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According to a post on the Green Med Info Website, Google has just scrubbed Natural and Health Freedom Websites from its search results; Whistleblowers explains how and why.To read the post in its entirety please see is a blow to many websites that are all about how to live healthier by natural nutrition and or alternative medical methods that go against the medical mainstream
Robert, alias boomergp08, has been telling us the truth all along, I have always followed Robert for his superior understandings of online marketing and yet again, I have found more proof that his wisdom far exceeds my imagination. Actually, Kyle is the one to give the credit too because in his wisdom, Robert learned that a webpage can get ranked by words that weren't intended to be the focal keywords. See the screenshot of my proof below.Above is the screenshot of Google ranking my webspage at
If anyone ever asks you where to find the best free website builder, you tell them you can find one at Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short. Yes, boys and girls, WA has their own version of a website builder program - including all 4119 WordPress Themes!There is even a video that shows Kyle, one of the owners at WA, create a WordPress website in less than 30 seconds!I don't know of any website builder program, other than the one used at WA, that can create a website in under 30 seconds. I'm talki
May 30, 2019
I have been working so hard with keyword research, refining what to use, what to delete and how to use them together for posts on my website. I have also been busy writing - almost 4 post a week per my SAC requirements.My writing is improving. The time spent writing has improved dramatically, and I have proof again that my improvement is getting noticed by the SE. See my picture below, I took a screenshot ten minutes ago.My keyword selections are also getting better. I am paying more attention
Whew, I am spending as much time writing as I am researching topics to write about. This is unusual because I use to be a once a week blogger. Now, I guess due to the SAC that I am so thankful for, I am doing my best to keep up with my team mates by publishing 3 posts a week.I have learn some very valuable tips from the man himself, Kyle, and my respect and admiration continues to grow.The screen shot above was taken just a few minutes ago and my post was published before I left for work at noo
I confess. I have been guilty of not adhering to my promise in adding content at least once a week to my website. That doesn't mean that I have forgotten how to write. On the contrary, this post was the third post that I have written since joining WA to get the all cherished Page One, Position One of Google. Yahoo also gave this post the same spot!I took the summer off last year to build a garden in my back yard and do some home improvements that have been needed for quite some time.Once you st
Wheneveryou are viewing mail, messages, or SM posts, try to keep an open mindto the possibilities...Thelast thing that I would have expected was receiving a message like the one above in my email today.Namecheapused to be the recommended go-to Domain dealer for securing ourdomain names to our websites here at WA. This was before WA startedproviding the better option that we all benefit from today.Iam sure I'm not the only person here to receive such a message, buthence my surprise when I opened
Believe it or not, itis very possible to learn to make money from home while you sleep. Another thing about this approach is that anyone can do this.Students, retired men and women, or even stay at home moms and dads. Everyone has a passion about something. Whether it is cooking, gardening, or watching sports,there is someone that shares this same passion. You can turn this passion into a money making opportunity.The best part about all of this is that it can be FREE to start! Yes, you read tha
Merry Christmas to all. May this holiday season bring you happiness and cheer. I foresee a brighter tomorrow for all of us here, as long as we all stay focused, success is only a breathe away. May you all see the light and over come any bitterness we may have for circumstances out of our control. Let 2018 be the year of breaking out and letting success guide your every decision.God Bless you, and have a truly Merry Christmas!Ken
October 12, 2017
AnotherWebsite Ranking AppThere are several ways tomeasure your website rankings in the search engines. One of the best,of course, is Google Search Console, commonly known as GoogleWebmaster Tools. This is also free, and I like free – most of thetime.Google Webmaster Tools,or GWT for short is a very powerful analytic tool telling the websiteowner almost everything he or she needs to know about their website.It can help in diagnosing and/or repairing problems like searchtraffic, links, cra