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For any of you that have already become somewhat familiar with my posts, you already know that I can sometimes get "long winded," so today I will attempt to make this blog post short and sweet. I don't know about you, but when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was so excited about the opportunity to learn how to advertise through my own website that I forgot the obvious.....advertise the links. We have ads that we can already be using BEFORE WE EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE that we can include in our emails,
April 13, 2015
Y'all I'm so tired. I joined Wealthy Affiliate just a few days ago (April 3rd, 2015). Even though I work everyday right now, I cannot close my eyes without creating some type of activity on this site. Just a few days before I joined this site, I received an email offering me a job. It was the best birthday present ever when I actually called and spoke with the Chief Nurse stating that we could get the ball rolling towards my start date. It's a job literally minutes from my home, it has ha
Hi, I'm Keena, and I've mentioned on several posts that this is not my first rodeo with my EXPOSURE to affiliate marketing, but I DO hope that this affiliate will finally be the one in which I realize financial success. I've purchased several programs that included booklets and CDs that were mailed to me, and then there were online programs that I subscribed to. I want to be fair enough to those programs to explain what they did do well. Some of the things that all of these programs
April 09, 2015
I'm the type of person who is plagued with curiosity to a fault. I often want to learn about things but then get easily distracted either by something that comes up during my daily routine or by something new that I want to find out more about. When I go to a website, it is easy to become consumed with clicking on the many links and pictures that the site may have available. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I got excited because I saw Links to classrooms and certifications courses. What di
Hello, my name is Keena Richard (last name is pronounced reeSHARD), and I just joined Wealthy Affiliate a few days ago. I am so excited because although I have been exposed to affiliate marketing since 2007, I would always get stuck with how to actually market the product that I had become an affiliate of. I would ask questions like: 1) OK. They told me that I could use banners, but where do I use them? 2) How do I actually put the banners and links on the sites that I wanted to use them