Beer With Kyle Friday: Website Update, AI Commodity, Author Platform Testing.


Hey Everyone,

Happy Friday and a very Happy Good Friday to all! As we wrap up what I hope has been a productive week for you, I've got a few exciting updates and discussions lined up for today, including a peek into the evolving world of AI and some noteworthy updates to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Here's what we're diving into:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Website Update: We've made some fresh updates to the Wealthy Affiliate external site, simplifying our language and focusing on the essence of affiliate marketing success.
  • The State of AI: A broad discussion on where we stand with AI as a global society and its increasing significance to tech companies.
  • Advancements in AI Authorship: Updates and future directions for our AI authorship tools and how they're shaping content creation within Wealthy Affiliate.

Before we jump in, let's crack open a beer together – today, I've got Bluebuck by Phillips, a staple in our local brewery scene here in Canada. As I pour this malty brew into my Wealthy Affiliate glass (swag from one of our Vegas events), let's toast to community, learning, and growth.

Website Enhancements:
We've revamped Wealthy Affiliate's external site with a focus on simplicity and clarity. Our goal? To make learning and succeeding in affiliate marketing as straightforward as possible. You'll notice new imagery and a streamlined message that emphasizes building your affiliate business with our support.

AI's Evolution:
AI has quickly moved from a buzzword to a crucial tool in tech. It's about leveraging AI to make life more efficient, whether through faster content creation, enhanced productivity, or simplified design processes. AI is now a commodity, integrated into the fabric of tech development and usage.

AI Authorship Innovations:
Within Wealthy Affiliate, we're pushing the boundaries of AI authorship. Despite its quirks and occasional unpredictability, AI helps streamline content creation, offering real-time data and insights. We're testing the latest AI models to ensure seamless integration and even more efficient content creation for our community.

As we move forward with these updates and innovations, I want you to share your thoughts on everything from our website changes to the role of AI in your affiliate marketing journey. Drop your comments below – I'm eager to hear from you.

Have a fantastic weekend ahead, and for those celebrating, a wonderful Easter!

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Recent Comments


It's good to hear your voice, Kyle. I love IPA best of all, too. But I'm open to trying any micro-breweries or craft beers! I can't stand characterless 'normal' beer these days.

I'm interested to hear how careful you are with A.I. I heard today that, which I write for regularly, is now summarily banning posts that are remotely A.I. and their writers if they persist. So, I find asking ChatGBT of the Article Writer to make a logical outline, which I can quickly fill out, is my best bet. It doesn't take long. I think the brainstorming/sequencing part of the composition definitely takes the longest.

It's incredible how sensitive people are getting to the gung-ho phraseology that AI tends to use, too. The other day, I emulated a chatty AI-speak post just for fun, and everyone was up in arms!! So, the watchdogs are on high alert, which is a good thing.

If it's okay with you, I'd like to write a post on this to help promote WA. May I quote you?

Blessings and Success.

Charley 😎

Yeah, we have a lot of microbreweries locally, which makes it fun and yeah I am on team IPA as well.

The key with AI is getting MOST Of the work done right away, the research and the creation of content is what takes the bulk of the time, and then if you can spend 15-30 minutes to polish and to edit the article to make it something that is a perfect fit for your brand, then you are going to be good to go.

The key is creating quality AI content at the outside, that takes a lot of work on the technical side of things, and that is the process we are enthralled with. Offering a bunch of "options" within the content creation process doesn't work that well either, it just has to "work".

And no problem on the quote, if you want to run the article by me before you publish it I would be more than happy to have a look. ;)

Hi Kyle, Glad you're a 'real beer' fanatic. I believe the British still have that campaign running–30 years old. Strasbourg is the epi-centre of microbreweries in Europe, and I had the great luck of working there for a couple of years, so I sampled about 100! Wonderful. Witbeer is excellent, especially grapefruit!

Yes, I see what you mean about AI having to work! I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you're training the WA bots. It would be fascinating.

Thanks for your blessing for the AI article. It might be a subtle way to promote WA and get some referrals. Yes, I'll send it to you later today. I must strike while the iron's hot!

I want to publish it on Medium because, as I mentioned yesterday, they are clamping down on AI and seem to imagine that we WA folks are just churning out AI posts and nothing else. Anyway, grateful for any other thoughts you have about this to include in the post.

Speak later.
Blessings and a million thanks for your transparency and consistency- a rare thing today! 😎

Hello ! Interesting that companies are using the AI to sell their product may it be what it is thinking that when you dip your foot in the water sort of speak and your relative says, be careful it is a hangout for Gators. I guess what I am actually saying is What is A. I. actually used for .I experienced the rath of inexperience and being hoodwinked to the tune of 18k American.I will be careful on this new selling point. Thank You. !

Oh no, so sorry to hear about this. Where there is opportunity, you will find schemers and it sounds like you have fallen into one of these. You could have been a member here for 40 years with our top tier membership for the same price...that just goes to show how people perceive value as well, the more they pay, the more they think they get sometimes.

We have led this industry for the last 18 years, and we use AI tastefully and in ways that simplify processes and speed them up. Our goal isn't to create gimmicks, which you see out there. It is to use the latest technology, to further benefit our audience.

Great to have you here Garry, you are in good hands now that you have found WA! :)

Kyle, how are you? Well I hope. AI is pretty cool in many ways as we all know but I am having a small issue when useing and it's really me not AI. You know saveing time is something expected when using AI, minutes vs days. The content that has been outlined for me the couple three times I've used AI is nothing that sounds like me and I have a hard time accepting it and I will start editing it and it takes as much time for me to edit that content and make it me as it would if I didn't use AI. Like I said it's something I am going to have to work through myself pretty much. I'm speaking about it cause I was wandering if I'm the only one with that issue.

Yeah, get the hang of it by using it. You will become more and more proficient with the use of the platforms here, and the editing process. The thing is writing articles used to take days in many cases, when in reality it takes "minutes" now...and the content quality typically is higher out of the box (and error free).

And then within 15-30 minutes you can make it your own, and it is ready to publish! :)

Another great message, Kyle.

I am relatively new to using AI, and I have to say I love it. It saves so much time, and it seems that if your prompts are good, you get good results. I have started doing images with ChatGPT. This is a learning curve, and many times, I get something completely different than what I am looking for. I need to research more scripts to adapt.

I hope the AI author will soon offer reviews. I want to start adding this to my website, and it would be great to have something to learn from.

Again, thanks for providing such a great platform for us to use.


AI does save a tremendous amount of time, and so far it has been about 99% accurate to the prompts I give it. Great stuff.


Yes the accuracy is very good, which is a huge plus.


Thanks for your feedback Nancy. Reviews is definitely on the list of things we are going to be offering, there is a lot of complexity to that because of the demands that people have for "review" design, and the idea of keeping it simple on top of that! :)

Using AI to help write content is a game changer compared to the time I would have to spend writing content for my website, blog etc... It is a real time saver.


I am looking forward to it. Reviews are one of my least favorite things to hash out, and having the AI help with that will a huge help.


Thank you for the updates, Kyle, I always look forward to "beer with Kyle"!

I noticed you mentioned about ChatGPT, Kyle, so is ChatGPT 4 updated to 2024? It's interesting that you mention about AI irregularities, as the last few times I have used ChatGPT 4, I have noticed the irregularities. Maybe there are so many people using it.

Enjoy your Easter weekend.


Yeah, GPT 4 with a normal ChatGPT account is only current up to April 2023, but if you have a plus account you have access to the browsing capabilities (so it will look up stuff on the internet).

We have access to more current data, through other versions of AI, but we want to make sure things are 100% stable and the content is of the same quality (actually much better), before we implement updates to our internal platforms. So that is what we are testing here, and we anticipate being able to update our Designer and Author platforms with some iterative improvements, and access to more current data.

Exciting times! And you enjoy your Easter weekend as well Roy! :)

Thank you for your reply, Kyle, it's appreciated.

I was looking up on the Internet about ChatGPT plus, I am paying the $20 fee, so from what I understand that means I have the Plus version.

I find it amazing what you are doing with AI Kyle, I'm sure there is a huge amount to learn and check etc, before you make it available. Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop.

Have a great Saturday.


GPT Plus, yeah that is what you are getting with the $20 fee and you are getting access to GPT 1106 with that (the April 2023 version), along with a lot of other features like browsing, GPT's, plugins, etc.

AI has a lot of function and capabilities within the online business world, and we are going to continue exploring ways in which we can help you streamline and make your business more efficient thane ever. ;)

Thank you for confirming, Kyle, it's appreciated. I was slightly confused as I upgraded around six months ago to ChatGPT 4, and then I heard people talking about ChatGPT Plus!

Thank you for doing the hard work for us, Kyle; as I mentioned before, I wouldn't even have a ChatGPT account if it wasn't for the Wealthy Affiliate training. I look forward to seeing the process more streamlined.

All the best.


The simplification of the page is good, and it seems to be less busy. Which, to me, makes it more engaging.

As far as the AI I agree that it is just becoming part of the tech fabric. An accepted part of life. At one time a graphite pencil was a piece of revolutionary tech now it is just a pencil and so it goes with all tech.

However, with AI, what makes it so interesting and intriguing is all the possible applications it has. The way it can save us time and, in many ways, simplify the complicated.

I am looking forward to seeing the newest AI Author.

Keep up the good work,


Yeah, we are moving to simplicity. Attention spans and our ability to consume content has taken a big shift, so I think naturally you will see all apps and designs make a shift to "simplicity" in the coming years.

You are exactly right, it is part of the tech fabric and anything that is revolutionary, becomes status quo usually rather quickly in the tech world.

Computers were once "revolutionary" and being able to play frogger on your TV was amazing. Technology advances, it's revolutionary for a short period, then it becomes "assumed".

AI opens the doors to a lot of advancements in tech, and a lot of advancements in the human race and it is really a very exciting time to be around. We are going to be leveraging it in many ways we are not already, and further help people become more productive within the online world...and to perform tasks for them that once took a LONG time.

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