Communication, Help & Support is Becoming a "Premium Only" Feature at WA...

Last Update: May 02, 2013

BIG Communication Changes Coming May 9th!

Update #1: As of may 9th, communication is going to be ONLY for Premium members. Starter members beyond their first 7 days are going to need to upgrade to continue communicating. This includes chat, discussions, blogging, and commenting.

Update #2: All brand new Starter members going forward will have 7 full days to utilize the communication platform within WA. After this period, it is premium only.

The Community at WA is Unparalleled in the Industry

We hope you are loving your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and you are making some wonderful progress. Whether you are a Starter member or a Premium member, I think you can agree in that the community, the help and the support offered here within WA is unparalleled in the industry and we plan to keep it this way.

In saying this, it is most definitely a Premium feature within Wealthy Affiliate and we want to continue focusing on helping folks, but the community needs a commitment from folks that are interested in creating a business online.

Because of this, we are going to be giving Starter members a 7 day “access” period to the help & support here within the community, but after that you will have to become a Premium member if you want to continue getting help with your campaigns and online business.

Premium support and the expert help and advice is absolutely a Premium service and that is why we have decided to make this decision (after a lot of feedback from both Premium & Starter members). I mean really, you are getting live support from “experts” at no cost, this is a service that many folks are paying several $1,000’s per month for elsewhere, and the support is not even nearly as good (not even in the same league to be honest).

If you are a Starter member, you have had access to Live Chat, and have had the ability to communicate freely until Thursday, May 9th.

However, you must become a Premium member to communicate within WA after this point if you wish to continue having the same Premium level of service. So if you log into your WA account and you see that you have lost communication privileges, this is why.

There are many reasons we did this and we have explained this within a public discussion at WA:

(1) 7 days gives you a good taste of the PREMIUM support offered. People have access to industry experts within their first seven days, access that is not offered anywhere else. This gives all Starter members a good idea of what sort of awesome help and support they get by being part of teh Premium community We offer everyone support like no other community out there, everybody is given the same level of support and we do not discriminate.

(2) We want to focus more on exclusivity. Yes, we are keeping the availability of the membership there for everyone and Starter members are going to get a full 7 days to get the WA "help & support" experience. If folks want the full WA experience after this point and to become part of the top community online for creating a successful business, then the Premium option is more than affordable for everyone (in fact, $19 to test out to see if it is for you). Compare this to ANY education, and you will realize there is nothing even close to comparable.

(3) We want to prevent "community" leeching. We want to retain community quality and this involves offering the highest level of service to Premium members. I mean, they are paying customers and deserve the utmost experience and attention, offering a wide open communication platform can dilute this.

(4) Chat is one of the most powerful components of the community. Fellow members offering their personal support is wonderful and we by no means limit support to Starter members, but 7 days is more than a fair time period to realize the sheer value that you get from being able to get help and you can decide if you want to retain this support.

But please realize that this is only affects you if you remain a Starter Member. If you become a Premium member, you will INSTANTLY get full communication privileges, plus a ton of other Premium Only features!

Premium is by far the best training, the best tools, the best website management and hosting, and the best personal mentoring you will get in the industry and you can get this for under $1 per day.

If you join monthly, premium is $47 per month which is still an out of this world deal. If you join as a yearly member (no monthly payments), you get our 2005 price of $359! This works out to be only $29 per month, or $0.97 per day.

==> Go Premium now for as low as $1 per day!

And this includes EVERYTHING! 13 new business models (classrooms). Weekly live and interactive video classes. Build unlimited websites. Host your very own domains. Access 1,000’s of Premium training modules and training. Unlock all the phases to bootcamp and the certification. Find unlimited keywords and get weekly keyword lists. Get PERSONAL support and unlimited access to communicate. Build your EMPIRE!

Wealthy Affiliate the most “cost efficient” and powerful business platform in the world. It is your only business expense you will EVER need to have, as everything you need to succeed in the online business world is at WA (and we mean everything)! :)

WA is and has always been an exclusive community of people whom are working towards their personal success online, or those that are already very successful and looking to expand their businesses.

Because of this, we are creating a more exclusive environment for Premium members...where people have committed to their success and have a vested interest in succeeding.

As of Thursday, May 9th, the following communication features are going to be Premium only (for Stater members outside their first 7 days).

(1) Utilize Live Chat
(2) Create Blog Posts
(3) Create Discussions
(4) Create training
(5) Comment Anywhere within the system

We have given you a wonderful taste of what WA has to offer and how our service exceeds and goes FAR BEYOND anything else out there. No other community offers what we do within our Premium membership, and no other service in the industry out there gives free access to personal support for an entire MONTH like we do at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, today I suppose you have a decision to make. You can continue getting support (including personal support) and have having full interactive communication access a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate or you can continue as a Starter and still get access to your Getting Started training and website, but lose the communication and support.

Yes, if you are a Starter member you still get access to your website and your existing training, but communication will be limited starting the 9th of May.

I want to make your decision easier. If you join Wealthy Affiliate for a year at a time, you can get our lowest ever price (since we started in 2005) of $359 (which works out to only be $29 per month)

==> Go Premium now and unlock your KEY to SUCCESS!

We hope you do decide to go Premium and I am absolutely 100% confident that you will love your decision, but ultimately your own personal success and your investment in your success is up to you.


Kyle (& Carson)
Founders of
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Pobman Premium
Firm but fair.

Moving in to IM is a total life changer and its not going to be an overnight success no matter how much marketing hype you read around the web. Grab a years access and remove that worry of paying each month and just knuckle on down to it all.
Kyle Premium Plus
Exactly, no hype here...just the truth and the help and support ANYONE needs to achieve any level of success they want. The help is Premium though and those that are interested in being part of a supportive community will have to become a Premium member.

More than fair and based on the feedback leading up to this from both Premium and Starter members (believe it or not), we know this is the right move.
jaker Premium
that seems more than fair
Kyle Premium Plus
We think it is very fair as well. The Starter membership (outside of the Support & Communication) still includes more than any paid program out there, by a country mile.
reefswimmer Premium
Makes great sense to me. The level of communication here is so solid.
Kyle Premium Plus
It sure is and it is only going to continue to get better as more "committed" folks fill up the chat and the communication platforms here at WA.
Shawn Martin Premium
Works for me. Good call K & C
Kyle Premium Plus
Glad you approve Shawn! :)
Ema Premium
I feel this is going to be good as you say. I am getting my money´s worth and it is true premium members will get more attention and we deserve it. I do recommend starter members to become premium.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, Premium is a no brainer and that is not me being biased. It includes absolutely everything one would need, the same people that are free are a lot of the time spending $1,000's per year trying different opportunities when everything and then some is right here for less than $1/day!