Perceptions suck!

Last Update: December 22, 2016

Perceptions suck. How do you chnage others perceptions of you, You don't but you can help them solve a problem, build trust one step at a time and don't care. The choice is your's and so are the repercussions.

I often heard the phase perceptions are the reality and in todays world facts don't matter but in my world they matter very much. So do we change or selves or others through education and persistence.

Just a random thought.


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reanna1 Premium
Perceptions are here to deconstruct them! Everybody thinks or believes something about us based on his own perceptions of life! It is in our hand to shake them down by being ourselves!
AlexEvans Premium
It is always good to run our own race, stay true to ourselves and true to the course we sail others will take notice, even follow.
BooBish Premium
I recently took a nonverbal/body language course from, and it was mentioned of an incident where a very talented photographer was evaluated negatively when prospective clients met with her. Even though they were impressed with her photography work, they weren't interested in paying her much when they actually met with her because her body language didn't give her the impression of authority. Personally, in the past, the way I carry myself would affect my confidence negatively. Now I know better to have the "right" body language that can boost my confidence and create a better impression at the same time. As for written presence, it helps to sound like you know what you're talking about too. One has to assume the attitude that one is already an expert on one's niche when writing at the same time one is continually developing more and more expertise.
kmotte Premium
Great advice
WilliamBH Premium
Hi Keith .. there are a lot of good points you raise in this post. Cheers, William.
Numerous Premium
I've had a lot of people have a lot of negative impressions of me over time. I've generally found that they are based on their preconceived notions more than on my particular actions. Sooner or later, if I kept doing the best that I could, the facts, as you would say, would change their minds. Or they wouldn't, in which case I knew those were people I didn't want in my life. :)
kmotte Premium
You nailed it.