Incentive Updated: Your 100 Sale Countdown to Vegas!

Last Update: September 01, 2020

Hey Everyone,

Today is an exciting day and I wanted to let you know why. Being September 1st, we have once again decided to update the Super Affiliate Incentive Program and make it achievable for EVERYONE here at WA to make Vegas next year.

So we are excited to announce to EVERY member of the community here that...

Get 100 Sales, and You Meet Us in Vegas (All Expenses Paid)

So here is how it works.

The new incentive criteria will run from September 1st, 2020 - December 31st, 2020. If you can achieve 100 new Premium sales between these dates, you are going to be invited for an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas next year.

This 4 day event includes:

  • Return Flights
  • Accomodations in a 5-star Vegas Suite
  • 3 days of round table conference in an exclusive suite
  • Meals during the daytime conference
  • Amazing Fine Dining for dinner
  • World Class Entertainment
  • Ability to mingle with fellow Super Affiliates
  • Official & Exclusive WA Swag (new every year)
  • Hang out with us (Kyle & Carson)

If you want to get a taste as to what this conference was like last year, you can check out my post that documented last year’s trip. There is something to be said about meeting with fellow successful entrepreneurs and doing so in the lap of luxury.

READ POST: Our Vegas Trip From 2020!

And a lot of you are probably asking about Vegas in 2021, and the reality of it happening with the COVID-19 situation. With the current situation, we are not sure at this point if a Vegas trip in 2021 is going to be realistic. It will of course depend on the situation and the positive progression of this pandemic.

In saying this, if Vegas doesn’t happen this year we have something extra special up our sleeves planned. Your hard work and efforts will not go unseen, we are going to follow course as to how we always do things. We reward super affiliates and this will be no different!

So either way, we are going to be celebrating this year’s incentive program the only way we know how to do it, in style!

The Best Wealthy Affiliate EVER is Arriving Soon!

On another note, I want to let you in on a few things going on behind the scenes. The entire Wealthy Affiliate team has been working very hard to get ready for our most exciting release in the history of WA. Yes, HISTORY.

We have been incrementally improving Wealthy Affiliate with each day that passes over the past 15 years, some changes and innovations more drastic than others. Sometimes though, you really need to step things into high gear and that is exactly what we are going to be doing in early October.

Mark your calendars, this is going to be a big deal. Our latest platform release is going to also lead to the most innovation and progression that we have ever experienced. The speed at which we can innovate will be faster than ever. And you can expect regular platform releases and completely new platforms at WA as we move through 2020/2021 (and beyond).

We are also going to be taking our training to a dimension we have never seen. This is one of the key updates that you are going to be seeing as we move into our October release. :)

And This Means NEW Revenue Opportunities…

As an affiliate, you currently have access to one of the top paying affiliate programs in the world at Wealthy Affiliate. Each and every year we dole out millions in commissions, and we anticipate this is going to ramp up to levels we have never seen.


With the October release, there are going to be new revenue opportunities, and a plethora of new marketing angles in which you can effectively promote WA. It will also be more viable than ever to leverage marketing techniques like PPC, where establishing a positive ROI is the ultimate goal. Better conversions, more income opportunity, will offer you the ability to scale high revenue campaigns and do so with more efficiency.

Higher commissions coming...
More marketing angles coming...
Integrated affiliate opportunities coming...

Achieving 300 sales, let alone the new challenge of 100 sales will be more achievable than ever. Our focus is making our service better and our affiliate tools better, which in turn makes your life that much easier as an affiliate.

Exciting days are ahead!

Haven’t Started Promoting WA?

If you haven’t started, it is not too late. You can get rolling with your bootcamp campaigns. This training is getting a fresh look as we speak, and will walk you through the process of being a successful WA Affiliate.

If you are interested in becoming a full time and very successful affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, then I highly recommend that you head into the Affiliate Bootcamp direction.

You will find Bootcamp within the Training tab, under Affiliate Bootcamp. (see below)

Click on the "Get Your Business Rolling" phase, and you will be off and running. By lesson 3 you are going to have your very own bootcamp website up and running, and from there we are going to be teaching you how to build out your business in a way that leads to LONG TERM success.

Alright, let's rock!

I know each and every person here is more than capable of achieving Vegas status this year. We have made it more achievable than ever, and come October there is going to be a lot of excitement that you are going to be able to leverage to blast sales (along with a ton of new revenue opportunities).

There has never been a better time to be an affiliate of WA, that I can assure you of! We would love to have you there next year!

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Wallerdog Premium
I envy those of you those of you getting the referrals and sales, I"m just doing my best to get the homework done one lesson at a time. I don't mind investing in ads, but the PPC Campaigns don't start until Phase 7 and I'm still working on Phase 2. :-O
In the interim I"m testing out discovery ads on one of my YouTube channels to gain experience.
Uchembah Premium
Now I know I am not alone...
CorneliaJ Premium
No you guys are not alone. I am also still busy in training. I want to believe in miracles but I know work will get us there in the end.
Wallerdog Premium
Yes, don't get me wrong. I believe I can make it work and I'll be pushing very hard but I also know from my own personal experience I'm not there, yet. I just put out a writing job for another article and am doing as much as I can each night now to get it done but I also have other things competing for my time in my fulltime job.
Good luck!
ChunaC Premium
So I'm not alone..
I'm inspired by the achievements of our friends here at WA, but honestly I'm still way behind.
I could not even finish my draft review of
God bless us all.

Wallerdog Premium
Here is someone who went from zero to hero and has given us training, I highly recommend as bonus homework to look through her training she has provided here on WA!
Kyle Premium Plus
Sounds good, and I am going to be elaborating on a process of promoting through PPC when the update is in place (post October 5th).

There is going to be more opportunity and room for very successful PPC campaigns with your WA promotions as we move forward.
Wallerdog Premium
Kyle, that sounds fantastic!!! I was planning on starting my ad campaign for WA after 1 October as it is. I'll push as hard as I can until then to beef up my site, learn what I can on advertising before then and set aside some money just for this!
Wallerdog Premium
Has the launch run into some trouble? It's now Oct 25th and my $ campaigns are flailing. lol
KBush Premium
Very exciting things coming our way. I have not thought about doing the Bootcamp because I wanted to do the Niche websites. Going forward I think it would be a smart idea for me to get on board with the Bootcamp training so I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all my followers and to learn how to do it correctly.

Thank you for all you and Carson do for us

Kinda Bush
Kyle Premium Plus
Definitely, jump in bootcamp training. It is going to walk you through the process and get you setting up a sustainable business in this niche. ;)
KBush Premium
Thank you Kyle for the insperation.

Question? I have a domain I purchased called Which is my first and middle name together. Should I bring it over to WA and use it for the Bootcamp website, since it is my name It might be good for added trust. Or should I create a new domain geared more on how to make money? if you would like you could PM me your thoughts.

Thank you,

Kinda Bush
EmakAmelia Premium
Wow, this is an amazing opportunity. Thank you for sharing this exciting news, Kyle.🤩 You, Carson and team never cease to amaze us. 😀👍As a relatively new WA member, I honestly don't believe I can make it and be there but you never stop believing in us and supporting us with everything that WA has to offer. I sincerely thank you for this motivation boost. 🙏
Kyle Premium Plus
Focus on your niche, this incentive program is there every year and with the way you help and the way you write you are more than capable of achieving this and far beyond if you ever wanted to. :)

We would love to have you there one of these years Ferra! :)