Mexico, walmart, bestbuy etc but not all work with affiliate marketing so is a little challenging for us now, but there is a hugeee market ready to be convert into this, it just matter of time. And if I become in authority helping about afiliate marketing.... uff in a few years this would be awesome!!!
Joes946 Premium
Spot on Kyle! The challenge is for older people, who have not been able to adapt to the internet. I am 80 years old and run a sales force of about 100 in the travel industry. About half of them have come into the 21st century, while half are still operating in the 19th century!
Look at Walmart, with their catchy "ring my bell" advertisement. It is either think out of the box or die. I was a pilot for years and our standard saying was to "stay ahead of the plane."
You're keeping us on the cutting edge. Keep it up!
Great post.
ClintKropp Premium
Kyle, haha wow, I am gearing up for a post from a conversation with a close friend surrounding the topic of that photo.

We were talking and I told him about WA and then later we were talking about blowing your nose.

Niche post! You can make $$ from that you know.
Blowing my nose: Disrupted!

Just made my first $1 and it was $1.40 after just a couple of days with my affiliate link going live. Built some foundational things over the past two months in preparation to apply for this affiliate program. Applied over the weekend and tossed links out as late as Monday.

Gotta run Tissue paper post is calling me.
LucilleN Premium
Great article KyIe. Creativity is not just for artists: when we innovate in any area of life we're just using our natural ability to create. And this is based on not accepting the status quo but instead, questioning how things can be done better, as you point out.

I'm sure we could all learn a thing or two from children like your daughter who are always asking questions and putting new uses to everyday objects. Even Kleenex can be put under the magnifying glass - but before, not after, you've blown into it.
Defiant6 Premium
Why Kyle, you speak the truth! The way things have always been done is now being questioned and changed to even better methods.

I even read the other day that one local grocery store chain is the first in the area to implement a new system that will customers scan groceries and products right from the shelves and then immediately pay for them at the self-checkout lane. A future update will let customers pay as soon as they scan it. Things are definitely changing and the future is looking bright for those wanting to help people in ushering new innovations.
DaveST Premium
Thanks Kyle, love this. On a personal note I hate Kleenex it never worked for me, I always blew through it. I started using paper towels a long, long time ago and with no blow through, enough said on that issue.

As for your blog I can so relate to the changes happening in the world, they are mind blowing. When your as old as I am these changes seem unreal an were unimaginable in my younger years. I have embraced these changes throughout my life they have helped me be better, sometimes hard to keep up with but its all good!
Pernilla Premium
Awesome disruptive post, Kyle!
You are making my brain thinking in new ways - that's pure disruption.

I'm excited about the future inventions. There will be a really big change with the new automized world. Jobs and workplaces will disappear and new ones will come. Step by step we get to know new inventions and new work processes.

I hope we will talk more about health centers instead of hospitals (in German and Swedish a hospital is named "illness-house") in the future. We must start thinking about preventing getting sick instead of getting sick and then try to repair the body. This would really be something disruptive. We then have more time to enjoy life instead of suffering from chronical diseases with pain, aches, and anxiousness. Perhaps we wouldn't need any kleenex at all in that kind of future!
Chrisie1 Premium
Kleenex to Retail Shopping to toilets ;-).

Jay's Japanese toilet seats will be in all homes in a few years. No more using tissue at all. Your daughter may be on to something. I'm so used to people using their sleeves to not spread their germs anymore. Therefore, the new sleeve Kleenex ;-). Just a thought, lol.

Since WA, I've become more of an online shopper, which is easier than going to the store. Online shopping has become more convenient than offline shopping.

How many times you've gone into a store; the product(you're looking for) is never on the shelf but it's online? That's what caused me to become an online shopper in the first place.
OGguitar Premium
I'm old enough to remember when we had 3 channels on the TV, pay phones with little booths and transistor radios. It's amazing how this little box I'm sitting in font of has changed the way we live in such a short period of time. My concern is keeping up with the Millennial mindset. How do I dial in to the emotional hot buttons of a generation that never heard of the things I mentioned above. I think I'll do some research and write a post about it.
Thanks for the brain fodder Kyle. Good stuff.

frex6 Premium
Great read Kyle pretty interesting take on things but all true. I think people who were on the move to online shopping back when it first started out has a better understanding of how the online world works. They have seen it all develope and know the best ways to show their products to the world as if they were buying. Like trying to decide which is the best move on purchasing the right brand of tissue Kleenex or Puffs they already know. You can buy with lotion or without, they already know they are a little ahead of the rest don't you think?
ckbear Premium
I have learned to approach "Kyle-grams" on two levels. Level one is the material itself and level two is what each Kyle-gram can teach me about "how to write a WA blog."

There is no doubt that "how we do" different things is changing -- and changing with the weather.

A related question -- one that is closer to home for me as a 62-year-old -- is figuring out what prior knowledge I can re-use and what else I just have to just throw away.

A big part of joining WA and learning all about affiliate marketing is figuring out how to be/stay relevant in the current world.

Fortunately, seeking out and learning new things is something I enjoy.

Thanks, Kyle, for another interesting article -- and more to ponder. ...
RogerHumbke Premium
Enjoyed reading your comments.

As I get older (75 on July 20) I find I don't throw so much away, it just goes away. It's not all bad because I am now reading some novels I read 30 years ago and remembering enough to enjoy it even more this time around.

Trying LION'S MANE (a herb) for the last two month and at times I think it helps, but not sure.

What I do know is that I am learning a lot of new knowledge and skills here a WA.

RamenRiches Premium
Kyle, this is one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever seen you put up on your blog. It’s interesting because I was just having this same conversation with my wife a few days ago.

I agree that trends are being disrupted like never before, but I also have to say that I’ve noticed a kind of cyclical trend appearing as well. For example, looking at retail sales ...

I live in a very rural part of the United States. Back in the 1920s and 30s there were general stores all over the place every 3 to 5 miles where you would go and pick up supplies every so often.
Fast forward to the 40s and 50s and ordering things from print catalogs was all the rage. Local general stores closed up shop and people had their goods delivered to them.

Then, in the 60s and 70s, shopping malls started popping up every 40 to 50 miles as mid-distance travel became much easier. Catalogs started disappearing, and fewer people ordered from them. By the mid to late 90s, catalogs had all but disappeared and people were once again traveling to actual store locations to purchase goods.

Now, thanks to the Internet, we're essentially shopping from catalogs all over again. Instead of being delivered to homes in the mail, our catalogs are digital and can be accessed at any time. Companies can now change the products in them immediately and launch a special in just a few moments instead of waiting weeks for delivery.

I think the cycle is once again about to repeat itself but in a new and unique way. In my area, Amazon is making a big push for same day rural delivery with Walmart trailing very closely on their heels. Both companies are trying to establish local delivery routes and warehouses so that goods can be shipped from nearby locations as fast as possible.

I think that in the future we will see locations every 50 to 60 miles once again, but instead of having to go there ourselves our deliveries will be dispatched from the locations after ordering the goods online.

I know that only time will tell, but it is interesting to see how the trends continue to change every 10 to 20 years or so.

My take away is that it has never been a more exciting time to be creating an online business. People are now adopting an Internet purchasing mentality that is more mainstream than it has been in the past.
kjdahlin Premium
I never thought I would see online shopping, I don't only see it but I do it. Sometimes you can't get what you want in a retail store, but if you look up the item online for the same store it is there. Many times online shopping is much easier for me. The store still gets the sale but only online.

Now if they don't have what I am looking for I will go to another store in a click of a button or where my product is that I am looking for.

Nadja3 Premium
I'd like to mention the education sector which is in turmoil, still keeping traditional ways of teaching when the modern educational technologies are knocking at the door.
The huge business potential which requires completely new teaching approaches. Major educational technology providers and online course developers still struggling to align teaching and learning strategies with the job market requirements, technology trends, new social and economic changes - quite a number of variables to take into account...
RogerHumbke Premium
You sure got me thinking about the potential! Thanks.
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you...
AlexEvans Premium
We are being disrupted for sure, I like your take on things kyle, the good thing for us is that more and more folks are researching from their phones, almost to that micro, management of their day to day life and activities, always searching for that deal or information, pretty good time to be in the review creation market, the technology seems to be wrapping itself all around us making things so easy, it will only get better as confidence grows.

Really like that, all in crossing at one time.
Flash4 Premium
This is something well thought up. I will read this post again as there is so much information to shake us all up.
Love your caption.
Noses have come from using cloth to disposal tissue, I can't even think of where it will evolve from there.
Terrific post!
Cheers Jae♫
GiuliaB Premium
It is reassuring to hear your view point regarding the survival of affiliate marketing, Kyle. In fact, and as you point out, it seems that affiliate marketing is here to stay and to thrive. You are right, everything is changing - I'd say, every industry is evolving, which would indicate some negative disruptions to develop into something better. It's up to us whether we want to adopt the negative approach and shrink in that corner, regretting the times gone by when it was all much easier and more straightforward, or whether we want to keep up with the changes and embrace the new ways.

I think online shopping is a generational issue, with us older people finally making the move from only buying books or paying bills online to now buying makeup, skin and hair products, furniture and decor, and so much more, online. Recently my niece texted me to ask some questions about growing a basil plant she had purchased. When I recommended a bigger pot, she ordered one from Amazon and would have to wait two days to get it, whereas I would have just driven to the home store and bought one locally. But she has been shopping online since she began shopping for herself and this is just standard procedure for her. Not criticizing, just an example of the different approaches we each had. I buy more gifts online now than I did even just two years ago, so yes, my shopping habits of a lifetime are being disrupted (slowly, for me!). I still like to go handle a flower pot, feel its heft, and think is it going to stand up to the prevailing wind in my area. Interesting and thought-provoking post!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, you would have wasted 2 hours of your time doing that, not to mention gas, potentially parking fees, and you would have thought about organizing your schedule around this.

She orders in 30 seconds, doesn't have to think about it and can free up time for other things.

And what if your pot wasn't available when you got to the store.

There are MANY advantages online, and in some locations in the US time to get the product is no longer becoming a competitive advantage. I know many items in places like San Diego can be deliver same day through Amazon.
CarolMeador Premium
Sometimes I do things sort of backwards. I shop online to see what's out there and compare brands, then go to the physical store so I can actually see and touch it prior to purchasing. This is primarily for large items such as kitchen appliances that I replaced this summer.

I am still in the dark ages in terms of technology. I do not like to put my credit or debit card numbers online, and sometimes purchase prepaid credit cards for purchases when I do want to buy something online.

Kyle Premium
Yeah, that can happen too and I know what you mean. Sometimes you want to review products online, and see in the store what they are like. If the deals are better online, you will come back, if it is the same price, then you would likely just buy the product now so you can have it now.

I do this as well, but typically it is the other way around.
CarolMeador Premium
Yeah, and sometimes I do the opposite as well.
marycmiller Premium
Kyle first I must say, I wondered how you were going to spin "blowing your nose", interesting and to the point. Second, your daughter maybe practising to become a hockey player. I use to coach Atom and PeeWee girls hockey. The girls were alway asking me if I had Kleenex on the bench, nope I was the coach and didn't worry about such things. My standing reply was always, "no that is why they made sleeves". I thought is was funny but I always got the "ew gross" look from the girls, and the manager started to bring Kleenex, problem solved. LOL Anyways thanks for the post, I agree, if we stagnate we will miss the moving bus.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, I was wondering how I was going to spin that one too, I was on the fence of changing the title but it was in line with the points that I wanted to get across.

Thanks for sharing your stories either, nothing like "snot" stories! LOL
Jadatherapy Premium
In London I have noticed a lot of retail businesses going out of business. They say it is due to people shopping online.

A lot of Big Name retailers are now gone and or going. They are totally going out of business with receivers chasing them.

I have also noticed that a lot of friends and family now shop online as a way of life.

I believe that this is the best time to get into online business. I have been looking for a good few years now.

Finally I can stop looking.

Stay Blessed
Kyle Premium
That trend is going to continue, in particular with the big boxes that haven't adopted online shopping. Many have, which is great to see and these are the ones that I continue to shop at, both online and offline.
THOMAS54 Premium
Thank you KYLE for pointing out those areas of our experiences as man tries to keep pace with the advancement in technology. Other innovations include digital billing and payments in financial transactions. And these days majority of people are comfortable with cashless transactions and payment through the smart phones. Your post is awesome and educative.
dragonfly10 Premium
I do all my shopping online even pantry food items. It is cheaper and more accessible than 70 plus miles one way to town. Sometimes I feel I am an online pioneer. Amazon loves me. I have even signed up for their housekeeping services; they haven't found my home yet. :)) Kids using their sleeve is just fine, Kleenex is just as bad. Eighter way they still have to wash their hands. Lol All the bookstores in Spokane, have died due to online services, except for two. I do miss spending a day in a large Bookstore.
Kerjackie Premium
I prefer to shop online because it is so convenient, no need to drive, and being stuck in the traffic, you save your time, is cheaper.
The kleenex part was funny part to read, who knows how the Kleenex will be replaced? I am trying to think a minute about Kleenex, paper... I don't know.
Thank you for your great article.
raybrannum Premium
I guess I am different, I use handy wipes or what is called baby wipe to clean my hands and when they dry to blow my nose. They are stronger than Kleenex and can be uses several times. LOL
Crazyhaggis Premium
Since living in South East Asia, I do more and more shopping online. Sometimes it’s to find items unavailable here. On other occasions like yesterday for example, I bought a printer online. It was cheaper than buying in a store and saves me having to lug it home in the heat and humidity.
Online shopping has been a lifesaver for me. Nowadays it’s automatic for me to look for something online. How times continue to change. A few years ago I wouldn’t have even thought of online shopping.
BobMargroff Premium
Great post Kyle...I have one for you:
Home Phones, disrupted....most people I work with no longer have a phone “wired” in their homes. How many of us use cell phones and have done away with the home phone service? Along with that is long distance service through companies like AT&T, or MCI. Hmm, I even remember “roaming” charges on my cell phone. Now most of us use unlimited calling coast to coast on our cell phones. Wow, times sure have changed!
dragonfly10 Premium
I enjoyed your comment about cell phones. It is almost impossible to sign up for specific services without a cell phone account. Such as Yahoo, and many others. But my family are still lost souls that do not have cell phones. We are too remote to receive coverage. I bought one for my son for safety reasons when he is away from home. But other than that we are still dependent on landlines. When we lose power, we lose our landlines as well.
your friend Sandy
Surfdude123 Premium
Basically Amazon and Wal-Mart seem to be taking over the online market. As an affiliate you see pennies on what you sell for them. So, they are still winning like the dealer and the peddler who make the dealer rich. The same applies to anything. Whoever can outsmart the next guy wins the game. That's the sad reality of life whether it's online or offline everybody is chasing the dollar or the newest car or breast enhancements or whatever. In the end it doesn't matter because we will all just be a skeleton with a skull with lifeless sockets and a few teeth attached to the jaw bone staring up out of a coffin. Dead....toast..dust. Keep playing the game till then. Lol
NemiraB Premium
Hi, cheer up, you will get a new body, do not worry, look at the bright side of life:)
LArsenault1 Premium
Great blog or post-Kyle, It reminds of well I am older than you when we use to watch the Jetsons and wonder than if the world could really change like that? Well like you have stated and it's official the " Jetson's World " is here and hopefully here to stay! loved it, Kyle.
EstherP1 Premium
You are correct about brick and mortar going by the wayside; however, if we don't keep up in this field as well, BEWARE, everything and I mean everything changes. To make it more imperative, now things seem to be changing a light speed instead of "regular" speed. We may all be obsolete as well, so lets stay up on what's happening around us.
Kyle Premium
Everything does change, including the way people buy online. These days mobile is becoming a must, so are devices like Amazon Alexa and voice operated devices.

There is, at the same time, I see some regression for technology. People are getting a little "creeped out" by what has become the norm and making some shifts back to the conventional.
Well I prefer a rag or a hanky lol, by the way great article thanks for that. Change is here and it's going to create lots of opportunities for those who willing to adapt, it's also going to take away the so called " the norm" jobs.
The big Pharma going to be in trouble once precise medicine is fully integrated into daily practice. Precise medicine is administered by taking a DNA sample to target the problematic areas and administer proper dose instead of one size fits all. How great would that be.
Nancy29 Premium
Great article. You have to wonder what was, or maybe wasn’t, going on at Sears. With their history of mail order, you’d think that moving to online sales would have been a “no-brainer” for them. Of course, hindsight has it’s advantages. As a side-note, I bought my first donkey online.
Talk2Ray Premium
I really enjoyed reading your post Kyle. We have to learn to adapt and improve whatever we do. Before Kleenexes many people carried around hankies. I still do to some extent but I can also see that having a snotty cloth in your pocket is gross. I am not sure when online shopping will be extinct but today it is the up and coming market. Thanks again for your great article, makes me think...
Donnie58 Premium
I totally agree, Kyle! My wife and I were just discussing the other day how Sears is about to bite the bullet and any online marketing is now the way to go. She now wants me to put in more effort here at Wealthy Affiliate where she was complacent before.

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to show my wife your post.

bpais1 Premium
I see this as - "we can all build a better mousetrap" - if we put our minds to it.

And, with online shopping on the rise, building a quality website that attracts a boatload of visitors is a great place to sell just about anything under the sun!

My hope is that the rapid increase continues without government interference. I've heard a lot lately about brick and mortar retail shops complaining about online sellers - and, some in our government, in the U.S.A., are listening. I just keep my fingers crossed that they don't take any action that may interfere with our affiliate marketing efforts!

In the meantime, I'll just keep on - keepin' on!

As long as I have breath left in me, I will not let them win without a fight!

Kyle Premium
Yes, definitely the case. And speaking of which, I was researching mousetraps the other day and there are some really sophisticated ones out there.

Whether or not they work better will determine their longevity, that combined with price, practicality and overall brand, but it is interesting to see that pretty much every industry is seeing a run on it with the divergence of new technology and challenging the "norm".
Godsmack12 Premium
Kyle great post. The world is rapidly changing and retail for example is scrambling to stay in business. I have a friend works for Target they teamed with google but have made there food market a #1 priority to try to keep people coming in the doors. Thank you for the read.
fleurallen Premium
Perhaps we may see us all returning to the old fashioned hankerchief? Here in Australia our supermarkets no longer are allowed to provide free, single use plastic bags so we all now carry a range of reusable bags in our cars.

I have been curious about the evolution of online shopping for over 10 years when I began an online art gallery, before online galleries were common.

But a business model I have been curious about following is the retail success and integration of online bookings for tech support with using Apple stores. At a time where retail is being disrupted how many Apple stores do you see full and everyone happily waiting their turn?

A thought provoking post :)
mbrasseau Premium
I have long been one to question the status quo, so I completely relate to this article.

When I was young, I'd share my unique perspective with friends and family, just for them to reinforce my "weird" label... meanwhile, somewhere else in the world was seeing what I was seeing, and monetizing it.

This ends today :)
Chezbrown Premium
Thanks for this Kyle, I enjoyed reading this and found it interesting. I agree that as the years pass things get better and technology moves on so we really need to move with it.

I do think though that some people change things for the sake of it, not because it is needed. So if something ain't broke then don't fix it. If you can see that something is not working and you can fix it then it is ok to do so.

Online shopping is so easy to do nowadays and beats going into crowded shops, especially at times like Christmas. xxx
mmonterola Premium
The world is getting smaller because of these disruptions, I should say.

Families from far away connect easily because of iphones, smart phones, etc. Gone are those very slow communications, like telegrams, letters by post, etc.

We really need to adapt to these updates so we'll not be left behind.

But we need to watch out on their proper use because sometimes, instead of helping us, they pull us down. Instead of making our lives easier, they make them more complicated. The social media, for example, like Facebook , connects families from afar, but it will also infringe on our anonymity or our privacy.

Let us all use these disruptions properly.

Thanks Kyle for this exciting post.

ToLiNoLi Premium
The internet was never private nor had any anonymity, what you post on the internet stays on the internet.

What happens to your content you post in Facebook as example, years and years it was known your information got collected, processed and used for something....

Nothing changed, the information about you is just growing... ;0)
HannaC Premium
Love this post! Just giving me so much inspiration to continue on this online business - world is really going into this direction:)
McWord Premium
Nice post, Kyle! We are experiencing an explosion of successful online marketers! For those of retirement age (like my wife and I), who are unwilling / unable to retire, the future is bright indeed!!

Your friend,

CowboyJames Premium
Changes, changes. Me sitting here resistant to change. Crying into my Kleenex...
Great post Kyle.
Windflower Premium
It's keeping up with the changes that's tough. I had no idea about the crosswalks thing in Santa Monica, and other cities, and I'm a world traveler! What is better than keeping up with the changes? ANTICIPATING the changes to come... that's when you can be on the ground floor and make those all-important inroads into the next big thing. What changes to do you see coming in the future?
TitaWorks Premium
Love it! Thanks, Kyle....
RoopeshG Premium
As you said this makes it an awesome position for us affiliate marketers to be in.There is opportunity all over.
Elijah1916 Premium
Online business is a lot easier and cheaper to start. You don't want to consider the capital involved in brick & mortar shop. it's incomparable Kyle.
RDulloo Premium
For somebody who's owned a retail store before, I can totally relate to what you have written, Kyle.

Not only is it getting more expensive to rent space in the malls or any other locations (which should actually be going DOWN to encourage people to open new businesses) but it is more difficult to get customers to buy!

Because once they see something, they want to go ONLINE first to see other options, like features, colors, and specially price!

But with the high rents, it's impossible to compete with the prices online because the items need to be priced right in order to cover expenses and turn a profit.

That's why, I closed my shop in March 2018 (with a loss of over $30K) and am investing in my website. There is much more potential with affiliate marketing than anything else right now.
Traveller75 Premium
Yes things have really changed over the last few years, hard to keep up with for me. I see your point, could be huge over the next few years, better be ready for it. Thanks for the info.

Kyle Premium
Sometimes (often times) these changes we feel happen in an instant, but they take many years. Like home automation, it was available many years ago but the point in which home automation is ubiquitous with a new home being built, is a few years out still.

It will happen, as technology advances and as we adopt this. In terms of the online world and our online shopping habits, they continue to increase as MANY things happen. Shipping times improve, reliability and trust improve, refund policies improve, selection improves, and availability improves.

There will come a day where we all feel confident buying EVERYTHING online, including groceries.
timphandyman Premium
Where I live there are several major stores where you can by online and either have it delivered or pick it up at a drive through. Even Lyft is offering grocery delivery. The day has come.
ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Kyle,

Great article to think of how our world is changing and what will come. This will help us to prepare for the future.

Concerning the Kleenex, I don't use that, any paper towel that does not feel like a piece of sandpaper will do the job. ;0)

Btw electric cars are not cleaner, maybe in energy use, but surely not if they need to be trashed, many of the components need to be light in weight and they use special materials to put those components on the car. These are special kind of carbon/plastic which cannot be recycled, fantastic isn't it?

Wealthy Affiliate University vs The World

There is no other or better place as Wealthy Affiliate University to learn and build affiliate businesses. Do I need to say more? ;0)

Crypto Currencies Disruption

I believe crypto currencies will cause a disruption and possible replace the normal way of paying in the world, paper money will disappear as some countries have already taken it down (Sweden, South Korea and some other), then it is only a question of time, you will pay with your digital ID, everything will go electronic, ha wait when the power goes off due to a natural disaster, that will be fun lol.... :0)

Flying Drones to transport people will replace Cars Disruption

The first flying drones to transport persons are already operative, this will revolutionize the world and in 5 - to 10 years many of those flying drones will be used as taxis, even personal flight vehicles, the traffic system needs to be invented for that so that will change as well. Oh and I will have my flying saucecab for sure and fly around in my red saucer and getting to my location and bring you the news. ;0)

Cleaning ladies vs Cleaning Robots Disruption

Yes, they are coming the AI Cleaning Robots taking off all that work of a cleaning lady, cheaper and more efficient. Will they be that intelligent to take over your home? Who knows... ;0)

Sex Robots vs Real People Disruption

In Germany the business with a newer generation of Sex Robots is booming, they look and feel like real, it is possible (let's hope not) one day they may replace real people.... oh oooh.... :O

Facebook Advertisement Disruption

I believe Facebook, the social platform, social interaction and placement of advertisement will shake up the world in the years to come and may take over the place of best way of advertising in front of a huge crowd socially interested in what you do. Advertisement prices for these services may skyrocket over time...

Me vs other advertisement methods Disruption

Time will tell if my way of offering advertisements for company services and products can bring change in the way of how products and services can be brought on a subconscious level to a huge crowd of people.

That is it for now, I surely might think of some more over time.

What do you think Kyle?
Kyle Premium
I like the "Me vs. other methods"! I think we all need that attitude and need to consistently question authority and also companies/products/services indicating they are the best, perhaps there is a better way.

As with WA, we KNOW there is always a better way and we work towards that, when we achieve the better way, there probably still is even a better way. This constant battle to achieve perfection leads to ongoing evolution and innovation (and is very fun and exciting).

I love your other examples, very good ones. They are disruptive indeed and yes, electric cars are still pollutants, but if they were powered and charged from solar energy or another sustainable source of energy, that would make quite the difference.
GeoffGS Premium
You can buy your electric car with digital currency, but you can't blow your nose with it. :)
ToLiNoLi Premium
Thank you Kyle,

I always think outside the box, whatever I do, every day, you get a much better view of how everything works and in this way discover how things can work better and also find new ideas to try out. And yes you are right that is evolution and drives humanity forward.

I saw, Jay's webinar is now at 5 p.m. my time, great, now I can follow it too, instead of napping on my chair just before start. :0) That is what I call evolution lol ;0)

There were cars running on solar energy, even on water, but those new inventions all the sudden disappeared.... Probably bought by the energy companies, otherwise that would put them out of business.... We will have to wait till the earth runs out of oil and gas I guess.....
ToLiNoLi Premium
Yes you can, wait........................................
.................................................... did you see it? :P