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Last Update: April 14, 2015

For any of you that have already become somewhat familiar with my posts, you already know that I can sometimes get "long winded," so today I will attempt to make this blog post short and sweet.

I don't know about you, but when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was so excited about the opportunity to learn how to advertise through my own website that I forgot the obvious.....advertise the links. We have ads that we can already be using BEFORE WE EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE that we can include in our emails, on Social Media, in text messages, and lastly, but certainly not least, we can just give out our website profile using word of mouth. Isn't that amazing?

What makes my delayed awareness even more amusing is the fact that a text message is how my brother referred Wealthy Affiliate to me! We were discussing that online marketing is the way to go if we ever intended to have time freedom, and he just texted back, "Go to this site, and they have lessons that will teach you everything that you need to know. Off I went, and here I am! See how easy that was?

So I intend to be a little bit better about keeping this thing simple when referring Wealthy Affiliate. If anybody says to me that they wish they knew more about navigating their business online, who knows? They just may get a text from me telling them exactly where to start.

Be sure that however you advertise your site, you refer people to YOUR personal affiliate link to Wealthy Affiliate Link - PROFILE NAME or your referral could accidentally be assigned to someone else.

Take care - Keena

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scurvy11 Premium
Great post Keena.
Ok so I just added the link to my front page. When I click on it it sends me to my About page here at WA. But I'm not sure what a new person should be looking for far as how to get started with WA. Any ideas? Also how will WA know that we referred the person?
Armlemt Premium
WA gives you a link just like other affiliate programs. When they click on it an join, then you get the credit. If you follow the training, you should get an idea what to do next.
JewelCarol Premium
This blog post is not long-winded, Keena, lol. :)
Keep moving and don't give up!! :)
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Thanks for that - good idea.
sschmidt Premium
That's cool K. Influencer or "Word of mouth" marketing is a very strong way to market something. Make sure you give them the link with your affiliate ID so you get credited from WA. :-) Steve,
KRiches Premium
Thanks for that disclaimer, Steve! I already learned the hard way because that's the one thing my brother did. I included the links, but I do need to make that more plain. Updating my blog now.
sschmidt Premium
Cool. Yea, don't want to miss out on anything that you are due.
If you need to get your affiliate link, just go to your profile and click on "Affiliate Link". This is the link you need to share as it has you affiliate ID in the URL.
Strap Premium
Always the little things that we overlook. Thanks for sharing