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Last Update: October 12, 2017

AnotherWebsite Ranking App

There are several ways tomeasure your website rankings in the search engines. One of the best,of course, is Google Search Console, commonly known as GoogleWebmaster Tools. This is also free, and I like free – most of thetime.

Google Webmaster Tools,or GWT for short is a very powerful analytic tool telling the websiteowner almost everything he or she needs to know about their website.It can help in diagnosing and/or repairing problems like searchtraffic, links, crawl errors, sitemaps, and many other common issues.

The search analytics inGWT is one place that a website rankings can be found. But did youknow that there is another app that also does this for you – andmore?

I get my websites rankinginformation sent to my email address twice a day in a notificationemail. Pro Rank Tracker is a service that lists the rankingsof every web page you submit to their service. This service hasseveral levels of subscription – free and paid.

I, of course, am talkingabout their free service plan which allows me to enter and track Twodifferent search terms (keyword) and two separate URLs. This free plan sends an email notification twice a day, or if there is a change in ranking on one of my URLs.

What I like best aboutthis (free plan) service is that not only does it give me my rankingsin Google, but it also gives me my rankings in Bing and in Yahooalso!

If I want to know of adifferent web page, I simply replace one of my usual URLs with thisnew URL. I give it a day or so and check back and -BAM-, it is there.

What impressed me was It gave me notice of a change on two of my web pages that I wasn't even tracking. I wasn't tracking it because Jaaxy had never found the page ranking before, so I didn't bother to track it. Well, this service found it ranking

The first Ranking URL that I wasn't tracking is, which was suddenly positioned at 32 in Google. Then the next Ranking URL - - is actually another post that was never ranking before, "How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer". This service actually emailed a notification to me and said, "HEY, KEN, Look what I found!"

This post was at Position 60 of Google, but at Position 2 of Yahoo! WOW!

Now I can't tell youabout all the other features this service provides because, well,frankly I don't know. There are many different metrics that aremeasured but I have yet to try any of them.

To go see for yourself ifthis app would be a good fit for you, it can be found athttps://proranktracker DOT COM

I share this informationwith you because I know there are a few members that are curiousabout where there web page ranks along with other web pages.

I also want to show why Iwas stuck in 'what to do' the other evening when updating a web pagewith new, relevant information.

After watching a lesson Iwas asked to write a review on the Jaaxy keyword tool. I already had areview about Jaaxy – the “old” Jaaxy of pre 2017. It has ofcourse been upgraded feature wise as well as price.

This old Jaaxy Review –What Is Jaaxy About – had already been indexed and ranked! It has aranking of Page one, Position three on Yahoo and Page one, Positionone on Bing!

I need to re-write thisreview because it has old information that is not relevant. But notonly do I want to update the out dated content but also change theURL or title of page so that my description can be a little more'attention getting'.

I am spooked, though,because this page is ranked – quite well actually, if I say somyself – and fixing something that isn't broken - well – you seemy dilemma.

Once I finish re-writingthis review I need to find out what to do with my old review; deletebefore or after publishing and fetch to Google as well as Bing? Idon't want to get dinged for duplicate content, but I hate cleaningup 404 errors.

Well I'll find out whatto do when I cross that bridge – but in the mean time – To Yoursuccess – and have a great day!

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paulgoodwin Premium
Thank Ken for the info

kmer6 Premium
I hope you find it as valuable as I
paulgoodwin Premium
I always do

giftyafd Premium
Thanks Ken. I will check it out
kmer6 Premium
It is very valuable to me, I hope you agree.
MKearns Premium
This is not just another app Kenneth but the king of tools!
kmer6 Premium
I like it very much! I use the free version so I am sure it can handle most anything that is thrown at it. I apologize for the formatting issues. Seems my copy and paste routine doesn't work on WA blog posts.LOL